2019-02-25 Hydro testing “smart” controls for water heaters

1) In case anyone wants to know how to read their smeters, this is from BC Hydro.


[FortisBC – https://www.fortisbc.com/accounts-billing/meters-meter-readings/your-electricity-meter]

2) BC Hydro testing “smart” water heaters with controllers that would enable it to turn power off at peak times.

BC Hydro smart water trial offers free $600 controller and likely lower bills

“The trial aims to test the effectiveness of the controllers, as well as giving BC Hydro important data they hope to use to better manage demand on the BC Hydro grid, during peak times in the winter… 

The way the trial works is the company would turn participants’ hot water heater on and off during key times of the day, via the controller. Peak times are generally from Monday to Saturday, 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.” 


3) The UK’s cybersecurity people say they have seen no evidence of Huawei’s spying. If their cybersecurity is as tight as they claim, perhaps this discourages any spying. The US and Canada both admit to not having the ability to protect against this sort of “attack”, especially re. 5G technology. Or, perhaps, the US is just trying to protect its competitive position. But regardless of whether Huawei has spied, a major question is could it? And why allow a company such as Huawei to be so involved in our grid?  Aren’t there any Canadian or North American companies capable of providing this technology?

Cybersecurity official says U.K. has no evidence of spying by Huawei

Britain is able to manage the security risks of using Huawei telecoms equipment and has not seen any evidence of malicious activity by the company, a senior official said on Wednesday, pushing back against U.S. allegations of Chinese state spying.

Ciaran Martin, head of Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), said Britain had yet to decide on its security policy for national 5G networks, but that Huawei equipment was subject to detailed oversight and strict government controls over where it was used.

Our regime is arguably the toughest and most rigorous oversight regime in the world for Huawei,” Martin, whose NCSC is part of Britain’s GCHQ intelligence agency, said at a cybersecurity conference in Brussels.


4) Below is another important letter by Jerry Flynn. When I last asked Jerry if he ever rec’d responses, or even acknowledgements, from any of the many politicians he’s written to, he told me “Not one”.  Shameful, but consistent. I don’t think many of us have received more than form letters that ignore the information provided (often quite detailed) from any politician or bureaucrat (e.g. Dr. Bonnie Henry). It’s as if they think by ignoring the scientific evidence we provide, they are free from having to take action or from having to do their jobs.


From: Jerry Flynn (name given with permission)
Sent: February 12, 2019 10:37 AM
To:justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca‘; ‘andrew.scheer@parl.gc.ca
Subject: FW: .The Mother of All Crimes – “5G” Technology!

Wake-up, both of you!

From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: February 12, 2019 10:21 AM
To:meirionjones@tbij.com‘; ‘racheloldroyd@tbij.com
Cc:Gord.Johns.C1B@parl.gc.ca‘; ‘scott.fraser.MLA@leg.bc.ca
Subject: .The Mother of All Crimes – “5G” Technology!

A concise version of my military BIO is at the end of this paper, and references applicable to statements made in this paper are shown in the attachments. Hopefully, someone will forward this to U.S. Senator Blumenthal and the sitting U.S. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee currently investigating the ‘safety’ of 5G technology.

The Mother of All Crimes – “5G” Technology!

The U.S. Military-Industrial-Complex (US M-I-C)
U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people in 1961 to be on guard against the emergence of a corrupt US M-I-C. Tragically, too few people heeded his warning.

Today, the US M-I-C is frighteningly real, enormous in size and increasingly corrupts and/or controls more and more Western governments, at all levels – federal, provincial and municipal! Its principle members are the five health regulatory agencies of the Western world: Health Canada, the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety (*ICES) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). (Note: ICES, an internal committee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), is a ‘front’ for the U.S. Military.) Other key US M-I-C players include member nations of the “Five-Eyes” intelligence-gathering community (see below), electric power utilities, and wireless and telecommunications companies in Western countries.

