2019-03-05 Fiber optic cable major benefits

1) Wireless hearing aids were the only option in North America even though non-wireless were available in Europe. The advantage they offer seems to be to communicate volume levels between the two sides – ensuring they are the same. This can be done manually, but it’s not as convenient.  Convenience at any price… even your health. But things have changed. The wireless capacity can be disabled now in the store. Something relatively new in North America that is being done in BC.

Wireless Hearing Aids May Cause Dizziness, Bloody Noses, Cardiac Issues, and More Because They Emit WiFi Radiation.

Wireless hearing aids are also being manufactured and marketed too – even though exposure to wireless WiFi radiation is harmful in a variety of ways.  Research has proven it can disrupt the blood-brain barrier which can cause it to leak as well as kill brain cells.  Exposure can also cause bacteria to become antibiotic resistant.  It can even make your skin age faster.  These are all things to consider when putting anything that emits WiFi inside your ears. 


2) Wireless gadgets may be convenient but they are vulnerable to cyberattack or hacking. Cars have become major targets as major functions become computerized.

Companies Target the Next Car Hack Attack

As cars get more connected, the industry is trying to stay ahead of multiplying threats

“The problem for us as a society is we as consumers are calling for more and more convenience,” David Barzilai, executive chairman and co-founder of Karamba, said at CES. “Convenience relies on more connectivity, so we can get services from the car. The more systems that are connected, the more we’re open to attacks.”… 

How can hackers access software in cars? Security experts say there are known trouble spots, starting with any place the car connects with the internet—such as built-in WiFi hotspots, data streams, or built-in infotainment apps. Vehicles tend to have multiple, separate computers that control different car functions, known as electronic control units (ECUs). They’re all vulnerable if they’re not secured. The network connecting the ECUs is another potential hacker target.” 


3) Experts in communications and IT know that fiber optic cable is far superior to wireless. It is far faster, can carry much more data, and it is much more secure. Health/RF experts advise that fiber optic cable is safer.

We should be working to have Telus bring fibre optic cable to our home, as they are promising through the sales reps they send to our homes. Right now, Telus is bringing fibre optics to the microcell outside our homes, and the final step is wireless – right into our bedrooms where children sleep.

Fiber Optics

“Fiber is a far more energy efficient way to move data from point A to point B. Imagine you want to watch a video on your device. That video data can be sent in a straight line of shot to your device, and you will receive it all at once – one transmission, done. That’s fiber optic cable.

What’s wireless? First off, you need a ton of electricity because going up the pole (think cell tower or “small cells”) you will lose about 80% of the electricity for the conversion to radio frequency/microwave radiation. From the top of the pole, the data is sent out, not just to you, but to your whole community, because that’s what cell towers can do – throw a 60 degree (or more) spray through the air. (Please note that with 5G the angle will likely be smaller but the “spray” far more intense.)”


 4) Another document from Kate Kheel’s site with great info about how to confront the issue of 5G microcells with various governments and agencies. Many excellent references.


“The public has no understanding of what so-called “small cells” and 5G are, and that these antennas are going to beam high levels of microwave radiation directly into homes 24/7. The public is largely unaware of the many bills at the Federal and state levels poised to remove our rights to weigh in on the placement of these Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs). While installing more wireless infrastructure throughout neighborhoods may be a goal of the telecom industry, it is by no means a necessary public service, and more and more people are opposed to it.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”   ~ Edmund Burke or John Stuart Mill…

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