2019-06-02 Despite warnings, Telecoms continue to work with Huawei

1) The intent of 5G is to connect everything. If Huawei’s transmitters are sending and receiving the 5G signals (the transmitters in microcells that Telus has installed on our homes are Huawei’s), if Huawei is a partner in developing the 5G grid infrastructure (which they are), it is very possible that hacking into the grid, which is already extremely vulnerable, will occur. And we’re supposed to be reassured by Huawei’s assertion that they meet Canada’s security requirements. In a recent article, that I circulated, a cybersecurity expert said that the federal government’s protection against cyberattack is very inadequate. It sounds as if we should not believe that the government’s efforts to protect our grid from cyberattacks is any more trustworthy than is its efforts to protect our health via Safety Code 6.

Huawei pushes ahead with rural internet strategy in Canada despite controversy 

“There are security concerns relating to Huawei generally as a corporation,” said Richard Fadden, a former national security adviser to the prime minister. “Everything they do and all their technology is susceptible to being used by the security authorities of the Chinese state….

 The older the equipment, the more focused it is, the more limited it is, the lesser the threat. But I would argue that the issue isn’t only 5G … it’s the idea that Huawei, as a Chinese corporation, is required by Chinese law to assist the Chinese security authorities.” 

China has a law that requires companies to co-operate and assist with national intelligence investigations. Its government has a very aggressive approach to information and intelligence gathering, so there is always a risk, Fadden said….

 .Huawei’s roots in Canadian wireless internet run deep. Bell and Telus have deployed the company’s equipment, and Saskatchewan’s Crown-owned telecommunications firm, SaskTel, has spent millions on Huawei technology….

 Bell conducted a 4G service trial using Huawei technology in the Ontario towns of Orangeville, Feversham and Bethany last year. It has since expanded service to more than 60 communities in Ontario and Quebec and will reach about 140 by the end of the year.  The service is intended to be 5G capable in the future, said Bell spokesman Nathan Gibson in an email….  “


2)  Marg Friesen, of Safer Wireless Radiation Manitoba, shared an excellent article she wrote for a major eco-journal. ( https://mbeconetwork.org/resources/eco-journal/ )  Please consider sharing with your friends who are concerned about the environment, wildlife and our health.

What is 5G? How could 5G affect our health and environment?


3)  Word is getting out about 5G via so many journals that are normally devoted to other topics, e.g. nutrition.  This article presents a lot of important info to a new audience. There are some things in it that I would question, but only one that I bothered to write the author about. I have asked where she found evidence that Apple has put a warning on the phone about placement of its cell phone away from the face.  Hidden in its manual, yes, but on the phone? If she is able to provide confirmation, I will share it with you.

5G Is Coming: What You Need To Know About 5G, EMFs and The Health Impact

“There is absolutely no way that the radiation levels in our home and public spaces are inert. It has not met with the gold standard of testing. As outlined above, there are no long-term, placebo-controlled studies. There has never been a population that has had the radiation exposure that we are now receiving.”



 Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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