2019-04-12 — May 15 – 5G Day of Action

1)  We are facing a crisis and most people don’t realize it. The media is sharing the telecoms’ ads about how wonderful the world will be when there are billions of more wireless devices all connected to the internet. The grassroots group, Americans for Responsible Technology is planning on local actions on May 15th, to highlight what is going on.  Please see the details below in Letters.  Picketing, holding a rally, handing out pamphlets, etc. outside a telecom company, or outside Telus to highlight Telus’s partnership with Huawei to put 5G microcells outside homes throughout BC and Canada.

If you would like to hold such an event, if you let me know, I will share in an update. Provide info, including the contact person (email, phone…) in an email, with “May 15” on the subject line to: dsnoble@shaw.ca 

2)  When BC Hydro developed its business case and provided ITRON with its requirements, one of the major items was the ability to charge based on time of use. This operation was one of the first completed  in the smeter program but, when asked about implementing this basis for charging rates, BC Hydro equivocated, saying things like, “we have no plans for this currently.”  Implementing it before the vast majority of resisters had been smetered would have increased the resistance because this fee structure hits the most vulnerable the hardest. Higher rates are charged during “peak hours”, when the most energy is being used. Lower rates are charged overnight and periods when usage is the lowest. But people who are house bound, e.g. young families, the disabled, the elderly, still need energy for heating, cooling and cooking. and much of this would be during “peak hours” when the rates are the highest.

According to this industry article, the push is on for time-of-use billing. We need to prepare to resist this as being unfair and onerous for those who are most vulnerable. I didn’t know that Ontario have mandated time of use billing.

As energy gets smarter, ‘time of use’ tariffs spread globally

“Smart meters allow users to monitor their consumption by measuring energy usage in real time and send this information on a hourly basis to the utility providers. For this reason, they are typically the first step towards the introduction of «time of use» tariffs, which charge cheaper rates at certain times of day or night, when demand is low, and higher rates at peak times. Peak and off-peak time slots may be a few hours long, but some providers update the end-price for electricity every hour, every day.

Time of use tariffs are meant to encourage customers to shift their consumption to off-peak times and thus balance demand. On paper everyone benefits from this change. Energy producers don’t need to build expensive peak stations, distributors are required to carry out less maintenance on the grid, customers can save on their bills and carbon emissions are lowered. With the advent of smart meters, this new approach to energy is starting to take off globally…

… in Ontario they are mandatory for residential customers and are defined by an independent regulator, the Ontario Energy Board. The cheapest rates (off-peak) are applied during the night and the weekend, when customers are charged only half of what they would pay at peak demand times. The day is divided into mid-peak and on-peak time slots, which vary from summer to winter.”


[Ontario TOU Pricing (Smart Meters) & Normal Meter Pricing – http://www.ontario-hydro.com/current-rates]


BC Hydro Pricing (p.64/181) – https://www.bchydro.com/content/dam/BCHydro/customer-portal/documents/corporate/tariff-filings/electric-tariff/bchydro-electric-tariff.pdf]


3)  20,000 Satellites for 5G to be Launched Sending Focused Beams of Intense Microwave Radiation Over Entire Earth

“The FCC gave approval to SpaceX on March 29, 2018, to launch 4,425 satellites into low orbit around the Earth. 

The total number of satellites that is expected to be put into low and high orbit by several companies will be 20,000 satellites. 

5G will use Phased Array Antennas to shoot Beams of Radiation at Cell Phones

These satellites will use the same type of phased array antennas as will be used by the ground-based 5G systems.

This means that they will send tightly focused beams of intense microwave radiation at each specific 5G device that is on the Earth and each device will send a beam of radiation back to the satellite.”





Website:  www.5gcrisis.com

See message from Americans for Responsible Technology below: “Pushing Back Against 5G”

“Americans for Responsible Technology is planning a nationwide Day of Action on May 15th, calling on wireless companies (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile) and their sub-contractors (Crown Castle, ExteNet Systems and other antenna installers) to suspend the deployment of small cell wireless antennas in residential neighborhoods until such time as chronic, low level exposure to 5G radio-frequency (RF) microwave radiation can be proven completely safe.”

Please join or organize an event in your community.

Resources, guidance, and support can be found at  www.5gcrisis.com.



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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

“Any one who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.”    Voltaire



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