2019-08-10 Austrian govt. requiring study of 5G

1)  Many countries are banning or expressing concerns about 5G which is being implemented without any studies showing this new technology is safe. Austria is one of the latest asking for a review of current scientific evidence to be completed by January 2020.  This needs to be an election issue brought to each candidate running for office this Fall. Ask for the candidate to step forward and call for a ban in Canada until the telecoms prove it is safe — and to do so before the election to earn your vote. From experience, we know how easy it is for politicians to make promises when running for office, only to “forget” them after they win.

Austrian parliament commissions study on 5G and its health risk due to public concern

“DerStandard.at reports that the Austrian parliament has commissioned a study into the health effects of 5G networks due to concerns among the public the new generation of mobile services could pose risks from increased non-ionising radiation exposure.”


2)  Corporations use names to make us want a product or to make us think they are safe. A prime example is ITRON and BC Hydro calling the transmitters in smeters “radios”, making people think they are as safe as AM/FM radios, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Now, as people are becoming informed and concerned about micro/small cells that are being put outside homes, making utility poles cell towers, industry is beginning to call them “nodes”.  No matter what they are called, these things hold 3G and 4G transmitters and will, if all goes as planned, hold 5G transmitters.

When Telecoms Refer to 4G & 5G Small Cell Towers as “Nodes” That Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Emitting Harmful Radiation

“Verizon has launched an ambitious project to build out a network of small cell nodes in New Jersey that will further improve its first-in-class wireless service.

With demand for wireless coverage continuing to increase every year, the small cell network nodes will add capacity for data-hungry services, such as video streaming, social media, the Internet of Things (IoT), GPS and public safety.

The small cell network nodes work in conjunction with Verizon’s existing wireless and fiber network and are located near street level where they can serve high-traffic areas in densely-populated city neighborhoods, busy tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes and outdoor recreation facilities.”


3)  IEEE has warned that 5G will use significantly more energy than 4G. If people don’t care about health or privacy issues, maybe they will care about this.

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“A 5G base station is generally expected to consume roughly three times as much power as a 4G base station. And more 5G base stations are needed to cover the same area.”


4)  Dr. Alexandra Golomb, MD and PhD, presents evidence and convincing information regarding EMR and 5G technology, recommending a halt to the rollout of 5G in San Diego, California. An amazing amount of evidence and a huge number of references are provided, making this a wonderful resource.

San Diego County 5G Deliberations, A Doctor’s Appeal




Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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