2019-07-15 5G drones over Hawaii

1)  A petition is being circulated in Victoria asking for a moratorium on 5G. We got many signatures at the presentation and will be circulating it at the Action Day Rally on July 27. Please feel free to use it as a basis for your area.

https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Petition-to-CRD-re-Deployment-of-5G-Wireless-Microcells-in-Our-Community-8.5×14-Black-July-27-2019.pdf   Victoria area (Capital Regional District) 

Here are a couple of photos from the Victoria event:



2) Drones flying over pristine areas of Hawaii emitting 5G and why?  Just because they can, it seems. So many areas with native wildlife and plants that will be harmed, where few people go, it really is 5G on steroids.

Next generation 5G network may be taking off on Lanai

Program’s goal is to develop and test a high altitude platform drone while providing advanced 5G service 

“Lanai is on a path to serve as a technologically advanced flight operations center for a football field wide drone flying 65,000 to 85,000 feet high for as long as a year while providing 5G advanced wireless airborne services to people on the ground, according to the project leader….

The program’s goal is to develop and test a high altitude platform drone while providing advanced 5G wireless connections deep in valleys, in remote land areas and over the ocean.”


3) Several members have written in support of my theory about the connection between smeters and 5G grids. One wrote this:

“Hi Sharon: You aren’t wrong….was in Van. two weeks ago attending a conference on artificial intelligence with Nicanor Perlas (specialist in that field). 5G will be using the Smeter grid that has been pushed world wide. It (5G) was compared to the sensory end of intelligence gathering that will be beamed up to the low orbit sattelites (5G). The data is required for the different levels of artificial intelligence. Enormous quantities of data are required by systems that will be using AI and will be completely beyond human involvement. Needless to say it was a very sobering conference. Advice given was: only use proton mail, dump facebook and other forms of social media at least for anything that is personal or involves information about yourself.”  

4)  A free online chance to hear many very knowledgeable people speak about 5G. Event is Aug. 26-Sept.01 and registration is open now.

The 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit is online and FREE from August 26 – September 1, 2019.


5)  An interview with Dr. Olle Johansson by André Fauteux.

Olle Johansson on the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjWAIPHCCbk&feature=youtu.be   (69 minutes)


Hi Everyone,

We are currently circulating the petition (at the links below) on Salt Spring before our Local Islands Trust Committee meets on July 23 to vote on adopting a very non-protective Trust-wide antenna siting policy. This same policy is currently being reviewed by all of the local Islands Trust Committees for adoption.

We have worded the petition so that all Islands Trust Communities could circulate it and submit it to their councils. Could everyone else please share it with any contacts they have on other Trust-governed Islands?

We have gotten well over 500 signatures in just a week here on SSI!

Also – below is a letter template that could be sent to elected Islands Trust representatives by anyone in the Islands Trust district. They simply need to replace the two “Salt Spring”s in color with their own island,

With Gratitude,

Oona  (name given with permission)

https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Antenna-Siting-Policy-Petition-to-Islands-Trust-page-1.pdf    &


= = =

Dear Trust Committee;

As a citizen of Salt Spring Island I’m reaching out to ask you to stand up and protect our home.

The telecommunications industry is preparing for 5G and is moving away from macro tower installations and towards installing small cell antennas, called microcells, potentially in public rights-of-way. Additionally, federal policy gives the public no input on the placement of small cell antennas on existing structures like utility poles on our streets. The Trust-wide Model Strategy for Antenna Systems now being considered for adoption does not address this and is much less protective than individual local Trust polices now in place.

