2019-07-13 ISED policy that is allowing transmitters feet from bedrooms

1)  A theory (with absolutely nothing to back it up) I’d like to share. My guess is that as soon as 5G is ready to be implemented, BC Hydro will force all those with smeter transmitters deactivated to have them activated using the same bullying tactics they’ve used to date. “Activate the transmitter or lose power”.  At the same time, BC Hydro will demand that the ZigBee chip be activated.

The smart meter is the gateway to 5G, with the ZigBee chip gathering data from every “smart” thing in the home, from appliances to clothes and toys, allowing them to know the time we do things, wash clothes, leave for work, get up or go to bed. All of our personal data will be available. I believe that the smeters are all tied to 5G, hence the worldwide push for them, all at the same time, followed by the 5G push. I hope I’m wrong.





2) In California, municipal governments are putting restrictions on siting of microcells. But in the US, as in Canada, the FCC (the US equivalent to ISED), will not allow any consideration re. health concerns. More needs to be done to stop all siting of microcells until 5G technology can be proven to be safe! And it can’t because it isn’t.

Municipal Councils must get Antenna Siting Policies that include microcell placement. Right now, Telus is using ISED policy that allows transmitters/antennae to be put on existing structures without any notification or consultation. This policy was written in the early 2000s when transmitters were put on cell towers, at least some distance from children’s bedroom. It’s time we demanded that the ISED policy be changed to protect our homes and our families. Please contact your MPs and those running for office. Tell them about this policy and what it is allowing. This should be a major election issue.  [http://www.civicinfo.bc.ca/people]

AT&T wants to put small antenna 10 feet from girl’s bedroom window

 “The Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 stops local governments from prohibiting, either directly or indirectly, the provision of wireless services. 

In September, the Federal Communications Commission furthered its regulations on local governments, saying that local governments can’t stop telecommunication companies from adding capacity to current nodes, stopping companies from installing 5G networks or improving service.

In addition, state and local governments cannot regulate wireless facilities based on concerns about radio frequency radiation they emit, as long as the emissions comply with FCC guidelines. 

Some cities, such as Palo Alto, have passed some regulations limiting where nodes can go. Last month, Palo Alto’s council decided the nodes cannot be closer than 300 feet to schools. But some residents argued that the nodes should be at least 1,500 feet from schools and that they shouldn’t be placed in residential areas at all, similar to what Lai wants in Los Altos.”


3)  New groups are forming to fight 5G and to share information.  Here is the new website:


New Website Provides Details on a Safe Alternative to Harmful 5G

“SafeG means safe, fast, reliable, secure internet and telecommunications services brought into our homes and businesses by wired technology. It means technology that safeguards our health, privacy and security and that evolves over time with the goal of reducing exposure to harmful wireless radiation. 

Why you should consider SafeGTM over 5G 

The wireless industry has fired the starting gun for the so-called “race to 5G.” Why 5G? The simple answer is that it comes after 4G. That’s the previous generation of wireless technology, and the industry is desperately seeking a way to increase its slumping profits by selling an expensive and unnecessary “upgrade.” (Seasoned activists may wish to go directly to this special message.)” 



From: Chris Anderson  (name given with permission)

To: lpatrick@islandstrust.bc.capgrove@islandstrust.bc.capluckham@islandstrust.bc.caggordon@islandstrust.bc.cassiinfo@islandstrust.bc.cagholman@crd.bc.ca

Date: 10 Jul 2019

Subject: Recommendations re CREST tower, and Trust-wide antenna siting, from GI4ST


A precautionary principle advisory for consideration as a contribution to the current deliberations by LTC and APC on these crucial issues of concern for a great many local citizens and visitors

Respectfully submitted by Chris Anderson, on behalf of Gulf Islanders for Safe Technology, July 10, 2019

