2019-03-17 New Hampshire House passes bill to study health effects of 5G

1)  Another article about Huawei which reminds us that, regardless of Huawei promises, it is the Chinese government calling the shots. If Telus uses the Huawai transmitters, they might as well be partnering with that foreign government.

Can Huawei Be Trusted With Your Data? Not Even Close

“This article reports that Huawei denies these allegations and claims that it would not hand over customer data to the Chinese government. But experts point out that Huawei really has no choice and that if the Chinese government wants the data (they will), then Huawei will have no choice except to turn them over.”


2)  On CBS’s “60 Minutes”, US diplomats in China tell how they have been the target of what they believe were microwave weapons, with symptoms similar to those affected in Cuba. The US govt seems to be refusing to consider that microwave signals could be the weapon.


“Since 2016, dozens of American officials have come home from Cuba and China with unexplained brain trauma. Evidence shows it may be the work of another government using a weapon that leaves no trace” 


3) This past week, the New Hampshire House passed a bill establishing a commission to study environmental and health effects of 5G!!   This from Americans for Safe Technology on their facebook  https://www.facebook.com/AmericansForResponsibleTech/   I believe it will next have to pass the State Senate before becoming law.   An important first step.

“The New Hampshire House of Representatives understands that 5G may pose serious risks to the public and the environment at-large. This morning, its members passed a bill that would “establish a commission to study the environmental and health effects of evolving 5G technology.” Urge your local and state governments to take similar action before it’s too late!”

The Bill:  

An Act establishing a commission to study the environmental and health effects of evolving 5G technology. 

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

1  New Subdivision; Commission to Study the Environmental and Health Effects of Evolving 5G Technology.  Amend RSA 12-K by inserting after section 11 the following new subdivision:

Commission to Study the Environmental and Health Effects of Evolving 5G Technology

12-K:12  Commission Established.  There is established a commission to study the environmental and health effects of evolving 5G technology, which includes the use of earlier generation technologies.  Fifth generation, or 5G, wireless technology is intended to greatly increase device capability and connectivity but also may pose significant risks to humans, animals, and the environment due to increased radiofrequency radiation exposure.  The purpose of the study is to examine the advantages and risks associated with 5G technology, with a focus on its environmental impact and potential health effects, particularly on children, fetuses, the elderly, and those with existing health compromises.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

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