2019-02-17 Rafe Mair and Will McMartin warned about Liberals and BC Hydro

1) An excellent piece in an Oregon newspaper.  Why is it that our newspapers have refused to publish similar articles that many of us have written about smeters’ radiation, or radiation-emitting devices, safety, privacy, etc.? Perhaps it’s time to dig some of those great letters out, update them where needed, and re-submit.

How safe is microwave technology?

“In 2015, the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University published an article entitled, “Captured Agency: How the FCC is Dominated By The Industries It Presumably Regulates.” This article describes the ongoing revolving door between the wireless industry and government. Sadly, here in Oregon the Public Utilities Commission continues to repeat outdated FCC guidelines, while ignoring thousands of current studies bringing these guidelines into serious question.

The wireless industry has taken extraordinary measures to convince us that its devices are safe; see The Nation magazine article, “How the Wireless Industry Convinced Us That Microwave Is Safe.” The wireless industry is second only to the pharmaceutical industry in terms of spending lobbying/campaign dollars to influence legislators. They have also used their financial clout to convince environmental groups that microwave radiation is “green” energy, but with so many unanswered questions, this claim is highly uncertain.”


2)   We all know that smeters are capable of gathering data down to a very detailed and personal level. Utilities want this data for many reasons, and some have suggested that the reason for the smeters is to obtain our data, which is extremely valuable.  In this article, the author suggests that the data can be gathered in aggregate and not by individual, which could result in usage of it in ways that could save money while protecting privacy.

NH electric customers should demand their data

“In the digital age, each of us must be a zealous guardian of the personal information that the gadgets and systems around us are constantly gathering.  Information at 15-minute intervals about your householder electricity usage is probably not as sensitive as your medical records are.

But it is sensitive enough.  Your electric meter knows when you are sleeping.  It knows when you’re awake.  It knows if you’ve been bad or good (e.g., whether you’ve been using a big light array to grow marijuana in the basement)…

In Massachusetts, so-called municipal aggregation – entire towns taking advantage of the right to choose a non-utility supplier of electricity – has been key in securing to customers the benefits of electric industry restructuring Left to their individual devices (literally), customers have not fared well under retail electric choice, according to studies conducted for my counterparts in both Massachusetts and Connecticut.  In contrast, participants in municipal aggregation programs have saved money, thus securing to residents of those towns the benefits of industry restructuring for which all customers have paid dearly via stranded cost charges.”


 3) The horrors summarized in the report on BC Hydro last week were prophesied by very wise men whose articles were published by The Tyee nearly a decade ago. In addition to warning about the IPP contracts, Will McMartin also warned about the smeter program that was lining the pockets of Liberals and their friend. Please see his articles written in 2011. Here is one:

https://www.facebook.com/bchydro/posts/first-to-profit-from-1-billion-smart-meter-program-liberal-insidersfirm-winning-/10151548567056410/    or  


More can be found easily by searching for “Will McMartin Smart Meters”:





So that New Report on the Huge Private Energy Rip-off of BC Ratepayers?

“It’s all that Rafe Mair and Will McMartin warned here years ago.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”    ~  Edmund Burke or John Stuart Mill…

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