2019-09-04 – U.S. Lawsuits could delay 5G

1)   Some victories in the US courts, as well as many pending actions, are slowing the implementation of microcells and the building of the 5G grid. We could well benefit because what happens in the US usually applies here. If the US telecoms are delayed, most likely they will be delayed in Canada, too.

NRDC and American Tribal Groups’ Update on Cell Tower Lawsuits, The FCC, and Why You Should Care About 5G

“Last week The FCC lost another court case on 5G deregulation…

The Court of Appeals concluded that the FCC failed to justify its determination that the public interest did not require review of the deployment of hundreds of thousands of small cells.  The Court said, “In particular, the Commission failed to justify its confidence that small cell deployments pose little to no cognizable religious, cultural, or environmental risk, particularly given the vast number of proposed deployments and the reality that the Order will principally affect small cells that require new construction.””


T-Mobile Cancels 5G installation Nationwide. Anonymous Employee Blames 15 States’ Lawsuits Against Sprint Merger

According to the Wireless Estimator, T-Mobile is postponing new builds and 5G upgrades at least for now.  A construction manager who wants to remain anonymous blames the 15 state attorneys general for filing lawsuits against the T-Mobile / Sprint Merger.  Lawsuits have also been filed against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for promoting and forcing 5G installation throughout American communities.


2)  Dr. David Carpenter has written a report about how funding by the industry has led to the public being unaware of the dangers of living near power lines. This is the same reason that so many people know nothing about dangers of wireless devices and why Health Canada, Cancer Societies, our provincial health authorities like Dr. Bonnie Henry and the BCCDC can say there is no “conclusive evidence” of harm. But when they say this, they admit there is evidence of harm — just not enough to prove harm. The level of evidence does not have to be that high for the Precautionary Principle to be implemented. Why does Health Canada use the legal definition of proof — conclusive is used in court, not where our health is concerned.

EMF Studies: Industry Funding Sways Findings

Power Line-Cancer Links Show Consistency, Not Contradictions

“Industry-funded studies have promoted false doubts about EMF cancer risks and led to the failure of the public health community to reduce exposures, argues David Carpenter in a paper published last week in Environmental Research…

“It is remarkable that in the 40 years after [Nancy] Wertheimer and [Ed] Leeper (1979) first reported an association between exposure to magnetic fields from residential power lines and elevated risk of childhood cancer, and the large number of subsequent investigations, that there is still controversy over the question, ‘Does exposure to magnetic fields cause cancer?’””


3)   A major study, The MOBI-KIDS Project, began in 2009 and ended in 2016, and was to study the relationship between the use of cell phones by children and brain cancer.  Even though the study has been completed and the results were promised, they have yet to be released. Obviously, the results are not in favour of the telecoms.

A facebook entry by Dr. Annie Sasco, who has long been an outspoken scientist/doctor who is very aware of the dangers that microwave-radiation-emitting devices pose, especially for children, challenges those who are asking for the results and being punished for supporting the public’s right to know how dangerous cell phones are. This is a major comment by a very important scientist.


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MOBI-Kids Study – https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0160412017300478

MOBI-KIDS: Childhood Brain Tumor Risk & Mobile Phone Use Study

The Mobi-Kids project is the largest case-control study to examine the risk of a young person developing brain cancer in relation to his/her exposure to electromagnetic fields and wireless radiation from mobile phones.

The study was funded by the European Commission from March, 2009 to February, 2016. The EU contributed 58% of the total budget for this €6.1 million project.

Although the EU project ended three years ago, the authors have not yet published the results of this study.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”   Ben Franklin


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