Given the well documented and abundant scientific research on the adverse health and environmental effects of cellular frequencies, and that 5G has not been tested for biological safety before its release, I call upon LOCAL TRUST COMMITTEES, and the ISLANDS TRUST, to create a Trust-wide Antenna Siting Protocol that is as protective as possible, thus adhering to the Precautionary Principle as outlined in several Trust regions’ official community plans.  Such a policy would state that:

Radio frequency radiation-emitting antennas (including microcells) be located no closer to areas of continuous human activity than 500 metres, with the cumulative sum total of incident radio frequency power density levels at regularly occupied buildings not to exceed 2 microwatts/cm2, consistent with the Salt Spring Antenna Protocol of 2001 [Procedure for Cellular Phone Antenna Proposals (p.8) – http://www.islandstrust.bc.ca/media/339883/staff-report-telecommunication-strategy-review-march-2016.pdf]; and,

Antennas not be placed near sensitive areas including schools, playgrounds, and daycare facilities, consistent with the current 2018 Galiano Island siting protocol [http://www.islandstrust.bc.ca/media/346373/galiano-island-antenna-system-siting-consultation-protocol.pdf], and that hospitals, long-term care facilities and areas where people frequently congregate, including parks, beaches and lakes, be 1000 metres away from telecom facilities.

Your help is needed in keeping our island safe.

With sincere gratitude and recognition for your service to Salt Spring.

Name & Address:


From: “Tom Pickett”   (name given with permission)
To: “Laura Patrick” <lpatrick@islandstrust.bc.ca>, “Peter Grove” <pgrove@islandstrust.bc.ca>, pluckham@islandstrust.bc.caggordon@islandstrust.bc.cassiinfo@islandstrust.bc.cagholman@crd.bc.ca
Sent: July 12, 2019
Subject: CREST tower, and Trust-wide antenna siting

Dear  Ms. Patrick, Peter Grove, Peter Luckham, Gary Holman,G Gordon et al

I’m  writing to object to the placement of that large Crest tower in town and any reduced protections which may be planned, through the weakening of existent weak standards, which I understand may be part of the new proposed antennae protocol.

Any serious reading into wireless tech soon reveals that microwave technology was originally developed as a weapon of war. Any serious reading into the matter would also reveal that the C.R.D.’s Crest radio system has been plagued with problems..from the beginning. And that both Health and Industry Canada are known to be captured agencies.

And it’s not like people here don’t already have easy access to two way radios, cell phones, wired phones, email and little buttons they can push for medical emergencies.

I value what’s left of my health and don’t have a microwave oven. Don’t have a wireless phone. Don’t want one. Paid the extortion fee to avoid the smart meter. Currently paying extortion for an (alleged) “transmitter” off hydro meter. The computer I’m writing on as well as my phones and t.v. are all hard wired. (Better speeds and reception. No dropped calls at this end.)

I won’t go into Gary Holman’s library as my Electro smog meter tells me it’s become a big Wi-Fi hotspot.  Largely because the C.R.D. or w.h.y. ignored local residents’ recommendations to wire it for safe phone and internet service, inexpensively, in the construction stage.

I suppose I can live without access to library books. But have no choice but to to go to town to purchase food, medical services, fuel, etc.  And already I’m being inflicted with this modern wireless plague.. without my consent.  So please do not add to the electro pollution.

While I don’t think I can add much to the discussion, I would like to present two pieces of information that you may not have seen that may be of some help. One is a recent June 13 article by Joyce Nelson in the Watershed Sentinel. (Always worth a look.) Ms. Nelson is an excellent writer and researcher.


The other is a picture with the timeless words of the famous scientist Nicola Tesla.

Unacknowledged by those pushing cellular tech is that we humans are electrical beings. Like pretty much  all the other life forms. All of the essential processes taking place in our bodies depend on milliwatts of electricity operating around the earth’s natural 7 hertz frequency to function optimally.  As I understand it, our bodies take this earth energy in through our sweat glands. You may have seen the talking heads on TV being zapped with military crowd control hardware and reacting to the instantaneous heating of their skin. Makes you wonder what years of being exposed to lower levels of this pulsating energy can do to delicate bodily functions. Insurance companies aren’t wondering. They won’t indemnify for the damage they know this tech is causing..

The further flooding of  this Island in the proposed sea of electro pollution, as will happen with this tower, lowered standards and 5G  will negatively affect EVERY  LIVING  THING.  I regularly see uninformed young addicts walking around with cellphones glued to their heads and carried next to their private parts.   Now I read the early hardcore adopters of this flawed technology are developing brain cancers and can’t make healthy children. If they can make any .. at all.

“Preserve and Protect” that’s supposed to mean something.

Tom Pickett



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” — Aldous Huxley


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