2019-08-31 Smeters coming to New Westminster, and are key to 5G

1)  The data that is needed to drive the Internet of Things, the complete connectivity of everything, is largely dependent upon “smart” meters, as described in this article. As we guessed, there is far more to the “smart” grid than has been sold to the government and public. It is and will be used to gather very detailed data not required for billing — and is, therefore, illegal under the current laws, Electric Tariff and Clean Energy Act.

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Feeding the big data and artificial intelligence ‘information-appetite’

“Open a web browser and you see advertising tuned to your latest online shopping. Turn on the TV and you see advertisements about how our leading IT providers are using big data and artificial intelligence to address social, economic and environmental challenges. Two extremes of direct application of big data and artificial intelligence….



The piece which is often left out of all the buzz is where is all this data coming from and how it gets to the big data and artificial intelligence platforms. We know it ends up in data lakes and data marts, but where is this data created, how does it get to the systems that can create the value from it, and how do we know that it is secure as it makes this journey? And, then, how is this managed in a smart grid?…

Smart meters are the answer


2)  New Westminster runs its own utility company, buying electricity from BC Hydro.


Its customers all still have analog meters. But a member recently told me she was advised that this city plans to convert to “advanced” meters, aka smeters, and is providing its customers the same erroneous, misleading information to justify this claims, as does Hydro, e.g. smeters are better, faster, notify re. outages more precisely and more quickly, and “lays the foundation for new innovative technologies.”   5G??  BC Hydro may be pressuring New Westminster, but there could still be time to present concerns to the City Council.


&   https://www.newwestcity.ca/services/electrical-utility#utility-commission-and-minutes/utility-commission


A supportive letter for the disabled woman fighting to keep her analog. Unfortunately, the author had the incorrect website. Citizens for Safe Technology no longer has a website.


Sympathy for fight against smart meters

Writer disputes safety of meters, intentions of BC Hydro and province



FYI.  Mailing a letter to any MP can be done without a stamp.  I encourage everyone to send a printed letter to this Minister and others, as well as an email.


From: Petrina Gregson (name given with permission)

To:  Ginette.Petitpas-Taylor@parl.gc.ca

Date:  30 Aug 2019

Subject: Cell phones

Dear Minister Petitpas-Taylor:

       I have been studying the research involving EMF, cell phones, smart meters, etc. for several years, the results persuading me to move from the city to a cell-free area, leaving behind cell phones, microwave oven, remote phones, and hopefully smart meters. Unfortunately, our BC gov’t has allowed smart meters to be forced on us, even after paying the extortion fee for several years to keep our analog meter.

      I am very disappointed in the Canadian government for allowing the telecom industry to perpetuate the innocence/ignorance of cell phone users, creating a potential health crisis in the future. There are many studies that reveal the hazards of cell phones and the fact that most of them exceed the European Safety levels (measured while held away from the head). Most cell users still hold the phone directly against their heads.

     Health Canada is beginning to be an oxymoron: it seems to rely on research that is funded by industry. Independent scientists have concluded, on the basis of the National Toxicology Program (a $30 million study) that RF radio frequency radiation should be labeled a Class 1 carcinogen. Yet the public is being sold cell phones that are a clear threat to their health, with not even a warning on them.

    Dr. Devra Davis is a scientist renowned in this field. See: https://ehtrust.org/take-action/educate-yourself/sar-of-cell-phones-specific-absorption-rate/

    The Ministry of Health needs to live up to its name and recall all those cell phones exceeding the safety limits. It needs to mandate warning labels educating the consumer of safety measures such as texting, speaker phone or air tubes.


Petrina Gregson


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”       ~  Edmund Burke or John Stuart Mill…


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