2019-02-07 Huawei’s growing threat

1) A good summary of an important Bill that has been put forward by a couple of brave politicians in the USA in an effort to limit FCC trampling of state and local rights to promote 5G.

Congresswomen Eshoo and Speier Introduce HR 530 to Block FCC Cell Tower Preemption

“In a courageous move to preserve local government control, Federal bill HR 530 was introduced January 14, 2019 in the House of Representatives by California Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, to invalidate the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) September 26, 2018 ruling to accelerate the deployment of 5G small cells throughout the U.S.  Congresswoman Jackie Speier has co-sponsored the bill.  Representative Eshoo stated the FCC had failed to listen to reasonable input from communities across the country, cowered to industry interests, and failed to put the public interests first.” In a January 15, 2019 press statement Eshoo added,  “Having served in local government for a decade on the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, I understand and respect the important role that state and local governments play in protecting the welfare of their residents,”” 


2)   “Huawei’s involvement in Canada’s 5G network would pose a threat to our privacy and the fundamentals of our democracy, writes Ivy Li.”

Huawei, a risk that Canadians definitely can’t afford: Ivy Li for Inside Policy 

“Scott Jones, head of our Cyber Security Centre, who once said Huawei would not be a threat has now admitted that our safeguards from Huawei equipment is only applicable to 4G and LTE . It means our government won’t be able to protect Canadians from the following harms if Huawei is in our 5G:… 

5G is considered the foundation for realizing the full potential of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) because it could be 100 times faster than 4G in connectivity, has very low latency, and ubiquitous coverage. When 5G is fully rolled out, it will be in our phones, computers, office devices, home appliances, cars, neighbourhoods, shopping malls, public services, government agencies, etc. No Canadian who wants a “normal” life could opt out from the 5G system. If Huawei equipment is used in Canada’s 5G networks, we will be stuck in our everyday lives with the CCP. We will be giving an authoritarian regime the power to keep track of our government and our daily lives, to spy on what we have said and done in our own country.” 


3) Chinese hackers have attacked many companies and governments. The most recent attack occurred in Norway. Nothing seems to be secure yet we are opening our infrastructure to Huawei via cell phones, modems, microcells, and the very infrastructure of our grids.

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China’s “Operation Cloudhopper” Infiltrated Norwegian Software Firm 

“Operation Cloudhopper, as it’s called, is one of the most extensive Chinese hacking campaigns ever exposed. The DOJ has already brought charges against some of the hackers allegedly responsible (though it’s unlikely they will ever see the inside of a US courtroom or jail cell). During Cloudhopper’s heyday, the MSS-affiliated hacking group known only as “ATP10” (Advanced Persistent Threat 10), infiltrated storied US firms including IBM and HP. .. 

According to a report issued by a private security firm, ATP 10 first accessed Visma’s network by using a stolen set of login credentials. As global security officials unravel the true extent of operation Cloudhopper, we imagine these revelations won’t exactly assuage US fears’ that China has no intentions of stopping its campaign to steal trade secrets by any means necessary, as the DOJ indictment against Huawei recently showed.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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