The U.S. Military
Today, the U.S. Military is the world’s only super-power and self-appointed global policeman. With an annual DoD budget of approximately $700-Billion, about 800 military bases in more than 70 countries around the world, and military troops stationed in some 130 countries, one realizes that there is a mutual interdependency between the U.S. Military and the industries named (see below). It goes without saying that the U.S. Military’s major military allies have to be capable of operating seamlessly with the world’s only super-power, referring to their common communications and weapons systems. For that reason, allied militaries have no recourse but to adopt the U.S. Military’s thermal effects-ONLY mantra (see ‘Five-Eyes,’ below).

From the U.S. Military’s perspective, it expects – and depends upon – the electric power generation industry to provide whatever electricity its huge number of bases in 70+ countries around the world require, not just for the basic heat and hot water all such establishments need, but for the electrical power each base needs to operate its assortment of surveillance radars, guided missile systems, command and control communications, electronic warfare (EW) systems, etc.

Similarly, for the U.S. Military to remain the world’s only super power, it expects – and depends upon – the wireless and telecommunications industry to ensure that it always has the latest, state-of-the-art electronics in its strategic and tactical command and control systems, radar and weapons systems, electronic warfare systems, etc. Since at least WWII, these two industries have both considered the U.S. Military to be their number one customer, given the military’s sheer size, its enormous budget and its endless requirements. 

It is important for readers to note that the U.S. Military’s outrageously high ‘safe’ Exposure Limit of 100 W/m2 for RF EMR (which they adopted in 1966) provides protection – against the thermal effects ONLY – for just six (6) minutes, for those exposed to acute microwave radiation! Whereas, in reality, the unsuspecting public are chronically exposed to non-thermal radiation from many different sources, operating simultaneously, on many different radio frequencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year – in perpetuity! 

[Writer’s comment: It is important for readers to note that the BioInitiative 2012 Report recommended ‘safe’ Exposure Limits for RF EMR that were 3-6 MILLION TIMES LOWER than the ‘guidelines’ championed by the US M-I-C, which includes Canada!]

The Electric Power Generation Industry
Electric utilities were euphoric in 2005, when today’s unconscionably-high and extremely-hazardous – but very industry-friendly – ‘safe’ Exposure Limits were established, supposedly to protect the public from what are called ‘Extremely Low Frequency’ (ELF) (commonly known as ‘Power Line 50 / 60 Hz frequency’) electric and magnetic fields (EMFs)! EMFs are produced by anything in which electrical current is flowing, e.g.: overhead power lines, substations, voltage transformers, household wiring, household appliances, ‘smart’ meters, tools and machinery, electric vehicles, etc.

Today’s very dangerous ‘safe’ Exposure Limits for ELF EMFs – for the world – were orchestrated by the notoriously corrupt and globally reviled WHO scientist, Dr. Michael Repacholi! Unbelievably, while he was in charge of the WHO’s International EMF Project, simultaneously, he was also chairman of what is today known to be the horribly corrupt ICNIRP – which he helped to create! In determining today’s ‘safe’ Exposure Limits, it is public knowledge that Dr. Repacholi was assisted by eight representatives from the electric power industry – whom he had specifically invited to assist him!

Whereas honest, non-industry scientists and other EMF experts around the world say that the ambient level of magnetic field in a home or school should not exceed even one (<1) milliGauss, Repacholi and his industry cohorts claim that 2,000 times that amount is safe! This brazen, callous and heartless lie has enabled (and still does today) electric power utilities around the world to erect their overhead power lines, electrical substations, power transformers, etc. unconscionably close to schools, hospitals, nursing homes, residential areas, etc.

[Writer’s comment: a classic example of this heartless corruption is BC Hydro’s underground electrical substation now under construction in a downtown City of Vancouver public park. When the substation is completed, BC Hydro will then build an elementary school on top of the substation! This is absolutely criminal, and heads should roll!]

