2019-06-28 Australian agency, same false statements as Health Canada

1)  The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is, I believe, Australia’s equivalent of Health Canada.   The Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA) is a group of independent scientists and researchers that has become concerned about 5G and is accusing ARPANSA of misleading and misinforming Australians about 5g. An example taken from their website:  “ARPANSA and the World Health Organization (WHO) are not aware of any well-conducted scientific investigations where health symptoms were confirmed as a result of radio wave exposure in the everyday environment.”  This is the same bogus statement made by Health Canada and the Cancer Societies.

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p.9 – https://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/Workshops-and-Seminars/20171205/Documents/S3_Christer_Tornevik.pdf

ARPANSA WHO is misleading Who

“It has come to our attention that ARPANSA has made a number of statements relating to misinformation about Australia’s 5G network   on their website, our assessment you can download below. One needs to question who is actually providing misinformation? …

The presentation, given at “The International Telecommunications Union’s (ITU) Workshop on 5G, EMF & Health, Poland on December 5, 2017” concluded that with increased human exposure levels from 5G antennas, EMF exposure compliance in some nations will be difficult. To quote: “In countries with EMF limits significantly below the international science-based ICNIRP limits the roll-out of 5G networks will be a major problem”


2)  Another 5G  Protest planned for July 27th. This is a Saturday and we have 4 weeks to get word out. Last time, there was one rally in BC. Let’s aim for one in every community this time.

“Efforts to push back against the deployment of 5G are gaining momentum in Congress, in the media, and in communities across the nation.  

You can help grow this movement by joining a rally in your area, or organizing your own event.”


3)  If the Order of Canada ever meant anything, it means less now because it has been given to Dr. Perry Kendall for his work in public health. This public health doctor told me, in front of many of his peers, that he would implement the Precautionary Principle when it was proven that wireless radiation was dangerous. This demonstrates his total misunderstanding of the PP and his failure to do his job. He was negligent in protecting children from Wi-Fi in schools.  What a disgrace.

Ex-B.C. health officer Dr. Perry Kendall named to Order of Canada

“Kendall was cited for his leadership in public health both in British Columbia and across the country, notably as an advocate for harm reduction and as a champion for Indigenous health. He was B.C.’s first provincial health officer and was previously awarded the Order of British Columbia. Kendall retired from the post last year after almost two decades in the position.”


4)  The industry sees the energy/utility sector growing from providing their products and using smeters to measure usage to becoming part of the Internet of Things and using the smeters to gather more and more data, most of which is not needed for billing purposes. Our data is valuable and we are losing control of it. Why isn’t the BCUC and the Privacy Commissioner addressing this?  Please write. It’s time that we stopped accepting this intrusion into our privacy in addition to threats to our health and safety.

IIOT – The challenge and the opportunity

“I’ve noticed a change within the utility sector – one in which utilities are moving from utilising smart meters and the data they deliver – to more of an IoT platform.

This move enables them to do much more than just deliver raw meter data to a backend system. Because utilities now need to process data quicker and develop deeper insights from that data, IoT platforms are becoming more prominent and prevalent….

We see a lot of opportunity with smart cities and the subsequent integration of data across multiple data sources. This approach is being seen in large utility organisations and cities around the world. Citizens are getting involved and telling their utilities and city leaders that they want more from their cities.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

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