2019-03-12 Can. Govt. sells off RF spectrum for 5G

1)  Today the Federal Government auctioned off the 600 Mhz range of the RF spectrum.  This is an example of the conflicts of interest that exist in the government. One department, Health Canada, is supposed to protect us from dangers, such as radiofrequency radiation. Another department, ISED (formerly Industry Canada), sells access to the radiofrequencies used by telecoms to emit this radiation — sells this for big bucks. If Health Canada acknowledges that we will be harmed by wireless devices, then the Federal Government loses all this money.

Please see below, in Letters, a press release Oona McOuat sent out today. Please consider sending it to your local newspapers and radio stations so that as many people as possible are aware of what is going on, and include the article below. 

Canada’s operators prepare for coveted 600Mhz spectrum auction on March 12


“Twelve operators, including Rogers, Bell and Telus, are buckling their heels in preparation for the start of the 600 MHz spectrum auction with the hopes of winning as many licenses as possible. The auction is set to take place on March 12th and will finish when all players file their bids. According to senior ISED government officials, there are 112 spectrum licenses in 16 geographic locations available for telecoms to bid on. Bidding at 10am ET…

ISED will reveal the winners five business days after the end of the auction. Details will include winners, how many licenses they won, the price paid and the government’s total revenue. According to a Globe and Mail article, analysts have predicted that the auction could bring in about $2.5 billion to $3 billion.

The federal government has held spectrum auctions in the past, including in 2015 for the 2,500 Mhz spectrum and in 2014 for the 700 Mhz auction. In 2008, the government set aside spectrum for the 20 MHz of Advanced Wireless Services auction in 2008.

After eight weeks and 331 rounds, the auction closed with 292 licenses sold. The government grossed $4,254,710,327. Globalive Communications, at the time the owner of Wind Mobile, came out as the winner. This time around, participants are vying to get a hold of licenses for 600 MHz, which operators hope to use in the rollout of their upcoming 5G networks.”


2) The Australian Stop Smart Meters group has set up a new website devoted to EHS and those who suffer from this sensitivity.

EHS Sanctuary Website

“The purpose of the EMR Sanctuary website is to host a forum stype online community dedicated to the growing segment of the world’s population affected by electro-sensitivity, also referred to as EHS.  This condition manifests as a variety of health-related disorders attributed to bodily exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR), a type of energy commonly emitted….”


3)  After a 4th child has been diagnosed with cancer, parents at a California school are demanding that a cell tower located at the school be removed. And, of course, the emissions are within allowable limits. (They cannot be called “safety standards”.)

Fourth Ripon student has cancer. Parents demand removal of cell tower from school

“A fourth child who attends the school was diagnosed with cancer Friday. Some parents pulled their children from school, and many came out in force to a Ripon school board meeting Mondayevening to demand action.

In a prepared statement, board president Kit Oase said tests done on the tower found it was operating normally within safety standards.



A Bad Bargain? Why Today’s Spectrum Auction makes Dollars but not Sense

Today, the Canadian government is making billions auctioning off new bands of our public airwaves to an industry that has done NO pre-market safety testing of the 5G technology they are unleashing.

As admitted by US telecommunication industry leaders last month to US Senator Richard Blumenthal in this video “we are flying by the seat of our pants”.

Don’t be fooled by 5G’s promises of ultrafast video download speeds, smart cities, the internet of things, and autonomous cars.

·  This recent Boston Globe article shows that the “non-standalone” 5G model telecoms are introducing in North America will not provide the backbone needed to fulfill these promises.

·  Last weekend’s article by the Globe and Mail’s European Bureau Chief warns of the public health risks of unleashing this technology that has not been proven to be safe.

·  And in the wake of Canada’s Huawei scandal, this recent article focuses on the sinister cyber-security and national security issues associated with a wireless 5G grid.

Why go wireless when wired fiber to the premises networks are faster, safer, greener and more data secure than 5G will ever be?

This website shows communities how and why the time is ripe to build their own wired fiber networks, keeping the telecommunications infrastructure in local hands.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

 Buckminster Fuller

Oona McOuat




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Sent: March 11, 2019
Subject: 5G Scandal

Dear Editor:

The Canadian government and especially the Ministry of Health ought to be ashamed that they are willing to allow the wholesale installation of 5G technology throughout our country without one ounce of research about the health effects. Ignorance of the impact of the thousands of 5G antennae should not be a hallmark of Canadian health science. Our standards ought to be the highest in the world.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Knowledge is Power.”  ~ Sir Francis Bacon, 1597


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