2019-02-21 Further evidence that health authorities are failing to do their jobs

1) A county in Oregon has passed an ordinance to protect people from having to accept a smeter merely because they cannot afford to pay the opt out fee. Many people in BC were forced to have a smeter for this very reason, even those with health problems and doctors’ letters that say they should not be exposed to EMR. Some had to make the hard choice between feeding their families and protecting their health and safety.

Pacific Power Responds to Jo Co’s Newly Adopted Smart Meter Ordinance 

“Last week, Josephine County implemented its ordinance intending to shield residents who refuse to accept Pacific Power’s smart meter installation from any fees that might cause “economic hardship.” On Monday, the utility company responded, beseeching residents to keep up on their bills regardless of the uncertain landscape.” 


Pacific Power is contesting this ordinance, insisting that people continue to pay the extortion fees. It is up to the Oregon Public Utility Commission to decide what happens next. In many respects Pacific Power is being as heavy handed as BC Hydro, but people who can afford it can have the smeter removed after it has been installed. In BC we have no such luxury of choice.

Pacific Power will keep charging smart meter opt-out tariffs

The smart meter rollout in Josephine County was met with concern from community members. Some of them took an issue with alleged radiation emissions, others were worried about privacy.

Pacific Power said the effects of electromagnetic radiation are minimal, and the benefits of the meters will be great for the community overall. However, some people don’t think the tradeoff is worth it, and they’re taking issue with the company’s fees if they choose not to install one, calling the “opt-out” charge akin to extortion.”


2) Below is a stream of emails that include 2 excellent letters from one of our members with details and questions, and one short non-responsive letter from the Public Health Officer’s department in BC. This typifies the arrogance and indifference that we have experienced from every level of our government.  Well thought out letters, written with care and filled with accurate information are ignored by Health Canada as well as the provincial health officers, both Dr. Perry Kendall and Dr. Bonnie Henry. If responses are provided by one of their minions, there is seldom any accurate, true information. Instead they provide platitudes that reference Safety Code 6 and misinformation such as “experts” say there is no reason for concern. It’s time we call these people out, just as Marcus has below. They are guilty of willful neglect and are failing to do their jobs.

Please write to your MLA, to Premier Horgan, to Attorney General Eby to the media (https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/contact/), perhaps The Tyee (https://thetyee.ca/About/Contact/ ) which is a news outlet that is willing to tackle the truth.



Please read from the bottom up.

From: Marcus Schluschen  (name given with permission)

Sent: February 20, 2019

To: Claire.Trevena.MLA@leg.bc.ca

Cc: david.eby.MLA@leg.bc.ca ; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca

Subject: Public Health Scandal


Dear Minister Trevena,

Once again, the Ministry of Health refused to answer any of my questions from past letters.  Arrogantly, public servants such as Tim Lambert, have not once answered ANY specific questions, not once!  These same questions were raised by many other concerned citizens, who like me, were denied answers again and again.

Such scandalous discourtesy of public servants towards concerned British Columbians is a disgrace, and a complete disregard of duty to serve, putting the Ministry of Health in disrepute.

When the BC Ministry of Health chooses to stoically ignore mountains of international EMR research, by world renown experts, professors of universities, medical associations and heads of hospitals, it speaks volumes of their close corporate ties to the telecom industry.

TELUS for example, who “donated” millions of dollars to BC hospitals, is venerated, while patients pay a horrendous price in compromised health.

Non-ionizing radiation, the biologically active by product of the telecom industry, was clearly identified as a ‘possible human carcinogen’ by the IARC/WHO in 2011.

The recent US Government, 10 year NTP study, raised alarms among the 300 scientists who were present when the disturbing results were released.

Even the eminent Canadian cancer researcher and long time WHO advisor, Dr. Anthony Miller, is now DEMANDING a re-classification to the highest human cancer classification.

Shortly after the NTP publication, Italy released the results of their independent, 10 year, EMR study, by the internationally renown Ramazzini Institute.  Their research, conducted well below any international radiation safety guideline, and far below Canadian radiation standards, (which ranks among the worlds least protective), revealed a multitude of serious adverse health effects!

As a result of Canada’s industry friendly guideline, Canadian children are exposed to far higher radiation levels in schools, homes and most disturbingly, even in BC’s hospitals.  BC’s health departments are playing with fire, without informed public consent!

As a result of this long term research:  In 2019, an Italian court orders the Italian government to launch an awareness campaign, to advise the public of the health risks from mobile and cordless phones.

