2019-01-20 Chinese companies like Huawei could put cities at risk

1)  I haven’t heard a thing since our fed. govt said it would consider reviewing Huawei’s involvement in the development and maintenance of the 5G infrastructure and the potential for interference by China via Huawei.  It seems as if no one is willing to risk alienating such a strong telecom with such deep tentacles into our utilities. Experts are now warning that more than our utilities are at risk. With IoT and more “smart” connections, just about every aspect of our lives is a potential target.

Please send this to your MP and MLAs, urging them to take action to remove the transmitters being installed outside our homes. Huawei makes them, installs them, is involved in the pilot projects and probably will do maintenance.  Complete control over our data, the level of radiation to which we are exposed, and to our infrastructure.

China could ‘weaponise cities’ if it controlled 5G networks, retired US general says

“China’s desire to dominate new wireless technology poses a global threat that should be thwarted by a new, secure network, according to a former official in the Donald Trump administration whose call for an enlarged US government role caused an uproar last year.

China will gain a capability for mayhem and mass surveillance if it dominates advanced 5G networks that link billions of devices, retired air force Brigadier General Robert Spalding said in a memo obtained by Bloomberg News.

“The more connected we are, and 5G will make us the most connected by far, the more vulnerable we become,” Spalding, who left the National Security Council last year, said in the memo.”



This person and his group in Iowa are presenting significant info to the PUC about the costs of smeters and the savings that never are realized.

From: Einar Olsen
Sent: January 18, 2019 2:15 PM
To: customer@iub.iowa.gov
Cc: consumer@ag.iowa.gov
Subject: Objection to IPL AMI: Virginia Rejects Smart Meters (Cost)

Objection to Alliant Energy AMI Proposal

My Objection #33

Docket SPU-2018-0007

Einar Olsen


Virginia has just become the 5th state to reject AMI installation, preceded by CT, MA, NM, and KY. All five states reasoned on the same grounds: insufficient or no cost benefit for customers. 

My wife Mary Cathryn and I urge the Iowa Utility Board to consider this: that utility company cost benefit estimates are not working out, not being met. Every cost benefit analysis that I have been able to find shows insufficient or no cost benefit, either because the initial AMI proposal does not evidence any cost benefit (often because they are too vague), or because the cost benefit predictions are not felt to be realistic. 

One of the primary reasons is that cost benefit from the AMI smart grid are to a great extent based upon customers changing their usage habits and patterns, based on feedback from AMI meters. This usage change is not taking place. I am not aware of one instance of AMI implementation in which customer usage habits have begun to change enough to give realistic optimism that cost benefit would result in a reasonable period of time. 

Dozens of documents have been sent to you referencing the above statements specifically, with links to those cost benefit analyses. 

Alliant claims “faster outage reporting.” There is no evidence from any jurisdiction that this has actually taken place. I have already sent you the only study I could find, showing no increase in service restoration after outage, in an AMI system. 

For this reason, my wife and many of our friends and associates hope you will consider a three year moratorium on AMI installation. 

Alliant’s very large expenditure of millions of dollars prior to approval appears to me to possibly be a strategic (political) move to create pressure to allow their proposal (‘we’ve already spent the money and installed the meters, so it would not be cost beneficial to stop at this point’) . If so, irresponsible or politically motivated expenditure like this should be seen through and resisted, on the basis of governmental integrity and representation of customer benefit, founded in the Iowa constitution. State government should not be a cooperating partner of such tactics, if that be a main (if not expressed) reason for the unapproved expenditure. 

Thank you very much for your attention and consideration. 


Einar Olsen


Virginia utility regulators Thursday rejected most of Dominion Energy’s $6 billion proposal to modernize its electrical grid, stating that the cost to customers was too high. …

The stumbling block for the commissioners was the total $5.07 billion cost for installing smart meters, adding other “intelligent” technology, and replacing and rebuilding parts of the grid to decrease outage duration and reduce restoration time. Costs for the first phase would be $1.34 billion.







Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Any one who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.”    ~ Voltaire 



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