2019-03-22 Connected Communities — a new website “Wired to Deliver”

1)  Oona McOuat, who is one of the leaders in this battle against 5G, has just completed the creation of a new website: http://connected-communities.ca/ .  Below, in Letters, is the press release that was just sent to many BC media outlets. Your help is spreading the word would be much appreciated. Please send it, the expansion of the press release  or the link to the new website to your local media — newspapers, journals, radio stations, etc.

We can stop this spread of this dangerous technology that will, inevitabily, dramatically increase the level of microwave pollution in our homes, schools, general environment outdoors. But if this is to be stopped, people must know how dangerous it is and that there is a much better alternative — fiber optic cable is so much better than wifi in so many ways.

Expansion:  https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/WIRED-TO-DELIVER-New-Site-Promotes-Community-Fiber-not-Industry-Driven-5G-Press-Release-by-Connected-Communities-March-20-2019.pdf

2)  A press release for discussion re. high density wifi in schools in Massachusetts next week. A power group of people. I have asked Cece to share the video of the meeting when it is available. It might be possible to show it at public meetings to help parents, teachers, trustees, to understand why we are so concerned.


3) Comments about CBS’s 60 Minutes about the suspected microwave attack on US diplomats and workers in China, shared from someone’s Twitter. I’ve given a link to a report on Russia’s using microwave beams aimed at the US Embassy in Moscow for about 20 years. The power density was very low, the average measured being around 10 microwatts per square centimeter – a mere fraction of what Safety Code 6 allows and to which we are exposed every day.

Dr. Joel Moskowitz:  Since individuals with electrohypersensitivity experience similar symptoms with common exposures to electromagnetic fields, why do we think this was a microwave weapon? Could it be a microwave surveillance technology like the USSR used with our embassy in Moscow many years ago?”

Dr. Louis Slesin in response: This was one of my first thoughts as I watched the China/Cuba piece on 60 Minutes last Sunday. I have a file drawer full of these people’s stories. If the Russians and Chinese have this type of microwave weapon, so would we. And there’s no point having one if you don’t test it.” 

Microwaves in the cold war: the Moscow embassy study and its interpretation. Review of a retrospective cohort study


4)  One year ago a report was released stating that the rate of glioblastomas had doubled in the UK since cell phones began to be used.  Below is a link to a discussion about this increase, and why it has been ignored. The conclusion is especially interesting and worth reading.  How much longer will WHO  behind which Health Canada hides, behind which Dr. Bonnie Henry, the Cancer Societies, etc hide continue to be so controlled by the industry that it fails to protect the  public from a known carcinogen microwave radiation?

Glioblastomas Have Doubled in Number in England Since Mobile Phones Were Introduced in 1995.

If a chemical compound gives evidence for a carcinogenic effect in in-vitro, as well as in animal and epidemiological studies, the probability approaches certainty that this agent is carcinogenic for humans. Mobile phone radiation causes genetic damage in isolated human cells: shown in the REFLEX Study and others; it causes malignant tumours in the hearts and brains of male rats and genetic damage in the brain of rats and mice: proven in the NTP Study; it causes glioblastoma in longterm users of mobile phones: revealed in epidemiological studies by Hardell et al. among others. If it needed any further proof, Philips et al. and unintentionally also de Vocht did provide it with their recent research results. Therefore, it must be assumed that mobile communication radiation generated by G1 up to G4 causes among other diseases cancer in humans. In the long term, the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France, which in 2011 classified mobile communication radiation as being “possibly carcinogenic to humans”, will not be able to withstand any longer the demand from independent science to finally adjust the classification to the reality of: “carcinogenic to humans”.



WIRED TO DELIVER: New Site Promotes Community Fiber not Industry-Driven 5G



While last week’s launch of the federal spectrum auction gave the green light to 5G in Canada, many communities across North America are choosing to build and operate their own fiber-to-the-premises networks. An innovative new Canadian website – Connected Communities – explains the many benefits of community-owned fiber, and provides a blueprint for how towns and cities can make it happen.

Why Community-owned Wired Fiber?

  • Wired fiber is faster, safer, cheaper, greener, more reliable, and more data secure than wireless 5G – the 5thgeneration of cellular technology. This in-depth report explains why.
  • Community owned fiber keeps telecommunications infrastructure in local hands and keeps it responsive to local needs. From improved emergency services and economic opportunities to resource monitoring and distributing locally generated renewable energy – the manifold benefits of community-owned fiber make it the truly smart choice.

A Smarter Choice than Wireless 5G

As Senator Blumenthal uncovered in this Senate hearing, 5G is being unleashed with no pre-market safety testing. Wired fiber can essentially fill the same functions as wireless 5G, without the risks.

•   The Globe and Mail’s European Bureau Chief Eric Reguly discusses the health risks of 5G here.

•   In the wake of the Huawei scandal, this article reveals the sinister cyber and national security risks of 5G.

Beneath the marketing hype, it is unlikely wireless 5G will fulfill its promises. (Learn more here.)  Rather than heralding the future, 5G is shaping it to telecom’s advantage.

Success Stories

Cities like Chattanooga Tennessee, Portland Oregon, Olds Alberta, San Francisco and Seattle – cities that value data privacy, autonomy, local prosperity and wellbeing – have chosen or are choosing community-owned fiber. The telecommunications highway today fulfills the same function that roads and railways once filled for trade and commerce.  It is essential that this infrastructure be not for fulfilling corporate interests, but for the public good

To learn more, visit Connected Communities and spread the word.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
– Buckminster Fuller –


From: “Oona McOuat” <oonasong@yahoo.com>
To: “jinny sims MLA” <jinny.sims.MLA@leg.bc.ca>
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2019 9:42:24 PM
Subject: Wired Fiber Optics are the “railroad of the 21st century”

Dear Ms Sims,

Thanks so much for your recent comments supporting rural connectivity.

Unfortunately, in this article you were quoted as promoting wireless 5G as a viable and more economical alternative to fiber-to-the-premises. However, 5G is not a viable rural solution due to the short distances and the way millimeter waves travel. With the recent Huawei scandal, there are issues of national and cyber security to be considered too.

Wireless 5G requires fiber optic cable to be connected to every transmitter. These transmitters need to be replaced every few years, adding to the cost of deployment. Extending the fiber and connecting it directly to every premise is the truly smart way to build a telecommunications infrastructure.

Wired fiber is the fastest, safest and most energy-efficient and reliable rural connectivity option. With the Connected Coast project bringing a sub-sea fiber optic cable to 154 rural BC communities over the next 2 years, investing in a fiber-to-the-premises last mile is the best way for BC’s rural communities to build a 21st century information highway. This new not-for-profit website, Connected Communities tells local governments how to build their own fiber networks. For more information please read the press release below.

Connected Communities ~ Wired fiber for Sustainable Last-Mile Solutions

Choose community-owned municipal broadband. Wired fiber-to-the-premises networks provide fast, safe, affordable,…


All the Best,



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”        ~ Arnold Schopenhauer



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