2019-09-28 In US some states keep analogs

1)  I received some current information about US smeter opt-out policies. Some utilities are still keeping their analogs or allowing people to opt out and keep their analogs. This from a smeter group in Michigan: So when Hydro says that analogs are no longer available, send them the attachment and ask them how states like California and Michigan can allow people to keep analogs, permanently.  Are these utility companies that much more efficient at finding providers?

“Hi, from Northern Michigan.  Presque Isle Electric in Rogers City, MI has not gone smart meters yet. They will have an analog opt out.  In the Upper Peninsula, UPCO in the Upper Peninsula coop is now going with smart meters but are allowing opt out analogs.

Just from reports I have seen it is almost like Michigan Consumers Energy and maybe DTE are disappointed in the smart meters, just a feeling. They should be.”

Smart Meter Opt-Out Policies 

“…  at least seven states have created statewide policies that allow consumers to opt-out of smart meter installation or to have their smart meter replaced by an analog meter. Montana may join this group in the coming year; a state law passed in 2019 requires the Public Service Commission to determine whether to establish a statewide opt-out program by July 1, 2020. At least another 22 states have allowed electric utilities to implement opt-out programs through proceedings with public utility commissions.”

http://www.ncsl.org/research/energy/smart-meter-opt-out-policies.aspx   (if link doesn’t work, try later – this website may be going through maintenance)

2)   The 5G protests in Switzerland are getting major coverage. This one reports on some of the immediate health effects that people have experienced after the transmitters have been activated.”

Swiss Citizens Take to the Streets to Protest 5G Implementation as New Illnesses Start at Same Time

“If you want to get an idea of what will happen in the U.S. when the telecom companies start rolling out 5G networks with new towers in your local neighborhood, take a look at what is happening in Switzerland today, where 90% of the population is now exposed to the new 5G networks.

People are getting sick, and they are marching in the streets to show their opposition to the new networks….

As soon as the antennas were installed, several residents and entire families in the heart of Geneva reported similar unusual symptoms of loud ringing in the ear, intense headaches, unbearable earaches, insomnia, chest pain, fatigue and not feeling well in the house.

29-year-old Geneva resident, Johan Perruchoud, called up Swisscom and was told that indeed the 5G cell towers were activated on the same day he began to feel the symptoms. When others called Swisscom they were told everything is legal and within guidelines.

Dr. Bertrand Buchs, who has also called for a 5G moratorium, states he has seen more and more patients with similar symptoms.”


3)  A member sent in this article about a new Google “smart” device which takes “home invasion” to a whole new level.  As I understand the Internet of Things and 5G, this is the sort of device which will gather data which will be sent into the IoT ether. 

Google Rolls Out “Orwellian Nightmare” Technology To Spy On You In Your Home

 “The device allows you to check in on what’s happening in your home when you’re out, and because of its facial recognition capabilities, will detect when you enter the room and provide personalized information to you, such as your day’s appointments, the weather forecast, and so on, reported Natural News.  The camera also enables two-way video calls over Google Duo and comes loaded with the Google Assistant (which has been the focus of a huge number of privacy issues). While all these functions might sound super convenient and fun, the privacy issues raised by the camera and audio functionality cannot be overlooked.”


4)  Someone, who just had an analog removed, was told by the electrician doing the work that he had recently removed analogs from the 1960s and 1970s.  These were probably still working just fine and would for many more years. What a waste of money and what a horrid thing to replace a simple, reliable, safe meter made of glass and metal with a plastic one that is a cheap computer that is dangerous in so many ways and that has a lifespan of 5-7 years.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We can´t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”     A. Einstein


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