2019-02-06 Another Glioblastoma victim – Former MP dead at age 56

1) Another victim of glioblastoma [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/brain-cancer/],the brain cancer directly associated with cell phone usage, former MP Paul Dewar died at age 56 [see 2) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2018-06-13-a-retired-mp-is-another-glioblastoma-victim/]. This is the same cancer that has killed many people, including US. Senators John McCain and Ed Kennedy, Gord Downie.  Health Canada and the cancer societies refuse to acknowledge the many studies, especially the NTP and Ramazzini studies, which confirm that exposure to levels of exposure mere fractions of those allowed by Safety Code 6 is can cause this horrible brain cancer.  Why?  Bias? Conflicts of interest? What other possible reason could there be?  Too bad that this brave man who spoke out on many topics didn’t speak out about this. 

Politician, advocate, husband and father Paul Dewar succumbs to brain cancer 

“Former MP went public with glioblastoma diagnosis in June 2018. 

When former Ottawa Centre MP Paul Dewar was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer early in 2018, he was given some straightforward advice: Face death and walk back into life.

Dewar, who died at 5:15 a.m. Wednesday, did both, with all the dignity and purpose he could muster.

According to a statement from his family issued Wednesday, Dewar was with his wife, Julia Sneyd, and sons Nathaniel and Jordan when he died.

He was 56 years old.



2) Dr. Olle Johansson expresses some reserved optimism that things are changing, ever so gradually, with pressure about the dangers of EMR, and that some actions are being taken – although many more are needed.

Associate Professor: “Is the ‘Electrosmog’ Finally Clearing?” 

‘The industry is pressing on for 5G, and further future versions of the same. But the road to success is suddenly not as smooth as it used to be, the small pebbles – in the form of critical scientists, medical doctors, technicians, inventors, entrepreneurs, campaigners and activists – have grown in size and are now together forming a counterforce that may awake also the most techno-prone, naive politicians and civil servants.’


3)   In the UK the smeter’s ability to gather data of a personal nature, not required for billing, is being exploited to see if it could be used to help people with dementia who are in their homes. It sounds like a very helpful tool, but this confirms the fact that the smeters are capable of gathering data of this sort, contrary to what BC Hydro and other utilities admit.  What else can they tell about us?

NHS using smart meters to monitor people with dementia 

““Smart meters send the energy report usage in real time back to your energy suppliers. What we are hoping to do is exploit that data, to spot behavioural trends in people with dementia; we are looking at how we can apply machine learning techniques for analysing smart meter data.”… 

The monitoring system doesn’t require direct interaction from the patient. Instead, data is captured on habits and routines of individuals through their interactions with everyday electrical devices.


 4)   The Iowa Utility Board has rejected application to charge $15 per month to opt out of smeters, saying meter reading costs already were included in rates. Also, people can keep their analogs, at least for now.

Alliant loses bid to charge customers who reject smart meters

“Alliant Energy lost a controversial bid to charge Iowa customers who decline to have smart meters used to track their electric use.

The Iowa Utilities Board Wednesday rejected Alliant’s request to charge a $15 monthly fee to customers who want to opt out of the utility’s smart meters.

The board directed Alliant to file a revised request that allows customers to opt out of smart meters without charging them fees. Alliant already charges customers for meter-reading services in its current rates, the board said.



From: X

To: Office PREM:EX OfficeofthePremier <premier@gov.bc.ca>, Weaver.MLA, Andrew <andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca>

Date: Feb 2, 2019
Subject: There is a better, less expensive way to provide power to BC. Nix BC Hydro


Why is this government giving free rein to BC Hydro which fights transparency to its shareholders in the courts, bullies customers to take smart meters and charges outrageous fees, when there is a much less expensive and superior alternative?

This is a far better and much more futuristic business model.  BC Hydro is an expensive dinosaur!

As more and more people are using solar power and going off grid, San Diego Gas and Electric, a major utility in So. Calif., is looking to stop selling electricity.  Community Choice Aggregations (CCAs), as I understand it, would allow local control over the power produced and sold via solar panels, etc.  This seems to be in recognition of the death spiral for utility companies and seems to be similar to what Dr. Timothy Schoechle has recommended. It could allow local control and also protect the users from the misuse/hacking of the grid.

Why SDG&E wants to get out of the business of buying electricity

With California’s grid going through dramatic changes, San Diego Gas & Electric has approached the Legislature in Sacramento with a proposal that, at least at first blush, sounds pretty radical — it wants to get out of the business of buying and selling electricity.

CCAs have sprung up across California in recent years, boasting they offer customers cleaner sources of power at roughly equal or sometimes even lower prices than traditional utilities.

Under the CCA model, local governments purchase the power…

Throw in the increasing numbers of customers getting their power from rooftop solar panels and private electric re-sellers called Direct Access providers — not to mention large industrial customers buying power directly from renewable generators — and SDG&E and other investor-owned utilities anticipate steep erosion of their customer base.




From: “Petrina Gregson” (name given with permission)
To: newsroom@clearwatertimes.com
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2019 12:10:39 PM
Subject: BC Hydro

Dear Editor;

Over the years I have kept track of the amount I have paid in extortion fees mandated by BC Hydro in order to prevent my power from being cut. To date I have overpaid $1533.15. This amount is purely the extortion fees charged for a) keeping my “legacy meter” which was my ‘choice’ , and b) the “radio-off” meter, when BC Hydro confiscated my analog meter.

Now of course, we are being diddled with a “Customer Crisis Fund Charge”, ostensibly to help those who can’t afford to pay their ever-increasing hydro bills due to the cost of the “smart” meter program.  My bill reflects “Taxes on Electricity Charges”, yet BC Hydro sees fit to collect tax even on the extortion fees ($20/monthly) and “Customer Crisis Fund”, though they are obviously not electrical charges.

There is no accounting for where all these gratuitous fees accumulate (multiply that by all the disgruntled customers who have lost their analog meters.)  It seems BC Hydro is accountable to no one.  Seems there is no other option than to go off grid . . .which, sadly, isn’t a viable option for most of us.

Wonder what happened to the powers of BCUC, which was designed to monitor the honesty and efficiency of BC Hydro?

‘Disillusioned with Democracy’

P.  Gregson


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”      ~ Albert Einstein



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