2019-05-05 –  CBS “60 Minutes” Anything connected to internet is vulnerable

1)  Tonight on CBS “60 Minutes” the first segment was about hacking computers and networks, maintaining control until ransom is paid. At the end, the cyber-expert warns that anything connected to the internet is vulnerable, and with plans for many billions of devices to be internet-connected, everything from cars to our homes is vulnerable to attack. Right now this includes the electrical grid to which, experts say, the smeters are the open door for hackers.  

How Cybercriminals Hold Data Hostage 

Mike Christman: I think it is. Cybercrime has really become a way of life and connected to everything we do, and really every, every crime we see. And I know that by 2020, we expect to see 50 billion devices worldwide connected to the internet.

Scott Pelley: So the question becomes at what point does this ransomware come to our phones, where some crook says, “I’ve got your phone. Send me 50 bucks”?

Mike Christman: I think it’s already on the doorstep for that. I think some of those devices that connect to the internet can not only be compromised, but they can be used to facilitate other attacks under the command and control of bad actors.”


2)  Here is a link to the 5G flyers and signs that can be filed for future reference.


3)   5G networks using high frequencies could cause problems that haven’t been considered.

5G mobile networks could wreck weather forecasts by disrupting the satellites used to predict major storms

  • Meteorologists said the network could broadcast on frequencies they use
  • In US it is already broadcast near 23.8 gigahertz, used to measure water vapour
  • If allowed to broadcast on similar frequencies it may damage weather forecasts


4)  Smeters were over sold as being THE answer to energy problems. Instead, they’ve caused problems, many of which BC Hydro (and probably FortisBC) deny. For example, privacy, the selling of our data for profit (Urjanet), irradiating people resulting in increases of EHS, to name but one health problem. This article is from an industry insider.

“Self-serving nonsense”: Why smart meters and the energy industry failed Australians

“Early notions that smart meters would be used as a key enabler for emissions reductions through energy efficiency and renewable energy have faded. They’ve actually been a bit player, at best, when compared to the transformative success of solar photovoltaics, wind farm technologies, energy efficiency programs, and low-emission products such as LED lighting systems.

In fact, depressingly, they mainly are being used to prolong the old energy order, protecting legacy energy companies and metering manufacturers alike, and keeping business and household electricity consumers at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to the power of data.”



Please share this with anyone who shares concerns about children and young people being exposed to harm, especially those with existing health problems that are exacerbated by involuntary, non-consensual exposure to Wi-Fi in schools.

Dear Teachers, Parents and Care Givers,

The public has been given an opportunity to speak before the British Columbia Select Committee on Children and Youth with Neuro-diverse (e.g.: ASD, FASD, Developmental Delay) special needs and how the assessment and eligibility processes can be improved.  This opens up an opportunity for parents to express their concerns about the biological effects of electromagnetic fields and the association of the neurological and psychological health effects children are experiencing in our classrooms.

Teachers are concerned that the classrooms are in a crisis, with verbal, physical, sometimes-violent outbursts in our Elementary School settings.    Suicide, anxiety, depression, self-harm, autism, ADHD, and other developmental delays are on the rise and seem to coincide with the installation of wireless technology in our schools. http://parentsforasafeschool.blogspot.com/2019/04/classrooms-in-crisis-verbal-physical.html

Like many other children with ElectroHyperSensitivity, EHS, my grandson who is now 14 years old has been denied any opportunity to inter-grade with his peers to develop friendships and be part of the school experience.   We are hoping you could find some time to submit a letter or video to the Parliamentary Committee confirming the growing evidence of neurological effects and developmental delays from wireless technology that can no longer be ignored.

Special Project on Children and Youth with Neuro-diverse Special Needs


Written, audio, or video submissions submitted here.


If you would like to make your submission available to other parents please email  iknowjanis@shaw.ca  .

Thank you for your time,

Janis Hoffmann
Parents for Safe Schools


Note:  I will be making a presentation before the committee on June 3, at 2:35 in Victoria.


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Click here for a Research Compilation on Cell phone Radiation, Behavior and Brain Development Compiled by Dr. Hugh Taylor of Yale Medicine.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse”   Edmund Burke



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