2019-09-26 Action plan – local govt – 5G grid

1)  There are climate change rallies happening regularly on Fridays throughout the province, and this would be a great place to share info about 5G, especially because of the increased demand on our energy and the damage done to the environment. For example, trees are so very important in fighting the carbon in the atmosphere, and EMR damages trees, increasing terpenes which make trees more flammable.

In Victoria, people will be meeting by the fountain in front of the Parliament Buildings from 1-2pm.  Bring signs, print off pamphlets if you have time — you can find some at:


If you can’t make this rally, please try to prepare for the next one.

And if you are planning to organize a group to attend the next climate change rally, please let me know so I can share with others.

 2)  In the UK, people have a choice of utility companies, unlike here in BC where we’re stuck with one. But this has led to many problems with smeters.  The deadline for completion of the program has been delayed many times, and it has happened before. Also, people are “offered” to have a smeter, they are not forced to have this fire hazard on their homes, but the utilities are being punished if they are not pushing the smeters enough. Why the desperation?

Britain’s £13.5bn smart meters FIASCO: Power firms’ costly digital roll-out is delayed by FOUR years as millions of devices are plagued by glitches… and guess what, YOU’RE footing the bill

“Customers can refuse to have a smart meter, but firms face fines if they have not done enough to promote the devices. This has led to concerns that energy giants have resorted to ‘blackmail’.

Aggressive practices include limiting the best tariffs to those with smart meters. Households have complained of technical issues, with many saying their device had stopped working after switching supplier.”


 3)   The 5G Crisis Team  in the US is urging people to take actions with their local governments to stop the 5G grid. Most of the points they make apply to Canadian communities. Please consider taking these actions. Remember, ISED (like FCC) is promoting and supporting its policies re. cell towers. These, too, are not laws.

Tell Your Mayor: Just Say NO to 5G

A growing number of towns and villages are beginning to say “NO” to applications for new 5G-enabled small cell wireless antennas.

This Tuesday, we’re asking that you please do two things:

1) Share at least one of the articles below (link to each available in the yellow box) with your mayor or members of your local town board.

2) Encourage your mayor or members of your local town board to follow the lead of others that are doing all they can to protect their residents.”


4)  A very interesting article that gives a lot of background to 5G and EMR in general. 

Swiss protests against 5G tech: health dangers   

5G: harmful effects of a new technology

“5G, the latest and greatest method of faster wireless transmission, is coming on with a storm.

Governments are promoting it as if the future of humanity depends on it. It MUST BE implemented.

When governments and corporations see technological daylight up the road—and big money—they run toward it joined at the hip. Consequences be damned.


5) SaskPower’s announcement that the solar power program was undergoing major changes, that benefit those participating, caused many to hold protest rallies. Is this why the NDP has asked for reconsideration?  Did we not have enough protesters here in BC to get the NDP to reconsider the smeter program?

NDP push SaskPower to reconsider net metering program

“The Saskatchewan NDP believes SaskPower should reconsider the suspension of the net metering program.

 In the program, people could receive rebates for installing solar panels and a distribution credit for selling power back to the grid.

NDP Leader Ryan Meili said with all the sunshine in Saskatchewan it’s a shortsighted move.

 “We should be leading the way on this, this should be a major industry here.””



From a fellow concerned individual in Washington, writing to a member of her city’s Council.

   Re: Warning and notice about the risks of 5G technology

Dear Mr. Lilliquist,

No issue is more important to public health than the rapid expansion of 5G technology. You are my elected representative. This legal notice of liability is designed to be used as evidence in court if needed and intends to enlighten you and to protect you from attracting civil and criminal liability in relation to your actions and/or omissions surrounding the deployment of 5G technology within your constituency. 4G/LTE small cells form an integral part of the 5G deployment. This 5G technology will cause me to be exposed to wireless non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation against my consent and in my home.

Contamination of my home with 5G may cause damage to my home if it becomes a health risk to me and thus render my home uninhabitable. Irradiating me with wireless non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation against my consent would be an application of force against my person and which causes fear of bodily injury and could be classed as a civil trespass and/or a criminal assault.

Any level of exposure of man-made non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation can be diagnosed by my medical practitioner as an adverse health effect pursuant to the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases ICD-10, code W90 thus rendering any safety limit as set by the government safety standards obsolete as to protecting my health. As needed, I may see my doctor for advice on the 5G issue.

If 5G technology is deployed within your constituency, I expect that you as my elected representative will exercise due diligence to certify that all parties deploying 5G technologies have sufficient insurance cover to compensate for damage or harm caused by the emission of wireless non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Please note that this could be a problem, since underwriters such as Lloyds of London do not insure for such harm and damage.

I urge you, as my elected official, to act in the public interest by addressing the potential cumulative harms of densification (the crowding of small cells into a limited area to enable 5G) and insisting that public safety regulatory authorities need to prove that such densification of 5G technology is safe and that any deployment of 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and/or the Internet of Things (IoT), is regulated appropriately to ensure that the national security and the safety and privacy of the public and myself is not compromised.

You need to protect the public from other harmful wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi in schools, “smart” meters on dwellings, and the like, and to replace those technologies with safe and efficient wired technologies, such as Ethernet and/or fiber optics, as the end-nodes of internet delivery systems to dwellings, schools and commercial buildings. Forward-thinking cities are already doing this.

I implore  you, as my elected official, to act in the public interest by protecting the public and myself from being persecuted by the passing of laws that restrict the Courts, law enforcement agencies, municipal councils and local governments from taking action to protect the public from harm to health and damage, caused by 5G and other wireless technologies.

I am genuinely concerned for your welfare, the general public and mine, and this is a situation of the utmost urgency. I have studied the relevant facts and am thus aware of the danger. As a result I am in fear and I take the risk of harm and damage to me very seriously.

To help bring you up to speed on this extremely important topic, please go to the5Gsummit.com, and listen for free to what 40 highly regarded experts inclusive of scientists, medical practitioners and lawyers from around the world have to say on the 5G subject. Experts who are not censored by the telecommunications industry, nor their captured governments, nor the captured media. Further, to assist with your education, please look at the Bio-initiative Report 2012 (updated 2017) – A Rationale for Biologically-based Public Exposure Standards for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF) bioinitiative.org and Physicians for Safe Technology – 5G Mobile Communications mdsafetech.org [https://mdsafetech.org/problems/5g/].

I implore you as my civic leader, and as my elected representative to get educated on this important topic, and show me by your decisions, actions and omissions that you are taking precautionary steps to address the risk of harm to me and all the people within your constituency.

As an elected official you are deemed accountable if you do not take appropriate action to attempt to abate, or prevent such harm, to me or the public. Therefore you attract liability in either the civil or criminal jurisdiction.

Your people are rising up and I implore you to take leadership and be a champion for the health and safety of all of us. If you do, many voters, legislators and I will wholeheartedly support and campaign for you.

[Settled by Ray Broomhall, Barrister-at-Law"]

Beverly  Nelson   (name given with permission)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Activism is the rent I pay for living on this planet.” – Alice Walker


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