2019-03-23 Aud. Gen. finds Hydro’s cybersecurity lacking

1) A member in Nanaimo reports that Mayor Krog is promoting the microcells along streets and that Telus, just like BC Hydro, is misinforming people who are asking questions. When asked about microcells, Telus said it would be using “aerial fiber optics”, that fiber optics could be underground or aerial, and Telus had chosen aerial. Telus is using fiber optic cable to the microcells because it is so fast and efficient. But from the microcell, the signal is wireless — the cheaper way and the most dangerous way of providing signals to their customers.

When asked about Wi-Fi emissions, Telus said that is done by the modem in the house, not the microcell, implying that there are no microwave transmissions from the microcell. Telus also said there would be only the one microcell in her area.

I hope that people in Nanaimo will get info out about these microcells and the ultimate goal of using them for 5G.  A flyer that has been circulated:

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– https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/The-fastest-Internet-technology-is-coming-to-Nanaimo.-Dear-Neighbour-Letter-by-Telus-March-14-2019.png

2) An audit report by the BC Auditor General warns that, as far as cybersecurity is concerned, BC Hydro has major shortcomings in areas that are not governed by mandatory regulations. The report does not go into specifics, but it sounds as if the “low powered” components are quite vulnerable to cyberattack. As many experts have warned, smeters are the easiest entry into the major grid. A  hack could work its way into the rest of the grid which is connected to Alberta and many US states.

Please write to your MLAs about this [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/bc-contact-e-mail-lists/]. Who knows if BC Hydro is using Huawei technology somewhere in the system. Perhaps this calls for an FOI to find out.


“The components that BC Hydro isn’t looking at—generally equipment of lower power capacity—may allow cybersecurity incidents to cause localized outages and, in aggregate, could have a large effect on the overall power system. The B.C. system is part of an interconnected power grid with Alberta and the western United States. The standards BC Hydro follows help to prevent a power failure in B.C. from cascading to other parts of the grid outside of the province.”



From: Marcus Schluschen  (name given with permission)

Sent: March 21, 2019

To: Claire.Trevena.MLA@leg.bc.ca

Subject: Your support is needed


Dear Minister Trevena,

On February 20, of this year, I sent you an email titled: ‘Public Health Scandal’.  One month later, I still have not received a reply from you.  I do hope that you have initiated action to remedy the contempt that has been illustrated again and again, by civil servants, towards taxpayers.

Regarding this email however, I am calling on you, Ms. Trevena, as our elected MLA, to use your position as senior minister to speak on our behalf, to have the smart meter removed from our home, and have it replaced with a ‘transmitter off’, or analog hydro meter.

Because of my wife’s severe electro hypersensitivity (EHS), I have asked BC Hydro numerous times, on the phone and in writing, to provide us with a non microwave-transmitting meter.  BC Hydro has refused to take our request, even though it is for medical reasons, seriously, and denied us any accommodation.

During conversations with BC Hydro, I was lied to by many of their so called “smart meter experts”, just like they lied to thousands of British Columbians.

The most audacious lie is that smart meters only transmit 3-4 times a day.  This lie was repeated even by supervisors of BC Hydro!

What is reality? Smart meters emit thousands of times a day, with a minimum of one thousand (+1000 times) microwave radiation blasts, measurable in every corner of our home. To arrive at this number, I used two different radiofrequency meters in our own home.  One of these meters registers on a histogram, the constant microwave activity of the smart meter.  Many scientists, building biologists and electrical engineers, have measured other smart meters across BC.

Not a single smart meter, emitted 3 to 4 times a day, as BC Hydro claims.  This is ongoing, deliberate and willful public deception by BC Hydro!

Will the New Democrats continue to look away and let this travesty happen, again and again?

We lived in Scott Fraser’s riding when the NDP was the Opposition, when Mr. Fraser told me in a phone conversation that the Liberals stonewalled the NDP during question period, and refused to answer any question regarding the smart meter fiasco.  Even Mr. Horgan supported smart meter protesters at the time, pretending to be on our side.

Today your party is the governing party and, sadly, nothing has changed.  Now it is the NDP government who does the stonewalling and refuses to hold BC Hydro to account.

We and many of our friends voted for you!  Is this in line with NDP’s values, not to follow through on their commitments towards voters?

Over this last year, my wife’s electro hypersensitivity has increased considerably, so that she cannot walk down the street in our own neighbourhood anymore due to the massive radiation increase everywhere.  She cannot even shop with me for weekly groceries, and has to wait outside in the car, as public WiFi is everywhere!

We use no wireless devices of any kind, and even had to resort to shielding our home against the neighbours’ powerful WiFi which penetrates our home with ease.

As of today, we spent approximately $1000 on RF shielding.  The shielding reduces the emissions to some degree.

However, the elephant in the room remains the smart meter, as it continually emits powerful radiation blasts 24/7, as it is impossible to shield this horrendous microwave transmitter effectively!

  1. When we lived in Scott Fraser’s riding, we opposed a smart meter in writing, to BC Hydro, because of my wife’s electro hypersensitivity.
  2. We never consented to smart meter microwave transmitters on our private property.
  3. We never signed any contract with BC Hydro, allowing smart meter microwave transmitters on our property.
  4. The BC Energy Act does not stipulate that microwave transmitters be used, exposing the home owners to unacceptable levels of radiation from smart meters, thousands of times, 24/7, against their will.
  5. No provincial government has the authority to usurp our constitutional rights, which extends to the sanctity of our homes, in order to collect billing data every other month.
  6. We insist that this DEMOCRATIC Government honour their commitments not to impose harm on anyone, for the benefit of all British Columbians, and to uphold the fundamental guiding principles of science, known as: ‘The Precautionary Principal’, especially for those who suffer dire health effects, from the consequences of microwave radiation, imposed on them from smart meters, inside their own home, without consent.

May I remind the DEMOCRATS of the Precautionary Principle, considering that no medical research was ever conducted in regards to microwave radiation, emitted 24/7 by smart meters?

“When an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically.”

For your benefit, and to put the Precautionary Principle into context, I attached the latest in medical research on microwave radiation, at the bottom of this letter. 

As our MLA, I ask you again, Mrs. Trevena, to stand up for our constitutional rights and support us, to have the smart meter removed from our home.  As senior Minister, I ask you to use your influence to right what was done terribly wrong by the previous Liberal administration, who behaved most recklessly, ignoring science and human rights in BC.

If you wish to discuss anything I’ve written, or require more information, please let me know.

Please be so kind and inform me of any progress you are making in this regard.

Kind regards,

Marcus Schluschen


The World’s Largest Animal Study on Non Ionizing Radiation Confirms Cancer Link  https://ehtrust.org/worlds-largest-animal-study-on-cell-tower-radiation-confirms-cancer-link/   All of the exposures used in the Ramazinni study were below Canada’s and the US guidelines!

“The evidence indicating wireless is carcinogenic has increased and can no longer be ignored”, stated University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Professor Anthony B. Miller MD, Member of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of Canada and the UK, and Senior Medical Advisor to EHT, and long-term advisor to the World Health Organization.

“This publication is a serious cause for concern,” stated Annie J. Sasco MD, DrPH, SM, MPH, retired Director of Research at the INSERM (French NIH) and former Unit Chief at the International Agency for Research on Cancer/World Health Organization, France


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

If you cannot convince them, confuse them.   ~  Harry S. Truman    (This seems to be Telus’s and BC Hydro’s mottos)

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