2019-09- 30 Power grid vulnerable thanks to smeters

1)  One of the links in the first article of Saturday’s update (Smart Meter Opt Out Policies) wasn’t working Sunday. It probably was undergoing maintenance but it is working now, so please try again if you couldn’t connect with the link.

Smart Meter Opt Out Policies


2)  Dr. Mercola continues to educate his followers about cell phones. He also is recommending use (and purchase) of airtube headsets to increase distance between the phone and the body/head.  I have found one that is available in Canada for $30, and has a Mic. EchoTubeZ Radiation Free Air Tube Headset with 3.5mm Jack Plug + Mic. I don’t have a cell phone but use it on planes to watch movies. [EchoTubeZ Radiation Free Air Tube Headset with 3.5mm Jack Plug + Mic. I don’t have a cell phone but use it on planes to watch movies. [https://www.amazon.ca/EchoTubeZ-Radiation-Free-Headset-3-5mm/dp/B00JIN6T7S]

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“Is Your Cell Phone Putting You at Risk?”

Why I’ll Only Use a Headset That’s Specially Designed to Reduce Radiation

“Before I carefully studied this issue, I used my cell phone regularly and thought my off-the-shelf headset protected me from my phone’s emissions.

However, I soon discovered that:

  • Cell phones emit a radiation plume.
  • Most cell phone headsets have a wire that can act like an antenna and magnify the radiation emissions all the way to the earpiece.
  • The wireless industry – and the government – is suppressing a great deal of scientific data to protect multi-billion dollar profits.”


3)  Another article about the expectation that lawyers will be kept very busy thanks to 5G — as will physicians.

The Great Rollout: Will 5G Be a Boon for Lawyers?

 “To begin with, the rollout of 5G over the next few years will inevitably prompt a cascade of legal challenges and legislative actions involving spectrum allocation, licensing, property rights, patent claims, privacy, cybersecurity, health concerns, and other issues. 5G will also spark something close to a technological arms race in almost every key industry on the planet, creating an unprecedented — and potentially volatile — period of creative disruption as markets sort out the winners and losers in this new hyper-connected reality.”


 4)  Many studies and reports relate biological effects to power density of microwave radiation. The scientific reports often use microwatts per square centimeter (uW/cm2) while other sources or RF meters use other units. Here are some charts that will help make the conversion from one unit to another.



5)  Cyber experts have warned that a wireless grid is very vulnerable to attack or accident. James Woolsey, former Director, US CIA, warned that it’s a matter of when, not if, an attack brings the power grid down and we will be in the “dark ages” for months, if not longer. Canadian cyber experts have warned that the cyber security for the infrastructure is inadequate and highly vulnerable. With more wireless devices with 5G and IoT, the threat will increase. If other utilities are under attack, it’s likely BC Hydro is or will be.

Duke Energy Reported 650 Million Attempted Cyberattacks in 2017. Damn “Smart” Meters and Grids…

“Duke Energy, one of the largest power companies in the nation serving 7.6 million customers reported more than 650 million cyberattacks in 2017.

Experts have warned that utility companies who install “Smart” Meters and Grids are putting themselves at greater risk for them.  Some companies sell software to try to prevent these attacks – however – they offer no guarantee that it will actually work.”




Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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