2019-03-09 Globe and Mail re. 5G

1)   Some members of the Coalition have been fighting to educate teachers, parents, principals, school boards, etc. about the dangers of having strong Wi-Fi modems in every school room. Many children are unable to attend schools, as is their legal right, because they are made ill by exposure to the EMR smog. Fiber optic cable is available at most schools – having Wi-Fi is irresponsible and negligent.. Occupational safety says that workers (this would include teachers) should not be exposed to any 2B carcinogen, except for EMR, saying that they rely on Safety Code 6. Why – when SC 6 is not a law, merely a guideline, and which states that it applies only to workers at and visitors to federally regulated sites (such as cell towers)? It’s time that we all raised our voices to stop this insanity.

Wi-Fi in Schools: Experimenting With the Next Generation 

Commercial wireless systems expose children to nation’s highest radiation levels


“Schools are particularly worrisome, experts say, because they are where the most intense concentration of wireless radiation is found today. The Wi-Fi systems schools have adopted are much more comprehensive than your average home or coffee shop Wi-Fi. These commercial grade systems use several routers or “access points” throughout the classroom, often in the ceiling above students’ heads. Now, add in all the radiation spewing from all the wireless devices operated by each student, and you’ll find that kids are spending up to seven hours per day in a thick soup of electro-smog…

Microwave sickness can impact teachers who work in Wi-Fi too. Laurie Brown, a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), says she knew nothing about the health impacts from wireless until her school installed a commercial grade Wi-Fi system in April of 2015. Today, she says the damage caused by this technology is impossible for her to ignore.

“We had Wi-Fi before, but the upgraded system now had two access points in every single classroom, adding a total of 190 access points to the school, including additional boosters to prevent any loss of connectivity,” Brown said. “All of this was for Common Core testing, and 21st-century teaching.””


2) Vancouver brags that it is one of the most Wi-Fi’d cities in North America, with 755 free hotspots!! It would be interesting to see if it also can claim the highest rates of childhood cancers.

Featured project: #VanWiFi

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3) An important and surprising article in the Globe and Mail re. 5G. It even mentions “possible” health effects caused by the EMR. I hope people will consider writing to the author or editor to praise this info being given to the public.

I am guessing that the author’s email is:  ereguly@globeandmail.com

Contact info for the editor, etc. is at:  https://www.theglobeandmail.com/about/contact/

We need to let them know that we appreciate that they are reporting about this when so few others are.

The untested risks of 5G technology by Eric Reguly – March 09, 2019 (page B4)

“… But all utopian dreams face unpleasant reality checks and that’s exactly what’s happening with the planned 5G rollout and the hundreds of billions of dollars of investment that would drive it. The first problem is security; the second is the worry that the radiation from 5G networks could harm you.”


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4) Protesters in Oregon are taking a stand, refusing to pay the opt-out fee being charged. The fee was initially $36 a month but has been reduced to $9 by reducing the number of times a year the meter is read. As well, people are being able to opt out if they have a medical exemption. A Commission that listens to the customers, at least a little, by taking these steps while our Commission has done nothing.

Protesters fighting against Opt-Out fee on smart meters

“The group was protesting because smart meters have been put onto peoples homes against their will and are now being faced with paying the fees and no way to get around not paying them.  

Members have stated they haven’t been paying those fees for about two months and know a notice of their power being shut off is coming their way.  

One protester experienced this firsthand. He however was able to get a medical exemption. Others are waiting for the same notice in their mailbox.”



Sharon Noble,  Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

“Any one who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.” 

~ Voltaire



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