2019-07-05 Berkeley’s law re. cell phones upheld by courts

1)  Good news. The Berkeley, California ordinance that cell phones must be sold with information about radiation levels is upheld by the courts. This is information that is in all cell phone manuals, hidden where people are unlikely to look. This is a first. It’s time for Canada to follow — could it be done at the local or provincial level?

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Court Upholds Landmark Berkeley Cell Phone Radiation Right To Know Ordinance And Rejects Industries Appeal

“A landmark 9th U.S. Circuit Court panel has upheld the City of Berkeley’s cell phone right to know ordinance.  That ordinance requires retailers to inform consumers that cell phones emit radiation that can exceed federal cell phone radiation limits when close to the body.  In upholding this decision, the panel concluded that the public health issues at hand were “substantial” and that the “text of the Berkeley notice was literally true,” and “uncontroversial.”


2)  In many US states, the telecoms are being protected against being sued for claims associated with 5G, leaving the local governments holding the bag. I bet this is happening, or will, in Canada.  Local governments need to know this is a possibility. With cell towers, the Federal government indemnifies the telecom company so long as the radiation levels are below Safety Code 6. And we know that landowners cannot get insurance to protect them from lawsuits so, like cell towers, it could be the landowners or those who allowed microcells, e.g. the local governments, who are sued. If these things are as safe as Telus tells us, why the rush to avoid any liability?

State 5G Streamlining Bills Are Stripping Localities’ Basic Contractual Rights To Indemnification

“Telecommunications companies want to roll out 5G-ready infrastructure termed “small cells” across the country — whether communities want it or not. They want communities’ tax dollars to subsidize this rollout. And now, they want to make sure that when the lawsuits start, they aren’t the ones who pay for the fallout.


3)  A few days ago, I included a request from Hans Karow, a long-time crusader against power lines, cell towers, smeters. etc. for help in fighting a proposal for a cell tower near a hospital in Penticton. Several of you wrote — thank you so much. He is asking for more help. Please see his email below in Letters along with an excellent letter from Andrew Michrowski.  He needs letters to:

Joe Fries <editor@pentictonherald.ca

and  blind copy: Hans Karow <hansk@telus.net>



letter to C4ST’s Frank Clegg

I am struggling for more Letters to Editor from others, as you know, papers only would print one letter about same subject from same author. Please: no more than 400 words, and refer to “Cell tower on 1953 Dartmouth Road”.

Please don’t forget your full address & phone number, so editor can verify your authenticity and: with Bcc (not Cc) to me, so I can check whether your letter is printed or not.

Letters to editors are the best tool nowadays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s letter to editor from Andrew  (see it at: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Concerns-over-cell-tower-location-by-Dr.-Andrew-Michrowski-Penticton-Herald-July-05-2019.jpg )

Thanks so much,

cheers, Hans

in next email I will explain the local cell tower situation to Frank Clegg and you.

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From: Hans Karow [mailto:hansk@telus.net]
Sent: July-05-19
To: ‘frank@c4st.org
Subject: urgent suggestions and plea
Importance: High

Dear Frank,

I have been involved in the EMF/EMR issue since about 1995, as reg. intervener on BC Utilities power line/substation hearings, and lately also creating awareness about cell towers and helping people providing information.

Right now I am desperately trying to stop the work of an already City of Penticton approved cell tower near hospital and residential area and within high workers density industrial area (IC default process, because of missing Antennae Siting Policy), have spoken to mayor, councillors about and have soon appointments with MP and MLA; I also have submitted to HESA.

Suggestion 1:

Please have in your C4ST website also a site with submitted letters to editors Canada-wide.

People are asking me for help, they like to write letters to editors as well in their local newspaper and are struggling how and what to write, they like to have a base for their letters to the editors.

Suggestion 2:

I am going to ask our Penticton Herald editor, Joe Fries, editor@pentictonherald.ca , whether he would be willing to print a 3-5 series of guest column about the 5G issue such as:

–        history of 1G – 5G, with 6G coming soon as well

–        difference of 1G – 5G and 6G

–        impact on environment & health

–        legal issues (trespass, bodily harm, human rights)

–        insurances not covering EMR related claims

–        property devaluation

–        comparison of industry funded and independent funded studies (Henry Lai’s work about that)

–        last not least: IC pre-emption (default consultation process) and HC obsolete SC6 despite HESA process

I hope that I can convince Joe Fries for such a guest column, as I asked him a few weeks ago whether he would be willing to do an investigative report. He did a few of them about some local issues, and it was received very well! But Joe declined, although I offered him all the help with info, including info I would be able to retrieve from many independent experts I have been coming in contact more and more over the years during my EMR involvement.

Because I am not a born author and English not being my mother language, I strongly suggest that you, along with more competent members of C4ST, draft a several series guest column and provide it in your C4ST website for anyone to use and submit in newspapers anywhere in Canada.

Keeping the “flame burning” in papers (letters to editors, guest columns) will create more awareness, people will speak to others about those letters and columns, thus the word is spread more and more out and rapidly, and with few websites provided, people can confirm themselves that it is not fear-mongering by “tin foil hat wearers”, but supported by peer reviewed factual studies, especially those from independent experts.

Urgent plea for now: that you please write a letter to the editor as well ASAP, see next email for more details.

Thank you,



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.”   ~ Utah Phillips



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