Please re-adopt the Salt Spring 2001 precautionary guidelines, and insist on a safer location, well away from areas frequented by people, for all transmitting antennas. Adopting the proposed Trust-wide antenna siting protocol would be a serious mistake, as in its current form, it is virtually identical to the widely-discredited and unprotective Safety Code Six – SC6 – guidelines. As admitted by Health Canada’s James McNamee, head of the Health Effects and Assessments Division, Canada’s guidelines are based only on the metric of thermal effects from non-ionizing electromagnetic fields/radiation – EMF/EMR exposures. The current CREST issue, includes linking us to all US security/surveillance infrastructure via First Net. But this has not aroused noticeable interest from LTC or our Regional CRD Director for reasons difficult to fathom. So this security and privacy risk factor must it seems await discussion at a later time. So we’re left with needing a location for this radio tower well away from living/working areas, especially as the installation will involve multiple other transmitters, including 5G antennas. The current discussions as to a trust-wide telecom siting policy need be based on the preserve and protect mandate, and the precautionary principle, as used in the 2001 precedent protocol, which offered a measure of protection. It would be a huge mistake to assume that our SC6 guidelines offer any real protection.

This flawed “thermal model of harm” is deliberately fraudulent, given the large body of scientific studies and reviews showing adverse bio-effects at levels vastly lower in intensity than required to cause heating of our bodies. Code Six fails to include all the factors inherent with electropollution as it afflicts all living things. SC6 – sets our allowable radiation levels. In his book, “Corrupt to the Core”, Dr. Shiv Chopra describes the culture at Health Canada (HC), which seems designed not to protect Canadians from industry, but industry from Canadians. Chopra was one of several senior scientists at HC, who were laid off for refusing orders to allow various carcinogenic pesticides from entering our food supply.

Historically, HC has also failed to protect us in a timely manner from other toxic substances such as toxic breast implants, tobacco, thalidomide, DDT, PCB’s, lead, asbestos, etc.; and in the early 1980’s, Health Canada’s Bureau of Biologics failed in its responsibility to monitor blood safety, thus causing the “tainted blood” scandal which infected around 2,000 Canadians with HIV and another 30,000 with hepatitis C. Industry-friendly Health Canada is thoroughly ill-informed and unreliable. Many thousands of independent studies indicate that all wireless systems, devices and transmitters are mutating and debilitating us. Such independent studies are left out of consideration. Swedish researcher Dr. Lennart Hardell warned that our SC6 is “a disaster to public health” and based on a scientific analysis is “unwilling or not competent to make evaluation of the current literature.”

Many scientists presented evidence at the UN calling current EMF safety guidelines inadequate, because they do not take into consideration non-thermal radiation effects. This was signed by 225 scientists from 41 countries, each of whom had published peer reviewed studies on EMF/EMR health issues – a total of 2,000 papers published in this area by the signers, on serious adverse effects at non-thermal levels of exposure, these studies being only a fraction of the total publications of such findings.

Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University, is the widely-published and cited scientist who discovered the main mechanism of harm from EMR exposures, as being “Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels” (VGCCs) in the membrane around every living cell, which cause an electrical triggering of adverse health effects. He warns: “Legislators would best pause to understand the gravity of the biological effects, and the ramifications for physical and mental health, as well as consequences from continual damage to human DNA, and learn the facts from scientists who are independent of the wireless industry, not from the industry lobbyists who have a gigantic conflict of interest. https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/Pall-Letter-to-CalLegis-FINAL-8-7-17.pdf

As with virtually all scientists working independent of corporate control (as opposed to those working for ‘corporate science’, also called ‘tobacco science’), Dr. Pall stresses the “irrelevant” nature of SC6: citing its failure to acknowledge “The important roles of pulsation, window effects, frequency, cell type and polarization in determining biological activity of EMFs”. [ibid]. Also scientists remind us that no blanket guideline set is relevant to how EMFs interact with all variations of human types and sizes. To model cell phone EMF exposures on the brains of humans for instance, industry uses a plastic head, filled with a saline or other solution, based on the dimensions of a 6 foot, 2 inch, 200 pound man in the upper 10% of men for head size and skull thickness, with the source probe being 1 inch away from the fake head. And only for heating effects. But it’s common knowledge in science and medicine that women and children’s skulls are thinner and smaller, therefore as much as twice as transparent to EMR penetration. And actual head structures are very complex and very different from that which is modeled. Most cell and cordless phones are used directly against the head, and not at a 1 inch distance. So these unconvincing test models fail to apply, and are inapplicable to determining health effects resulting from EMR exposures in any event, being assessed only as to supposed heating penetration of a head that is not at all similar to an actual human head. All factors are essential to consider when setting exposure guidelines, but these realities other than heating, are completely missing from our “useless” Safety Code Six. Yet this is widely regarded as a gold standard despite its ridiculous reliance on irrelevant heating effects.

