2019-03-10 Huawei’s surveillance devices

1)   From reports, Huawei appears to be the greatest power in the 5G field in addition to being a major player in 3G and 4G devices. If it is true, as this article states, that Huawei has the capability to input surveillance devices in all wireless things, including 5G antennae and satellites, cyber-control of us and our lives seems inevitable.  Has anyone received a response from any MLA or MP (other than Elizabeth May) to letters with warnings about Huawei?

The 5G Cold War Heats Up. 


2) I received an email from the Sierra Club BC  asking me to complete a survey (ending with a request for a donation – the real reason??).  I took the opportunity to emphasize the need for the Sierra Club BC to get involved like the Sierra Club of California has in fighting 5G and the proliferation of microwave radiation. 5G’s milliwaves will especially affect insects such as bees because of their small size.

I hope you’ll consider completing the survey or writing directly to the Sierra Club. So far I have not read anything about their stance on EMR or 5G – they have never responded to my emails.  The sender of the email was Hannah Askew, Exec. Director of Sierra Club, BC and the email address she used was:  social@sierraclub.bc.ca

“As a supporter of Sierra Club BC, you hold valuable insights into our work and the opportunities we have to strengthen our impact.

And as we mark our 50th anniversary, we’re taking time to reflect deeply on where we’ve been and where we’ll go next. We’re excited to fine-tune our focus to ensure we’re responding effectively on environmental issues in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

Today, we’re asking you to be part of our reflection process. We’ve developed a short survey to listen to where you think our strengths are, where we can improve and what you see as the top priorities for action in the next decade.

Will you please take a few minutes to share your insights with us?”


[Contacts (click on photos) – https://sierraclub.bc.ca/about/]

3) In their March bulletin, TAC (The Team Around the Child), an organization in the UK devoted to protecting children, highlights a speech by Dr. Martin Pall calling 5G “The stupidest idea in the history of the world.”  The author of this article states that he/she has been warning about the health effects of EMR for a long time.

5G Is The “Stupidest Idea In The History of The World”- Washington State Biochemistry/Medical Science Prof

“… Anyways, in this article, I’d like to draw your attention to Dr. Martin L. Pall, PhD and Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University. Taken from his report titled “5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field(EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them,” he states that:

“Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.” 

Earth has become engulfed with this mess as a result of our ignorance, as a result of us ignoring important scientific findings such as these. If we continue along this path, disease rates will continue to rise. Awareness is key, and simply being informed about this issue is a huge step in the right direction.”


[(video 09:08) – Dr. Martin Pall To The NIH: “The 5G Rollout Is Absolutely Insane.” by Nick Pineault – YouTube – August 07, 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBsUWbUB6PE]

http://www.tacinterconnections.com/   (the bulletin)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

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