In a breaking news report on the court decision, Stefano Bertone who is helping represent APPLE, stated: “This case has important implications not only for Italy, but worldwide.  At the moment, health and safety information is contained – or, I should say, buried – in cell phone manuals.  This is not good enough.  If it was, the court would have agreed with the government that sufficient information is already available.”

Over twenty countries have explicit health advisories for the public to lower their radiation exposure, but not BC.

Instead, Mr. Lambert speaks of: their experts declare that all is safe, while in reality, BC has no experts in this specialized field of science.  Clearly, Mr. Lambert has stepped over the line with deliberate public misinformation, not based on recent long term medical research.

I have access to a leaked email exchange, between two high ranking, senior B.C  health officials, which clearly illustrates that neither of them are experts in the field of EMR research.  It would be most damaging to the credibility of these individuals and the ministry, should the public get wind of this.

Mr. Lambert also chooses to withhold the information from the pubic, that Dr. James McNamee from Health Canada, admitted grudgingly before a Quebec Superior Court, that Canada’s Safety Code 6 is based on thermal/heating effects only, while biological effects are not addressed.

When public servants willfully withhold important information, and deliberately mislead the public, they are in violation of their duties as public servants.

Public health officials have a duty to inform themselves of the latest science, which appears is not the case in this province.

Despite having received mountains of science information on EMR, by deeply concerned British Columbians, BC’s public health officials lag far behind the world in medical knowledge, refusing to read the latest peer reviewed papers on the dangers of 24/7 electromagnetic radiation, while displaying a reckless disregard for the lives and safety of the public, they are supposed to serve. 

Such scandalous acts by BC’s health officials, is defined as: ‘criminal negligence’, and is considered an offense under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Criminal negligence – Criminal Code of Canada

  • 219 (1) Every one is criminally negligent who (a) in doing anything, or (b) in omitting to do anything that it is his duty to do, shows wanton or reckless disregard for the lives or safety of other persons.
This NDP government has an obligation to the future and safety of coming generations, while the public has a right to know of any potential health hazards, imposed on them, without informed consent.
I am in contact with many British Columbians who were treated in the same arrogant and repugnant manner, by Mr. Lambert and other officials of BC’s Ministry of Health. Will it require a court decision, like in Italy, before the Ministry of Health takes their duties and obligations towards the public seriously?
Below this email you find my questions which, to this day, remain unanswered by the Ministry.
Mrs. Trevena, as my MLA I ask you to bring this act of scandalous delinquency by public servants, and other health officials, to the Legislature as an official public complaint.


Kind regards,

Marcus Schluschen


From: Population and Public Health HLTH:EX

Sent: January 25, 2019

To:  Marcus Schluschen

Subject: Ministry of Health Response – 1127813


Dear Mr. Schluschen,

This letter is in response to the emails you sent to Tamara Mitchell on December 19, 2018 and January 8th, 9th and 21st of 2019.

Your emails raise questions regarding the scientific process that is followed to establish exposure guidelines for radiation emitting devices. Health Canada administers the Radiation Emitting Devices Act which governs the sale, lease, and importation of radiation emitting devices. The agency has a mandate to carry out research into possible human effects, monitor scientific literature, and develop recommended human health exposure guidelines. Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 sets out recommended limits for safe human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF). Safety Code 6 is designed to protect all age groups, including children, on a continuous basis and considers cumulative exposure to electromagnetic fields. Additionally, all installed broadcast and telecommunication antennas and transmitters are subject to Industry Canada requirements regarding techniques to evaluate radio frequency exposure compliance. Health Canada recognizes that safety limits need to be periodically reviewed to reflect the most up-to-date science (https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/environmental-workplace-health/consultations/limits-human-exposure-radiofrequency-electromagnetic-energy-frequency-range-3-300.html). 

You may be interested in the Government of Canada’s consultation on the release of the 5G network and you may want to contact Science and Economic Development Canada to learn more or offer your feedback (http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/smt-gst.nsf/eng/sf11298.html).

As you are aware, in British Columbia, the BC Centre for Disease Control also provides information regarding the human health effects of electro-magnetic exposures. This information can be found at http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/health-your-environment/electro-magnetic-exposures. The Ministry relies on the scientific expertise provided by federal and provincial agencies to develop the best informed policy decisions to protect public health.

Mr. Schluschen, I sympathize with the health effects you have described in your emails. Unfortunately, there is no additional information that the Ministry can provide at this time with regards to EMF. As a result, please consider this the Ministry’s last response on the topic of EMF.


