2019-03-13 –  Ontario banning cellphones from schools — BC won’t

1)  Ontario is banning cellphones from schools effective Sept. 1.  Despite scientific studies showing that cell phone radiation is extremely harmful to developing bodies, despite other studies showing that young people are addicted to cell phones, becoming less able to learn, and in spite of educators reporting that teaching in an environment where kids have free use of cellphones is extremely difficult, BC officials refuse to follow Ontario’s lead.  Why is this province so slow in protecting children and informing parents with regard to wireless technology?  This truly is shameful.

B.C. won’t follow Ontario in banning cellphones in class

“Ontario schools will soon say “c u l8r” to cellphones in class but don’t expect British Columbia to pick up on the trend.

Ontario Education Minister Lisa Thompson said in a statement Tuesday that a cellphone ban during instructional time would be coming to public schools for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Exceptions would be made for when teachers want to use cellphones as part of their lesson, for medical reasons and students with special needs.

But B.C.’s Education Ministry said in a statement it was not considering similar provincewide restrictions.”


2)  Barrie Trower has a long history of trying to educate people about microwave radiation. He has traveled on his own dime to warn people about the dangers, especially re. children. He used to work for the UK’s MI 5 and was involved in investigating the infamous irradiating of the Moscow embassy personnel One member found this paper by Barrie.  It has been in an earlier email I think it is worth sharing again.

Humanity on the Brink

“As stated by University Researchers, Government Scientists and International Scientific Advisors; a minimum of 57.7% of schoolgirls exposed to lowlevel microwave radiation (Wifi) are at risk of suffering stillbirth, foetal abnormalities or genetically damaged children, when they give birth.  Any genetic damage may pass to successive generations.” 


3)  Telus claims it will be bringing fiber optic cable to homes in Nanaimo and Lantzville to provide better internet service. Really? Will the internet cable be brought straight to the home and connected via cable to the service in the home, or will they require Wi-Fi connections, as they did in my home in Victoria?  Is this merely the guise that Telus uses to bring fiber optic into neighbourhoods to support microcells with multiple transmitters in preparation for 5G?

Telus spending $75M to connect Nanaimo, Lantzville to fibre optic network

A direct connection to the Telus PureFibre network comes at no cost to taxpayers or residents,” the press release said. “Residents can expect to see Telus trucks throughout the community as construction begins, and Telus representatives out knocking on their door to receive permission to connect their home to the network. Once homes are connected, residents can immediately begin taking advantage of dramatically faster and symmetrical internet speeds.”



From: LAVONE GARNET   (name given with permission)
Date: Mar 13, 2019
Subject: Letter re Telus & 5G proliferation
To: editor <editor@nanaimobulletin.com>
Cc: sonia furstenau <sonia.furstenau@leg.bc.ca>, Olsen.MLA, Adam <adam.olsen.mla@leg.bc.ca>, andrew weaver mla <andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca>, OfficeofthePremier, Office PREM:EX <premier@gov.bc.ca>, Paul Manly <paulmanly@shaw.ca>, doug routley <douglas.routley.mla@leg.bc.ca>, <mayor.council@nanaimo.ca>, Wilson, Keith <keith.wilson@rdn.bc.ca>

To the Editor:

“Telus spending $75 million for better internet and phone services”

Why is this 5 G announcement reminiscent of ubiquitous Smart Meter and wi-fi installations in almost every public venue? Some people, noticeably sensitive to these electromagnetic frequencies, might avoid public places, but next will have to contend with proliferation of untested 5 G emfs from a multitude of small cell towers on telephone poles. Has the public been consulted and properly informed regarding concerns for this latest technology? Is Telus confirming a 5G deal with the questionable Huawei corporation? “Connection comes at no cost to taxpayers,” but what might be the cost to people’s health, developing fetuses and children, and people with compromised health? Will people’s immune systems be weakened by constant exposure to these frequencies for years ahead? Why are some scientific reports of the damaging effects of these emfs being ignored? What about the cautionary principle? When one sees how governments focus on protecting corporations through investor state dispute resolutions and deferred prosecution agreements, at the expense of citizens’ rights to protection of environment, health, and integrity of government, again one is urged to “follow the money”. Citizens need to do their own research and challenge their government reps. Observe the state of our world today and ask, Who is minding the shop? (A nagging song phrase drifts in the ether, “Killing us softly…”)

Lavonne Garnett


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”~ Edmund Burke or John Stuart Mill…


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