Since 2010, this same corruption has enabled electric utilities – with the help of a sinfully silent news media and cash-starved, naïve, gullible, incompetent and technologically-ignorant governments – to literally force their insidious wireless ‘smart’ meters on every dwelling and occupied building across Canada (as has also happened in other countries)! Unknown to most people, ‘smart’ meters each contain two (2) microwave radio circuits – both of which emit hazardous pulsed non-thermal radiation)! Even more dangerous, unsuspecting home owners in every ‘meshed grid network community’ who have the misfortune to have a “Collector” ‘smart’ meter attached to their homes are unaware that their particular ‘smart’ meter contains three (3) microwave radio circuits which, cumulatively, constantly emit hazardous pulsed non-thermal radiation – literally around the clock!  

The Wireless and Telecommunications Industry
This industry had to be euphoric in 1966 when the U.S. Military adopted its current thermal effects-ONLY mantra!

[Writer’s comment: Because the U.S. Military standard was then, and still is, the same as that of the USA, and is essentially the same as those of all Western countries, this means that all Western countries had adopted the thermal effects-ONLY mantra back in 1966! This accounts for why today, some 60 years later, the entire world is awash in literally billions of wireless radio products / devices / gadgets – all of which are extremely profitable but each of which emits hazardous pulsed non-thermal radiation on radio frequencies or “RF” (which includes all microwave frequencies)!]

Since 1996, when the odious U.S. Telecommunications Act was passed, key sections of which are known to have been written by the telecom industry, no state or municipal government can stop or block the installation of a cell tower for health reasons! For the first time in U.S. history, this gave the telecom industry license to install towers wherever they wanted – and governments were / are powerless to stop them!

‘Five-Eyes’ Countries
As was previously stated, in 1966, all ‘Five-Eyes’ member countries of this Western intelligence-gathering alliance (the USA, the U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand) adopted the U.S. Military’s thermal effects-ONLY mantra. In doing so, they also adopted the U.S. Military’s outrageously-high ‘safe’ Exposure Limits for RF EMR, which are very similar to Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 … as well as ICNIRP’s … and the WHO’s ‘guidelines’! 

[Writer’s comment: I was part of this family for approximately 18 years, as can be seen in my BIO.]

FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

·       It is openly said and widely believed that the FCC has long allowed itself to be taken over by the telephone industry, the very industry it is supposed to regulate!


·       Although it has no EMF / EMR scientists of its own, the FCC still promulgates to the world what they purport to be ‘safe’ Exposure Limits for RF EMR. In reality, the FCC simply adopts the ‘safe’ Exposure Limits determined by the U.S. Military-controlled ICES subcommittee 4 and promulgates them to the world as if they were the FCC’s own guidelines!

·       The current chairman, Ajit Pai (a lawyer), appointed by U.S. President Trump, has recently approved the launch of thousands of satellites in space, which will use phased array antennae to irradiate every inch of space on earth with “5G” microwave frequencies in order to bring broadband Internet to everyone on the planet – whether they want it or not! Despite the fact that “5G” frequencies have never been independently tested for ‘safety’ to human health by qualified, independent EMR experts!

·       Like his predecessor, Pai champions wireless technology and Wi-Fi for everyone!

·       Like his predecessor, Pai completely ignores scientific reports from around the world that say that EMFs and EMR are hazardous to people and other living things!

·       Like his successor, Pai completely ignores scientists’ pleas from around the world that urge all governments to ban “5G” technology from space and earth!

·       The previous chairman, Tom Wheeler (2013-2017) (also not a scientist), appointed by U.S. President Obama, was the first to approve the launch of thousands of satellites which will use “5G” technology and phased array antennae to irradiate every inch of space on earth with microwave frequencies!

·       Chairman Wheeler forcefully championed, almost maniacally, the urgency for America to embrace and implement 5G technology!

·       In 2008, Wheeler raised more than $500,000 (U.S.) for Barack Obama’s election campaigns.

·       From 1992-2004, as Pres/CEO of CTIA (the Cellular Telecommunications Internet Association), Wheeler’s job was to lobby all governments in the USA on behalf of wireless and telecom companies. Wheeler was inducted into that industry’s Hall of Fame! (He is the only person ever to be inducted into both halls of fame; see below!)

