2019-05-01 – Pushback against 5G grows, even in BC

1)  At the Islands Trust Meeting on April 30, the decision whether to allow the CREST tower to be installed near a hospital, senior citizens home, etc. in Ganges was delayed to obtain additional information. In the meantime, many people on SSI still know little about the proposed tower and the ramifications that will ensue, as evidenced by the fact that 81% of the people voting in this poll so far are for it. I hope you will take a minute to register your vote.

[Salt Spring Island, BC] Please vote NO

Do you support the CREST tower being sited at the Legion? – GI Driftwood Poll (p.6) – May 01, 2019:


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2)  Pushback against microcells is possible — right here in BC — as documented in this very interesting article. We just need to be willing to speak out, to demand security and safety in our homes.

Pushback against 5G wireless grows

“Thankfully, many are waking up to the impending nightmare. Indeed, some South Surrey residents woke from their own current 4G smart phone stupor during a March 6th meeting of the Crescent Beach Property Owners’ Association. There, Shaw’s Freedom Mobile sought to install a single mini-cell antenna on a height-boosted streetlight, yet without providing adequate public notification or consultation as required by federal regulation. Yet after several local residents caught wind of Freedom Mobile’s gambit, they delivered fliers to every mailbox in Crescent Beach, causing concerned residents to pack their normally sedate community hall to the rafters to express their concern.

In the face of counter-arguments made by residents, among them that increased microwave emissions could harm the navigational abilities of local honey bees and migrating birds along the Pacific Flyway, Freedom Mobile withdrew their application.”


3)  Cattle in France are deformed and dying, farmers blame EMF. This is not an isolated incident. There are similar reported deformities going back for 20 years.

http://emrabc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/EFFECTS_ON_COWS_GERMANY.pdf   in Germany

http://emrabc.ca/?page_id=4508   in Italy

French farmers sue the state over mystery cow deaths they blame on electromagnetic fields

“Stéphane Le Béchec, 51, a Breton farmer in Allneuc, has lost 200 cows who died of unknown causes in the past three years and is closing his business.

He has identified several potentially harmful sources, including a transformer, mobile transmission towers and wind farms whose electric currents he says blight his land. “I noted that the voltmetre reacted strongly when I stuck it in the ground or in water,” he told Le Parisien.”


4)  Many studies have reported that exposure to cellphones affects sperm in quantity and quality. Yet another one has been done in Japan. It is troubling that so many studies confirm these findings yet there is no warning on cell phones that they should not be carried on the body.  I keep saying it and have yet to do anything —  we need to begin an active campaign to have, at the minimum, labels on cell phones warning people about potential health problems.

Infertility fears: WiFi killing men’s sperm, study reveals

“Nakata says the study strongly shows electromagnetic waves are killing human sperm and that WiFi devices are a contributing factor to declining fertility.    

“[The study] indicates electromagnetic waves from a portable WiFi router decreases the motile rate and increases the death rate of human sperm.  

Recently, the decrease in fecundity in developed countries has been a matter of great concern. EM waves are said to be safe, but the shower of them caused by WiFi devices may be a contributing factor to the declining fertility trend.”


5)   Another article in a major US newspaper about 5G, but the author allows the propaganda about there being no evidence of harm from RF to end the article, note the American Cancer Society!!!  I hope many of you will consider writing to the author.  Her email address is at the bottom of the article.

amarotti@chicagotribune.com    Twitter @AllyMarotti

5G is here. Is it a technological leap forward — or a health concern?

“5G, the fifth generation of wireless, promises lightning-fast download speeds and could lay the foundation for high-tech advancements like self-driving cars. But like many new technologies, it’s sparking concern about potential health issues…    

5G taps into millimeter waves at the top of the radio spectrum, which have not previously been used for telecommunication. The higher waves allow for faster transfer of data, but they also don’t travel through buildings, trees and rain like previous generations of wireless, which operate on lower wavelengths.    

That means wireless companies must install more equipment with 5G than they did with previous generations of wireless. That includes new base stations and antennas on parking garages, or equipment on light poles that fill gaps for cellular coverage.    

The untested nature of 5G, and the extensiveness of its infrastructure, has some worried that the increased exposure could have serious health effects…    

“Following numerous scientific studies conducted over several decades, the FCC, the FDA, the World Health Organization, the American Cancer Society and numerous other international and U.S. organizations and health experts continue to say that the scientific evidence shows no known health risk to humans due to the RF (radio frequency) energy emitted by antennas and cellphones,” the CTIA statement said.”



I  just learned from Nola that there have been 2 responses from Councillors who wish to discuss these ideas at a Council meeting.  [https://www.ladysmith.ca/city-hall/mayor-council/meet-the-council] 

From: Nola Galloway
Sent: April 30, 2019
To: ‘towncouncil@ladysmith.ca
Subject: Consider Community-owned Fibre-Optic Network

Dear Ladysmith  Mayor and Councillors,

Recently I sent you an email asking for a moratorium on the deployment of wireless 5G in Canada until proper research has proven it safe!  I asked if you would consider bringing this concern forward at the next UBCM meeting?

Additionally I wanted to stress that there is already a proven safe alternatives to 5G Wireless …. in Fibre Optics “Wired Transmissions”.  https://www.tinygreenpc.com/blog/optical-fibre-immune-to-electromagnetic-interference/

“Fibre optic cables are non-metallic… they transmit signals using pulses of light in glass threads! They are immune to Electro-Magnetic Interference and Radio Frequency Interference. The integrity of signals is not affected by electrical noise in the environment.”

It would be exciting for Ladysmith to be one of the first in BC to offer this safe technology to its citizens. I am asking you to explore the possibility of Ladysmith getting its own Fibre-Optic network as some other communities have already done! Please read a bit more info below showing other communities who have moved ahead with fibre-optic community owned networks.


Nola Galloway



From: Nola Galloway  (name given with permission)

Sent: April 24, 2019
To: ‘towncouncil@ladysmith.ca
Subject: Pushback against 5G wireless grows

Dear Ladysmith Mayor and Council,

As a citizen of Ladysmith and of Canada, I want a moratorium on deployment of wireless 5G in Canada until proper research has proven it safe!  I would hope that municipal government leaders across Canada would push the provincial and federal governments to do what is ‘morally right” for its citizens, to put the health and safety of its citizens first before the financial interests of the Big Telecom companies.  https://commonground.ca/pushback-against-5g-wireless-grows/ 

(Please open and read this article written by Paul H. LeMay, an independent science writer based in Vancouver.)

I believe most citizens would want technology to move forward but IF it is proven safe through independent Non-Telecom Industry scientific studies! We already have proven safe alternatives to 5G Wireless …. in Fibre Optics “Wired Transmissions”.  https://whatis5g.info/fiber-optics/

“Fiber is safer, faster, more reliable, and far more cyber secure and energy efficient than wireless.”  Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D.

5G Wireless is going to have a huge impact on all communities across Canada. I can only hope it is already being discussed at the municipal government level. Might this be an issue you would consider bringing forward at the next UBCM meeting?


Nola Galloway


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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