2019-05-30 time sensitve video re. dirty electricity (expires noon PDT)

1)  This is wonderful for many with disabilities, but where are those with EHS? Are they included? Are children who cannot attend schools with Wi-Fi accommodated by this Federal Accessibility Act? I hope that this Act can be broadened to include the estimated 3-5% of the population who cannot work or attend school because of sensitivity to EMR/EMF.

Hello Partners and Members of FALA                               

“Well, we did it. Good on us.

We now have an Accessible Canada Act.

Congratulations to all of you. Without you providing your best advice, talking to MPs and senators, writing letters, keeping informed, informing others, sharing information, sharing resources, and volunteering your time we would not be making history today. Kudos.

Celebrate today because soon we are back to work making sure this is a strong and effective Act. We all have to do our part to make sure this Act lives up to what we expect it to be – and so we can say “My Canada Includes Me.”

But today, we celebrate.

Gratitude and thanks.”

My Canada Includes Me

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJfRUICKHPA&feature=youtu.be   (1:52 min.)


2)  If there are lawsuits against telecoms who are implementing 5G technology, the Swiss government is telling them they will be totally on their own. Unlike the Canadian government, which indemnifies telecoms so long as the radiation levels are below Safety Code 6, Switzerland is warning that the Precautionary Principle will be employed.

“Switzerland – Mobile operators that have invested in 5G technology will not be financially compensated by the state if stricter laws are introduced… The financial cost of complying with scientifically-backed new legislation will have to be borne by the telecom companies.

The Swiss government will apply the precautionary principle to fifth generation mobile communications (5G) and can tighten existing laws in the face of new scientific evidence on risks. “


3)  More information about the rejection of the cell tower Rogers wanted to erect in the middle of Coombs. Most likely this isn’t the end of it, so people should stay alert and involved.  Education and involvement made all the difference as did having a Board that listened.

(click on photo to enlarge)


RDN board topples cellphone tower plans for Coombs

“Staff recommended the RDN board provide a notice of concurrence to locate  a proposed telecommunications tower on the subject property to the ministry.

The proposed tower, however, has been strongly opposed by residents in the area who expressed concerns the proposed tower would be too close to nearby residential properties potentially causing health and aesthetic impacts and decreased property values.

 At the board’s regular meeting on May 28, some residents appeared as a delegation to bring up their concerns and objections, and made one last plea to the RDN board not to endorse the project.”


4)   I haven’t listened to this interview, but a member recommended it. I hope you are able to access it before access expires. Go to the link and click on “replay” which runs for 60 minutes.

Thursday 30th May at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT),  I’m delighted to welcome author, electrical contractor and Building Biology Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist Shaun Kranish.

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  • the principal sources of dirty electricity in the home and Shaun’s recommendations for dealing with them
  • how high electrical currents can be present on your plumbing pipes and what to do about it
  • the commonly overlooked EMF problem with any wiring (including Ethernet cables) and how to overcome it
  • a new EMF meter that can measure the new higher 5G EMF frequencies (not as yet tested by Shaun)
  • how to reduce your exposure to WIFI radiation by up to 99.8% and still have WIFI
  • the EMF problem with many forms of modern lighting and Shaun’s recommended solution—hint it’s not incandescents
  • why grounding your electrical devices is so important—double grounding however can cause problems
  • Shaun’s recommendations for EMF meters—that’s to say consumer level meters that anyone can use
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