Tim Lambert, PhD

Executive Director

Health Protection Branch

Population and Public Health


From: Marcus Schluschen
Sent: January 21, 2019
To: Henry, Bonnie HLTH:EX <Bonnie.Henry@gov.bc.ca>; Health, HLTH HLTH:EX <HLTH.Health@gov.bc.ca>
Cc: Minister, EDUC EDUC:EX <EDUC.Minister@gov.bc.ca>; OfficeofthePremier, Office PREM:EX <Premier@gov.bc.ca>
Subject: 1127813 Schluschen 6th incoming – EMF causing harm – letter from YOUR university


Re: Biological harm from EMF – info from YOUR own university

Dear Dr. Henry,

Shortly after your appointment to BC’s Provincial Health Officer, I emailed information to you, regarding the health risk associated with radiation exposure, from Wi-Fi, cell towers, smart meters, etc., which remained unanswered as of today. My email contained links of the latest peer reviewed EMF research, of hundreds of scientists, which proved without a doubt, that pulsed, radio frequency radiation is detrimental to life, for humans, animals and plants.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, made this shocking statement on the biological effects of EMF exposure, well below allowable limits, including Canada’s Code 6: “The evidence is irrefutable!”

The Ministry of Health, Premier Horgan, as well as your office, received mountains of letters from concerned citizens, parents, and EMF refugees, providing the latest peer reviewed research, on the adverse health effects of 24/7 EMF radiation exposure. People have pleaded in vain for the protection of the health of their children and families, while this supposedly “democratic” government chose to do absolutely nothing. Meaningless form letters was all anyone received, while their questions remained unanswered, demonstrating this governments disconcerting disregard of science, while protecting the vested interests of industry.

From your former university:

Since your specialty is in Family & Preventive Medicine, this letter should be of great interest for you and senior staff at BC Health.

Prof. Beatrice Alexandra Golomb, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, University of California – San Diego School of Medicine


A letter to California, Governor Brown, by Prof. Golomb MD, PhD, who teaches Family and Preventive Medicine, at the University of California, San Diego, . Since you earned your degree in Family and Preventive Medicine, at this university, I am certain that you will appreciate the medical information, Dr. Golomb provided to Governor Brown. Beside excellent information on health, this letter also contains 360 science references.

Dr. Golomb’s impressive CV: http://cnl.salk.edu/~bgolomb/

Prof. Golomb states, that radiofrequency intolerance is not an isolated health problem, limited to a handful of people, but is turning into a global public health crisis.

Example of EMF refugee, Dr. Golomb is talking about:

For for 10 years, my wife suffers from EMF radiofrequency intolerance, which lately climbed to new heights, due to the explosion of unchecked wireless technology. No place is free from microwave radiation; hospitals, medical clinics, public spaces, schools, stores, restaurants, hotels, public transport, theatres and even city parks. There is no safe place anywhere that is not polluted by electro smog radiation, making it impossible for sensitive people like her to participate in the pleasures of life as we used to. We moved twice to get away from the toxic RF exposure from cell towers and public Wi-Fi, which is omnipresent, and measurable in every home.

Let me remind you and the ministry, that no BC resident signed up to participate in this massive, illegal, biological experiment!

Where are the growing numbers of EMF intolerant refugees suppose to go, when in need of medical attention?

Where should they go, when even hospitals are saturated with cell tower and Wi-Fi, electro-smog radiation pollution?

Where is the science that proofs, that continuous WiFi exposure is safe for children in schools, and 24/7 radiation exposure of sick children hospitals? There is none!

Conduct your own test:

Please check out: Shaw Wi-Fi map, to give you at least a partial understanding on how communities have become over saturated with electro-smog pollution. Keep in mind, this map only shows Shaw’s commercial WiFi routers! Not shown are; TELUS Wi-Fi routers, cell towers by various companies, nor the massive BC Hydro smart meter grid infrastructure, nor WiFi or cordless DECT phones in private residences and businesses. Also not shown are vehicles, loaded with GPS, Bluetooth, and radar anti collision technologies. All produce agonizing biological effects, for my wife!

Purchase an RF meter:

If you have never tested this overwhelming presence of radiation pollution in our environment, for yourself, you can purchase one of the RF meters, which are readily available on the internet. E.g. the new Cornet ED 88T PLUS meter is compact, and offers remarkably advanced technology, at low cost.

Violation of human rights:

To add insult to injury, smart meters, which emit bursts of bio-active radiation thousands of times a day, were forced on the public, without informed public consent, in complete violation of human rights. The public is allowed to be deceived by BC Hydro and their unscrupulous agents.

Our supposedly democratic government has chosen not to exercise the political will to reverse the smart meter fiasco, left behind by the Liberal Government, while BC Health responds with meaningless form letters, claiming science consensus of safety, while in reality, this statement is far from the truth, taken from the playbook of the tobacco lobby.

