2019-07-31 A Council speaks out re. 5G

1) In last night’s update, there was a petition asking for a moratorium. The link I gave worked for me but not for everyone. Here is another that hopefully will work for all. Please remember:  DEADLINE FOR SIGNING IS AUG 16, 2019.


2)   A Mayor and Council have joined with us, writing a terrific letter to his MP expressing concerns about the health effects of EMR/5G and the failure of Health Canada to provide safeguards. This is the result of many people in Pitt Meadows helping to educate the Mayor and Councillors. Please encourage your Councils [http://www.civicinfo.bc.ca/people] to stand up for health of their constituents.  The Union of BC Municipalities conference is being held the last week of September in Vancouver.  This offers a great opportunity for this issue to gain attention if enough Mayors and Councillors are prepared.  


3)  Many studies have shown that EMR from cell towers, cell phones, smeters, etc. disorient birds and bees, causing them to not be able to navigate, abandoning their nests and hives, etc. Experts have warned that milliwaves will be even more dangerous to small bodies, like those of bees.  This video, taken in California, attributes the deaths of these bees to 5G.  There is no way of knowing for sure that there are activated 5G transmitters on the towers, but the level of EMR in the area must be extremely high.  There are many groups out there that don’t know about EMR and our environment who would become allies in this battle if they did.

5G Is Bad For Bees. California Video Provides Sad Evidence.


 Radiation from Cell Phones, Wifi Are Hurting the Birds and the Bees; 5G May Make It Worse

“Technology is quite literally destroying nature, with a new report further confirming that electromagnetic radiation from power lines and cell towers can disorientate birds and insects and destroy plant health. The paper warns that as nations switch to 5G this threat could increase.”



From: “Jerry Flynn”   (name given with permission)
To: “Murray Rankin” <Murray.Rankin@parl.gc.ca>
Cc: “Craig Forcese” <Craig.Forcese@uOttawa.ca>
Sent: July 30, 2019
Subject: Canada’s National Security and Huawei

July 30, 2019

Murray Rankin, QC, MP,
Chair, National Security and Intelligence Review Agency

Dear Chair Rankin,

Huawei’s 5G Technology – ‘Wireless’ Smart Meters – Canada’s National Security

In your Agency’s deliberations about whether or not Canada should allow Huawei Technologies Company Ltd. (headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdon Province, People’s Republic of China, a communist country) and its 5G Network technology to be used in any part of Canada’s critical infrastructure, please consider whether or not the People’s Republic of China, Russia, Iran or North Korea would ever allow Cisco, Ericsson or Nokia technology to be used in their critical national infrastructure? That should be your Agency’s logical answer!

Similarly, the above-named countries would also NEVER allow ‘wireless’ smart meters to be used in their country’s critical national electric power grid! Yet Canada has done so! So has the USA! So too have the other three members of the US Military-led “Five-Eyes” intelligence-gathering community (in which I served for more than 16 years): UK, Australia and New Zealand! Currently, Canada’s National Security, like that of the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand (and any other countries foolish enough to follow the USA’s lead) is at greater risk than ever before in our history – thanks to Canada’s (and their allies’) commercially-motivated decision to utilize ‘wireless’ smart meters. From a military’s National Security perspective, that decision was absolutely indefensible and utterly insane! 

Attached (sorry, the letter is not attached due to problems with links) is my recent letter to Law Professor Joel Bakan, PhD. at UBC (copied to other select Law Professors also at UBC), apprizing him of the dangers of 5G Technology which, unless he heeds my warning, will affect him personally and every member of his family, just as 5G will affect every person and living thing on Earth! World-respected scientist, Dr. Martin Pall, PhD (Biochemistry and Medical Sciences), Professor Emeritus, Washington State University has publicly stated that: “The 5G Rollout is Absolutely Insane”! https://www.globalresearch.ca/dr-martin-pall-5g-rollout-absolutely-insane/5680544  I am available to answer questions on any aspects of the Subject topics.


Jerry Flynn

Captain (Retired) J.G. Flynn
Former 26-year Canadian Armed Forces, Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence Officer


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.”       ~ Utah Phillips


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