·       From 1976-1984 Wheeler was Pres/CEO of the Cable and TV Association, eventually being inducted into that industry’s Hall of Fame!

(Writer’s comment: It is a national disgrace and, in my opinion, an absolute reprehensible crime that Health Canada and ISEDC/Industry Canada justify their immoral stance / actions by saying that they are in compliance with the corrupt FCC!)   

Western Health Regulatory Agencies
Since they too elected to follow the U.S. Military’s lead, in 1966, the then four Western health regulatory agencies: Health Canada, the WHO, ICES and the FCC all adopted the U.S. Military’s thermal effects-ONLY mantra and have defended and promoted it ever since! As is explained elsewhere, today’s fifth regulatory agency, the notoriously corrupt ICNIRP, established its own ‘safe’ Exposure Limits in 1998, which proved to be virtually the same as those of the U.S Military, and it too is based on the thermal effects-ONLY mantra.

Contrary to what Health Canada would have the public believe, its senior EMF/EMR scientist and lead author for Safety Code 6, James McNamee, PhD., admitted in a Quebec Superior Court in 2013 that for frequencies ranging from 100 kHz up to 300 GHz, Safety Code 6 provides protection ONLY against the thermal effects of radiation!

(Writer’s comments: – Readers need to note that:

·       As was stated by McNamee above, SC6 DOES NOT afford any protection whatsoever against the hazardous pulsed non-thermal radiation which is emitted by each and every one of today’s RF products / devices / gadgets! 

·       SC6 makes no provision whatsoever for today’s realistic situation whereby people are constantly exposed to pulsed non-thermal radiation from countless emitters on many different frequencies all transmitting simultaneously!

·       Each and every one of today’s wireless RF products, devices and gadgets was exempted – yes, exempted – from having to be tested for ‘safety’ (to a person’s health and safety) because it was presumed some sixty years ago that its radiated power was too low (too weak) to be harmful to people.

·       For the above reason, not one of today’s wireless RF products, devices or gadgets has been independently tested – by qualified experts having no ties to industry – to ensure it is safe to be used by, on or around people of all sizes, of all ages, of all levels of wellness on a 24/7/365 day basis in perpetuity!

·       Nor does SC6 even mention the hazardous ELF or power line EMFs people are constantly exposed to in their homes, schools, hospitals, communities, etc.! 

·       Major insurance companies refuse to provide product liability insurance to any device that emits electromagnetic radiation!

·       U.S. Military scientists said in 1994 that the most dangerous frequencies to man were between 1 and 5 GHz, because these frequencies penetrate all organ systems of the body thereby putting all organ systems as risk. Yet the USA and Canada allow baby monitors, cell phone towers, cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth devices, ‘smart’ meters, etc. to use these very same frequencies!

(Writer’s comment: My own letter to the then Minister of Industry Canada, the Honorable James Moore, in which I raised this issue, went unanswered!)

·       Funding for independent studies in North America on cell phone radiation dried up in the 1990s, meaning that since then virtually all studies have been done by Industry!

·       Of necessity, one must look to Asia and Europe to find meaningful non-industry studies of RF EMR!

·       The supposed ‘safe’ Exposure Limits established by the corrupt US M-I-C applies only to brief acute exposures of not more than six (6) minutes duration or, in the case of Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, for just 30 minutes!

·       All ‘safety’ studies done by North American governments and/or industry to date typically have been of relatively short duration (less than, say, five years); whereas the latency period for diseases such as cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc. varies anywhere from 10 to 30 years or more. Therefore, industry’s ‘short-term studies’ are in fact dangerous because they hide the truth. But this enables corrupt government officials and industry to use the term: ‘weight of evidence,’ rather than the more meaningful ‘quality of evidence’ to support their position that non-thermal EMF/EMR is not harmful to humans!

·       Neither the USA nor Canada has ever imposed the ‘Precautionary Principle’ in an effort to protect the public’s health or safety – not once! This is not only inconceivable and unforgivable but it is criminal and very telling!

