2019-04-28 Teachers being paid to promote “smart” grid

1) In Illinois, teachers are paid to take an evening’s course plus further “stipends” for promoting the “smart” grid and technology to propagandize the benefits. Teachers, who are respected because they are supposed to know what they are talking about, are being used as a shill for a dangerous product.  I wrote to the author, David Thill, (in hindsight I wish my email was more strongly worded)  and I hope you will consider doing so, too. I will make sure some people in Illinois read this article.

Curriculum helps keep Illinois educators up to date on state’s evolving smart grid

 “Illinois State University’s Smart Grid for Schools program began in 2014, funded by the Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Foundation. (ISEIF also funds Energy News Network reporting on Illinois’ smart grid.) Last year the program reached more than 16,000 students at 73 schools. It’s one of several programs trying to help teachers keep up with changes to the nation’s electric system.

The university offers teachers $200 to attend an evening of training, along with additional stipends if they help introduce the curriculum to other teachers, students and parents. The program covers concepts like smart meters, distributed generation, the use of sensors to measure grid load more precisely, and two-way communication between consumers’ devices and utilities. It’s also an introduction for many to concepts like demand response and hourly pricing.”


2)  Olga Sheean is working on a video regarding WHO’s failure to provide the public with the truth about EMR, and is asking for images showing clear environmental or health-related damage; mast clusters; pictures of 5G cells; trees being cut down specifically for 5G.  If you have any would you please send them to her at:

olga@olgasheean.com . She would be most grateful.

3)  Corruption, collusion, bias, hiding the truth about the science that we are trying to spread. One name/entity that I believe should be added is the Cancer Society (all of them). They hire bent “scientists” like phoney doctor Mary McBride, refuse to put honest info. on their websites, fail to provide meaningful statistics so they can mislead.

EMF Dangers – The BIG Cover-Up And What You Can Do About It

“EMF dangers… is there a cover-up? Collusion? Conspiracy? What’s the difference? And, what’s the use?

The term “cover-up” is self-defining. Something is covered up; concealed.

In this case, the truth about the health hazards of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) or EMR (electromagnetic radiation) is suppressed; held down and discounted… 

The Who and Why of Collusion

We know the names and entities. It’s clearly about $$$.

  1. Cell Phone Companies
  2. WiFi Providers
  3. Utility Companies and “Smart Meters”
  4. Manufacturers of Electronic Devices
  5. Government
  6. 3rd Party Advertisers
  7. Lobbyists”


4)   A major media outlet, The New Yorker, is addressing the cybersecurity and privacy problems associated with 5G.  

The Terrifying Potential of the 5G Network

“The future of wireless technology holds the promise of total connectivity. But it will also be especially susceptible to cyberattacks and surveillance.”



From: Sharon Noble
To: “david c. thill” <david.c.thill@gmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2019 2:29:32 PM
Subject: The dangers of the evolving smart grid

Dear Mr. Thill,

Re.  Curriculum helps keep Illinois educators up to date on state’s evolving smart grid

I found the idea that teachers are being paid to promote the “smart grid” to smack of bribery. I know that many people believe that this new technology is the best thing ever, with promises of speed, access, etc. But there are negatives to this new technology and I hope you, as someone devoted to science, wildlife and health, will consider and share.

The smart grid uses and depends on wireless microwave radiation. Smart Meters are wireless computers that communicate with cell towers. In 2011, microwave radiation was classified as a 2b (possible) carcinogen (the same as lead and DDT) by IARC, the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Recent research has provided solid evidence that exposure to wireless radiation is carcinogenic. Hundreds of researchers are demanding that the classification be increased to 1 (proven) carcinogen. Perhaps you’d like to read about a couple of major studies, both 10 year, both costing many millions of dollars. One was done by the US NIH, National Toxicology Program ( re. cell phones)  (https://microwavenews.com/news-center/ntp-peer-review-sees-tumor-risk) and another was done by the Ramazzini Institute in Italy. (https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/Ramazzini-Institute-Study_-Press-Q-and-A-2.pdf)   The latter studied lower levels of exposure — the levels to which we are exposed every day. Both studies found increases in brain cancers and an unusual cancer of the heart.

There are many thousands of studies that show significant health effects, ranging from sleeping and memory problems, rashes,  to neurological and cardiac effects. I would suggest you start with the Environmental Health Trust site, headed by Dr. Devra Davis.  https://ehtrust.org/about/dr-devra-davis/

There are other issues associated with the smart meters and the smart grid that I hope you will investigate. Major ones are privacy (data is vulnerable to theft), security (smart meters are the most vulnerable entry point for hackers aiming at the grid), safety (smart meters are fire hazards), and costs (the lifespan is 5-7 years vs. 30-40 years for analogs.) Wireless technology uses far more energy than wired does. In this period where we must be aware of climate issues, this is another major reason why a wireless grid is something that should be avoided. All of these topics are readily available online but should you wish to have more information or links, please let me know.

More direct to schools, though, is the fact that because of corporate pressure, most children now spend all their school days engulfed by wifi radiation from powerful wifi modems in their rooms. Many scientists have warned that young bodies are especially vulnerable to biological effects of exposure to microwave radiation. Health effects range from nosebleeds, headaches, behavioral problems and sleep disorders to DNA damage, infertility, cardiac effects, and cancer. (https://mdsafetech.org/wi-fi-in-schools-2/)  What is especially bewildering is why schools adopted wifi when most of them already had fiber optic cable providing internet access. Fiber optic cable is faster, carries more data, is more secure from hacking, is cheaper in the long run, and, most important, it doesn’t irradiate. Young bodies are not exposed to a dangerous toxin. Is the convenience of wifi worth this risk?

Most parents, teachers and trustees do not know about the dangers and problems associated with wifi, just as most people do not realize that their “smart” gadgets have the potential to harm them and to invade their privacy. It is required that telecoms provide warnings to maintain a distance (usually close to an inch) from the bodies at all times in cell phone manuals, but who reads these?  There is no similar warnings about cordless phones, wifi modems, or smart meters. So people trust that the government wouldn’t allow dangerous products to be sold.  They need to remember tobacco, lead, asbestos, etc. Wireless radiation, microwave radiation, radiofrequency radiation, whatever it is called is considered by experts to the 21st tobacco.

Insurance companies believe that to be true. For many years now, major carriers like Lloyds of London (a company known to insure just about anything) have waived coverage for any microwave radiation-related health claim. It is listed in exclusions along with asbestos.

I do hope you will use your platform to inform your readers about this very significant topic.  As telecoms continue their push for 5G and the resultant increase in levels of this radiation, people need to know what is happening in order to protect themselves and their families by raising their voices to their politicians.. Hopefully they will learn about this soon enough to prevent further harm to our environment and future generations.


Sharon Noble

Victoria, BC





Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We’ve arranged a society based on science and technology in which nobody understands *anything* about science and technology.  And this combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or later is going to blow up in our faces.”     Carl Sagan, 1996


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