2018-12-26 – A reminder of John Horgan’s concerns about smeters before he became Premier.

1)    In November Cindy Russell of Physicians For Safe Technology presented a webinar for the United Educators of San Francisco on technology in schools

The subject areas covered in the webinar include:

  • A review of the United Educators of San Francisco Resolution on Technology Safety that addresses wireless radiation
  • A review of the scientific evidence on health effects of wireless radiation.
  • Recommendations for schools on how they can reduce radiofrequency radiation exposures.
  • Examples of actions and reports by teacher unions in North America to protect students and staff.
  • International and and US policy that addresses radiofrequency radiation and works to reduce exposures.
  • Examples of schools banning cell phones in classrooms.
  • Examples of schools and governments banning Wi-Fi in classrooms.
  • Published resources and recommended videos to learn more.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7RUeC6zUjg   (70 min.)


2)  In 2011 many of us presented arguments to our local Councils against the mandatory installation of smeters on our homes According to the BC public health act, local government has the responsibility for ensuring the health of the public. As a result of this effort, we got more than 60 (I believe the final number was closer to 70) [http://citizensforsafetechnology.co/smart-meter-moratorium-opt-out-list-of-communities-so-far/] Councils to pass a moratorium on the program until the smeters were proven to be safe. In Sept 2011 this resolution was passed by the Union of BC Municipalities, with the help of John Horgan. I met with John many times during this period and he spoke out against the strong-armed approach. In fact I know that he helped get this resolution passed – I was there all week long and John kept me informed about his conversations with others inside the convention hall..  Please take a look at this YouTube, especially min. 18-21, and see how John felt about this “corporatocracy”.  Perhaps he needs to be reminded that he once shared our concerns about smeters.  What happened?




UBCM 2011 Resolutions (p.176/181) – https://www.ubcm.ca/assets/Resolutions~and~Policy/Resolutions/2012-04-04%20UBCM%20Resolutions_Final.pdf#search=%22smart%20meter%20moratorium%22]


3)  A tribute to the founder of Mast-Victims.org who died a few days ago after fighting for years to raise public awareness about the dangers cell towers and their radiation pose. Agnes will be missed by many.

Agnes Ingvarsdottir

She lost the battle against microwave radiation sickness and finally, cancer.

Despite her health problems, Agnes brought people together for the cause. She tracked down EHS sufferers, EMF activists, scientists and researchers and made sure people got connected across the world.”



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Subject: Huawei, cont

Canada is the only one of the English language countries to still use this company. Wake up folks! Without power this country is pretty cold in winter! Might they retaliate against us for holding their CEO?

“Cybersecurity experts have identified smeters as one of the most (if not THE most) vulnerable part of the electrical grid, the entry point for hackers or attacks.  Former CIA Director James Woolsey describe it as a dumb meter, and warned that an attack on the grid would result in our returning to the “dark ages” for months or even years. This article explains how easy it would be to use the smeters to attack and bring down the grid.

How to Hack a Smart Meter and Kill the Grid

 “… a programmer working for a meter manufacturer could write code which would cause tens of millions of meters to switch off a certain time. If a quarter of domestic smart meters turned off together, you could be looking at an instantaneous demand change of up to 15%, an order of magnitude greater than the 1% Saleh thinks will kill the grid. That is something that no electricity grid has been designed for. There is a reason that military planners target power stations – removing electricity cripples a nation for years, as we’ve seen in Iraq. That makes the grid a very interesting target for any malicious state actor.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Courage my friends; ’tis never too late to build a better world.” (Tommy Douglas)


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