SC6 deliberately excludes the most important factor of EMR, namely pulsation – the modulated, information-carrying portions of wireless transmissions. This is the voice, image and data portion, and is known to cause most biological damage from EMR exposures. We are seeing rapid changes in earth’s environment from so many factors, and EMR exposures are possibly the worst influence in health declines worldwide. In big cities, EMR levels as high as a quintillion times natural, pre-industrial background levels (i.e. an increase of around 1000000000000000000-fold) compared to what we were ‘built’ to withstand. Present levels have contributed largely to the failure of developed nations to be at replacement levels. EMR is spermatogenic and genotoxic, and damages human eggs in women and girls. Male and female fertility is plummeting. Sperm is of increasingly weak quality and counts are well under the 50% level. Unprotected by our governments, the toxic blend of over a hundred thousand chemicals in industrial use, combined with xenobiotic EMR saturation, is a recipe for disaster, and must be brought into line with the reality of what all species can tolerate. WE are losing this struggle for survival, as we see with the incredible 60% extinction of living things only since 1970! And now a mere 50 years later, scientists predict that an additional million species are also threatened with extinction. How can we sustain these unnatural conditions? All technologically-advanced countries have major fertility problems and are not at replacement levels. All see sperm count declines to well under 50%. There is the possibility – especially considering the imminence of 5G technology – of all future humans being severely mutated by EMR and being unable to reproduce. Could this spell the eventual collapse of our modern societies?

Nowhere in SC6 is there reference to the most harmful aspect of electrosmog – their unremitting pulsations. Our naive federal government ignores these issues and even funded with a grant of $40 million the new and most terrifying iteration yet of 5G wireless technology, with its greatly increased data flows, and all via tremendously-increased levels of radiation and especially of these information-carrying bio-active pulsations.

Nowhere in the Trust area-wide proposed antenna protocol is there any reference to the microcells that government allows industry to place near our homes for 5G transmissions, which are at vastly higher intensities than even the present, unsafe levels from 2, 3, and 4G technologies. And all these species-damaging emissions are because our government still uses the fake thermal standards set by the US and other military/industrial interests back in the Cold War fifties, when the rejection of non-thermal exposure levels was enshrined as a matter of “National Security”. This is scientific fraud. Health Canada is known to be a “captured agency” in that it is captured and controlled by the very industry it is supposed to regulate. It fails to inform us of these harms and how to protect ourselves. Their SC-6 reference levels are irrelevant. It relies on industry studies for the most part. It misleads our uninformed politicians, who do not understand how public relations and industry lobbying allows these deceptive developments to occur. Our governments fail to see how well-orchestrated this fraud is, across academia and throughout scientific, industry and governments worldwide. The WHO is the font of false standard-setting. The industry contrivance – the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation – ICNIRP – is the self-appointed, industry-funded group that then fabricates the thermal-only guidelines. Our Feds take their cue from that group as do so many other countries, although many have allowable levels much lower than our Code Six.

Unknown by most of us, we are now in a desperate struggle for human survival, as the climate crisis increases. Big Wireless – with 5G-enabled IOT, driverless cars, etc.is soon set to consume a fifth of the world’s energy, and is a significant reason for climate change. Another estimate is that communication technologies could gobble up as much as 51% of global electricity by the 2030s. Estimates vary but are all alarming for adding to the climate crisis. Big Wireless electricity usage could contribute up to a quarter of the globally released greenhouse gas emissions in 2020shttps://doi.org/10.3390/challe6010117

HC’s fictional guidelines, as reproduced in the current draft Trust-wide antenna siting protocol, fail to acknowledge thousands of independent studies showing harm from EMF/EMR other than from heating. We must see these useless guidelines for what they represent, and not allow ourselves to be deluded into adopting these same flawed SC6 guidelines in our OCP, or Trust-wide. Let us, instead, take courage and adhere to the precautionary-based guideline model of 2001 and apply this Trust-wide.

Since 1970, fully 60% of living things have become extinct – gone forever. Let’s not contribute to being the next species to disappear.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”   – Dalai Lama




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