2019-04-07 What happened to the NDP’s promises?

1)  The NDP, just like the Liberals before them, made important promises in order to get elected. One was to demand a review of the smeter program and the fees. Of course, we know nothing happened. Worse, IMHO, is the way they are allowing old growth forests to be cut, Site C to ravage a beautiful valley, and now LNG and fracking. Too bad there are no politicians looking out for the future of our country instead of working only for the next election.

A change in government has done little to alter BC’s environmental path

“Before the 2017 election that would make him Premier of British Columbia, John Horgan stood with opponents of the proposed Site C dam, a hydroelectric project he described as a multibillion-dollar boondoggle. To acknowledge his support, protest organizers inscribed Mr. Horgan’s name on a yellow stake, which was planted within the footprint of the megaproject that the Liberal government of the day was advocating.

But on Site C and other major environmental issues, Mr. Horgan has not diverged substantially from the path laid down by the BC Liberals.”


2)  Several people have sent me this video, recommending I share it. I have not yet watched more than the first 15 minutes. If you watch it and recommend it, please share widely. Despite all of the confusing info about 5G (fifth generation technology) and 5G (milliwaves), whether the microcells emit microwaves or milliwaves, our environment is going to be inundated with electrosmog to a greater degree. These transmitters are outside our homes, without our permission, without any consideration for our safety or security. Not only are we being irradiated inside our homes, schools and workplaces, we also face the real possibility that Huawei will hack our grid and cause havoc.  Few people are aware of this and our politicians don’t seem to care.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol3tAxnNccY  (78 minutes)

 3)  With regard to the article in last night‘s update which seems to confirm that the industry misled about milliwaves in order to get microcells outside our home, here is Prof. Trevor Marshall’s (https://www.trevormarshall.com/) comment on Devra Davis’s facebook.

“A dishonest industry promised 10x speed with #5G and said they needed millions of towers so they could use millimeter short microwaves. Now they have forced cities allow the small-cells on every residential lampost they are trying to re-brand old 4G frequencies as 5G..even though the old waves will never carry the 10x faster shorter-wave signals they promised when they were permitted to put a small cell at the end of your driveway to deliver those 10x shorter-waves. We are being scammed!! Read the press release


4) In a Missouri town, it appears as if some of the City Councillors tried to push through a motion for smeters without full consideration of due process. The citizens of Camdenton, MO seem to be aware of the problems and are voicing their resistance. It will be interesting to see how a vote goes.

Independence ‘smart meter’ issue to the ballot?

“After Monday’s sudden reconsidered vote on smart meters by the Independence City Council, petitions have been taken out to put that matter to a vote of the people – as well as recall Mayor Eileen Weir.

And while city staff is working to finalize the vendor agreement and craft an opt-out policy for citizens, the council members in the minority on that revote are moving to try and delay the contract with Core & Main for advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) for city utilities – better known as “smart meters.”

Karen DeLuccie, Mike Huff and Tom Van Camp, the three no’s in Monday’s 4-3 vote, delivered a signed letter Friday afternoon to Mayor Eileen Weir saying “a large portion of citizens” upset with Monday’s action and it would be “unwise” for the city manager to sign the Core & Main contract, which a 4-3 majority approved.”



 Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

I’m so glad I had a childhood before technology took over. 


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