  1. When 247 EMF experts from 41 nations, launch an International Scientists Appeal, against wireless radiation exposure, there is no “scientific consensus”!
  2. When thousands of physicians signed The International Doctors Appeal 2012, there is no “scientific consensus”!
  3. When entire medical organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, issued warnings regarding RFR exposure, there is no “scientific consensus”!
  4. When the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, issues repeated warnings, regarding RFR exposure, there is no “scientific consensus”!

Non consensual exposure:

To expose children in schools and hospitals without informed consent of parents, will result in a flood of future litigations, as those who are entrusted with public health have failed in their duty to protect the public, despite overwhelming scientific evidence of harm.

Insurance industry giants, Lloyds’s of London, and insurance underwriter, Swiss-Re, informed all members of the insurance industry, of the immense financial risk of EMF exposure, that no insurance company is willing to take.

The BC Cancer Agency

Are you aware, that BC Hydro, TELUS and Glentel (Rogers), have made multi million dollar donations to The BC Cancer Agency, and BC hospitals?

Are you aware, that Premier Horgan thanked Telus for their generous donations, to the province’s “connectivity and telecommunications” industry?

Do you know that CEO, Dr. Max Copes from The BC Cancer Agency received $561,000 in salary, while they celebrate volunteers, working for free, to raise money?

Do you know that $75,000 a year of his $561,000 salary was coming from donations, such as Telus, to the BC Cancer Foundation, the fundraising arm of the organization?

How can any health agency maintain their scientific objective, in light of receiving millions of dollars in donations from corporations, whose products were classified a 2B Carcinogen, by the WHO in 2011, and are on the brink of being reclassified, to a known cancer causing agent?

Would multimillion dollar donations from tobacco giants, such as Phillip Morris, be acceptable to the BC Cancer Agency and hospitals?

Does Short-term Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation Affect the Blood?    Yes it does!  https://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/does-short-term-exposure-to-cell-phone-radiation-affect-the-blood/  “Most RBCs are misshapen rather than round. Many RBCs show spiky projections on the surface, which are abnormal, spiculed RBCs called echinocytes.”

A similar study was conducted involving hundreds of students in Germany, under supervision of a medical doctor, which earned this group a science award. Students were asked not to use any phone in the morning, prior to their experiment. After a 90 second mobile phone call, their blood took on the same undesirable rouleaux formation as shown in the study of Dr. Beverly Rubik, and it took more than 2 hours to return back to normal. The most shocking revelation came, when they tested the blood of students who did not use the cell phone, but who sat 6 feet away from the mobile phone user, during the 90 second phone call. Their blood analysis revealed the almost identical misformation of blood cells as those who used the cell phone.

The attending physician commented that this undesirable aggregation of the blood cells, has the potential to cause a stroke!

Suggestion to expand medical knowledge: Since most of B.C. medical staff is lacking even the basic knowledge regarding of the dangers of EMF exposure, would it not be prudent for the Ministry of Health to hold an educational seminar on this subject, for doctors and nurses?

The Austrian EMF Guideline, of the Austrian Medical Association, speaks of misdiagnosis of patients, by physicians who are not trained in the field of EMF sciences.

Dr. Riina Bray, Director at the Environmental Health Clinic, at the Woman’s College Hospital in Toronto would be an excellent choice, as she is well versed regarding this subject, as she treated people with electro hypersensitivity for years. She also held credit courses at a university level.

Dr. Anthony Miller, from the University of Toronto would also be an excellent choice, because of his vast experience in cancer research.

Dr. Joel M. Moskowitz, Director at the Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley can provide you with the latest science information and guidance.


  1. Who are the EMF experts, BC Health is referring to?
  2. Which peer reviewed EMF papers have they published?
  3. Which peer reviewed EMF research have they reviewed? So far BC Health has produced nothing, despite numerous requests by concerned citizens to obtain this information!

As BC’s Provincial Health Officer, I do hope that you will take the time to educate yourself and others, regarding this very important subject.

The courtesy of your reply would be appreciated. Please be so kind and spare me the governments ‘opinions’ which are not based in science.

Kind regards,

Marcus Schluschen

Carlos Sosa MD, also became an EMF refugee, as mentioned in Dr. Golomb’s letter. Before he contracted EMF intolerance, he was a surgeon in a large hospital.

He admitted: “To my great shame, we used to laugh behind peoples back, when they told us of their electro hyper-sensitivity!”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

The single most exciting thing you encounter in government is competence, because it’s so rare.    ~ Daniel Patrick  Moynihan

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