·       Unbelievably, both the USA and Canada put the onus on the public to prove – beyond a shadow of doubt – that EMFs / EMR are hazardous to one’s health!

·       Indefensibly, both the USA and Canada refuse to heed the many thousands of peer-reviewed studies from scientists around the world, or the 2300 U.S. Navy studies, or the findings of the USA’s Richmond Conference, or the 30+ years of studies done by Russian and Eastern-bloc countries, all of which conclude overwhelmingly that non-thermal EMR is hazardous to humans and all living things!

·       Nor will the USA or Canada recognize or admit that there exists a condition known around the world as ‘electro-hypersensitivity’ or ‘EHS’. First identified in 1932, EHS is now recognized by many countries and affects millions of people globally who simply cannot tolerate any form of EMFs / EMR. The severity of EHS can vary from being slightly debilitating to where it is completely disabling! It is no longer uncommon to hear of people in various countries who had to flee their homes and were forced to sleep in their vehicles in an attempt to escape the radiation!

The Complicity, Collusion and Corruption Are Palpable and Sickening!

It is most disturbing and extremely upsetting to see the unbelievably cozy if not downright incestuous relationships that exist between current and former Health Canada EMF / EMR scientists (Maria Stuchly, Daniel Krewski, Michael Repacholi, James McNamee, Art Thansandote, Pascale Bellier, etc.), BC Cancer Agency’s Mary McBride (who was exposed by CTV), Exponent’s William Bailey (who, in addition to being a key ‘product defence scientist’ for electric utilities, is a key member of the U.S. Military-dominated ICES SC3 and SC4; it was he to whom Repacholi, in 2005, sent a draft copy of the proposed ELF EMF ‘safe’ Exposure Limits asking for his comment!), ICES’ Ken Foster, John Moulder, Joe Elder, Mays Swicord, Richard Tell, etc., Sweden’s conflicted Anders Ahlbom and Maria Feychting (she is the current Vice Chair of ICNIRP and, along with Kheifets, previously worked for/with Repacholi), UCLA’s Leeka Kheifets (a long-time ICNIRP member), the U.K.’s Anthony Swerdlow, an ICNIRP board member, head of epidemiology at the Institute of Cancer Research, Chairman of the ‘Independent’ Advisory Group to Britain’s Health Protection Agency, and he and his wife are both said to be major investors in several large British telecom companies! (See Attachments for additional information.)


Mainstream News Media’s Silence

One needs to realize that today’s “Mother of all Crimes” could not possibly happen were it not for the cooperation mainstream news media promised to David Rockefeller in the early 1960s. It is this same despicable media silence that continues to cause all of mankind to be victims today of what truly amounts to: 1. A crime against humanity; 2. A violation of every person’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms; and, 3) A violation of the Nuremberg Code!

A personal note before closing. After 26+ years’ service in the Royal Canadian Navy, which became an element of the Canadian Armed Forces, I immediately commenced my 2nd career as a management consultant. In time my client list grew to include a number of very large, international resource-based companies, who had major operations and/or projects in many foreign countries. For this reason, I bought my first Blackberry mobile phone when that technology became available – naively believing that all technology on the market had been tested by Health Canada and found to be safe for people to use. Also naively, I had wireless routers (both in my office and at home), cordless phones (in both locations), a laptop computer – wireless of course – microwave ovens (in both locations), in-floor electric radiant heat in my various homes, Bluetooth phone systems and heated seats in my vehicles and, of course, I was surrounded by neighbours who had their own ever-expanding assortment of very attractive wireless products.

