2019-03-27 Telus promoting Huawei phones

1) A member reported a large new cell tower just north of Victoria, on Hwy. 17, on Pat Bay Hwy near the weigh station, across from Elk Lake. He said it is very tall and loaded with transmitters, with lots of cable on the ground, apparently in the process of being hooked up.  Does anyone have info on this regarding public notification, approval process, or land owner?  

2)  Active, involved parents forced the removal of a cell tower in the process of being built on school grounds in South Africa.  Never have seen any demonstration like this in Canada.

Protest leads to removal of cell mast from school

“The contactors on site were spoken to but they said that they cannot stop the work as they were contracted by ATC the company in charge. Members of the school governing body were present and have also expressed shock as they had no knowledge of the work resuming. Residents engaged in discussions with the contactors and one of them had the audacity to report that the crane used does not have capacity to lift out the erected mast. It was then that the parents owed not to move from the school and will not let any construction vehicle, personnel, or equipment to leave the premises until the mast comes down,” he added.”


3)  Telus is promoting Huawei “smart” phones, with major deals. It seems very odd that Telus has such a close partnership in very aspect of its business with a Chinese company. Aren’t there Canadian or North American companies with which they could work?  How carefully has Telus investigated the software, etc. to ensure the user’s privacy?

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4)  There are all sorts of reasons to not use a “smart” phone, and one is that it reduces the owner’s ability to concentrate on more important tasks. 

Your Smartphone Reduces Your Brainpower, Even If It’s Just Sitting There

“A smartphone can tax its user’s cognition simply by sitting next to them on a table, or being anywhere in the same room with them, suggests a study published recently in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research. It finds that a smartphone can demand its user’s attention even when the person isn’t using it or consciously thinking about it. Even if a phone’s out of sight in a bag, even if it’s set to silent, even if it’s powered off, its mere presence will reduce someone’s working memory and problem-solving skills.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.”   B.F. Skinner

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