I had always been known as a fitness buff and a life-long runner, so I and those who knew me were shocked when my life suddenly fell apart in the fall of 2016! Some 20-25 years after I had started using all of my wireless toys, I was diagnosed with a particularly virulent form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma! It very nearly took my life! Within a very short time my weight dropped from 175 lbs down to less than 130 lbs! But Fate was kind to me and has enabled me to now look back and say that I was extraordinarily lucky! I had an excellent medical doctor and an oncologist who prescribed just the ‘right’ brew of chemotherapy for me when I needed it. My real saviour, though, was my wife, who toiled tirelessly over me for months on end. She simply refused to give up on me. In the spring of 2017 I was finally declared cured of cancer, and I have been slowly mending ever since. But I can never – and will never – forgive those misguided and/or corrupt individuals who were responsible for causing my cancer and for changing my life forever!

In summary, for the past 11 years (except when I was near death fighting cancer) I have been researching, writing and speaking out publicly on all aspects of this whole preposterous, unthinkably evil wireless debacle, which now literally threatens all life on earth! It is simply impossible for me to comprehend that so-called democratic governments – all of them: federal, provincial and municipal – could possibly be so inept, so incompetent, so timid, deaf, blind and dumb, as they have been and still are, to enable greedy, uncaring and unconscionably corrupt industries (i.e. electric utilities and telecom companies) to literally CAUSE unsuspecting and defenseless human beings – like me – to fall victim to life-threatening diseases such as brain tumors, brain cancer, thyroid cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, leukemia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, suicides, Sudden-Infant-Death-Syndrome (SIDS), miscarriages, asthma, depression, etc., all for the sake of money! People who can treat others so cavalierly, so cruelly, with such disdain, as if they are worthless, are themselves sub-humans lacking any decency or a conscience!

But these hopelessly twisted people are not yet finished; they have more in store for us, the poor unsuspecting and defenseless public. The corrupt U.S. FCC has recently authorized the launching of at least 20,000 orbiting satellites, all of which will irradiate every inch of space on earth with broadband Internet – using new, untested and unproven “5G” microwave frequencies! Meanwhile, here on earth, equally greedy, corrupt and uncaring telecom companies are racing to unleash their own “5G” microcell towers (each of which can contain literally hundreds of tiny antennae). Their microcell towers will be mounted on top of existing street lights or telephone poles and spaced apart not more than every 10th home! When operational, these forests of land-based “5G” networks are intended to saturate every community with a plethora of untested, unproven new microwave frequencies! The telecom industry claims this will enable them to usher in what they call ‘smart cities,’ the Internet of Things (“IoT”), “driverless vehicles” etc. Between the 20,000+ satellites and what will be some unimaginable number of microcell towers all spewing their invisible, silent, odorless and tasteless radiation on every inhabited region on earth, man does not have a chance! No person and no living thing will be able to escape or hide from this cruel, sick, inhuman attack on humanity! Industry and governments have gone absolutely mad and, unless sanity can somehow be found, somewhere, and quickly, man’s days on this planet are numbered! Who needs to worry about possible wars with Russia, China, North Korea, etc.? Beyond a doubt, this is the Mother of all Crimes!

J.G. Flynn, Captain (Retired)

James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn’s BIO

Retired Canadian Armed Forces captain (promoted up through the ranks). Spent 22 of 26+ years’ service in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Electronic Warfare (EW) and Radio Warfare (RW). Career highlights included:

·       Two years in National Defense Headquarters (NDHQ), Ottawa, in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare (DEW) as the Staff Officer EW for Canada’s only army EW unit.

·       Visits to the U.S. Pentagon and, separately, to Fort Bragg, N.C.

·       Two years as the Executive (2-i/c) and Operations Officer at an ultra-sensitive radio station directly employing 200+ specially-trained radio operators & technicians.

·       Conducted EW operations at sea on Royal Canadian Navy warships with allied navies.

·       Participated in a large NATO army EW field exercise in Germany.

·       Completed a lengthy NATO army EW officers’ course in Italy.

·       Spent eight years in Canada’s far north including six years in the high Arctic.







Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“An activist is someone who cannot help but fight for something. That person is not usually motivated by a need for power, or money, or fame, but in fact driven slightly mad by some injustice, some cruelty, some unfairness – So much so that he or she is compelled by some moral engine to act to make it better.”  – Eve Ensler




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