2018-12-19 Reporter fired for expressing concern re. 5G

1)  Isn’t it surprising that while industry pushes its new technology, like smeters or 5G, no criticism or honest debate is allowed. If these things are so good, why must they lie about them?  This is the question one writer for an industry mag, PC Magazine, asked and was fired as a consequence.  Here is his article, written in August 2018, in which he asked good questions which, obviously, is not tolerated.

John Dvorak: The Problem With 5G 

“The technology might be the problem, but even worse for the companies behind it is the perception that 5G is already unsafe before they even get it on a single pole.

If you read the barrage of scary literature about 5G mobile phone technology, specifically the use of millimeter wave frequencies to transmit data, you must conclude that it is a bad bet.

I’m not saying this because the technology does not work. It’s a bad bet because so little is known about the effects of millimeter waves (30GHz-300GHz). While these frequencies only permeate a small fraction of the human epidermis (the skin), the effect on the cornea, in particular, needs serious research.”


 John Dvorak: 5G Got Me Fired 

“In fact, my column was more reporting than opinion as I was reflecting on all the bad press 5G was getting from every corner. My conclusion was that, unless this stopped, 5G would never get off the ground. I never once considered that expunging my column then firing me would be part of this process. I’ve asked the editors about this and got no replies.

This is a cautionary tale. Anyone writing for any publisher in today’s commercial market, where the managed advertorial and native ad seems to be the only way to make money, needs to be cautious.

More importantly today’s readers need to be a little more than cautious when believing anything.”


 2)  Cindy Sage re. new paper about some of the many problems faced by new 5G technology use of millimeter frequencies which calls for a new safety standards. The research team explains how thermal heating caused by short pulses can cause permanent damage to tissues.

Compliance Problems for 5G rollout detailed in new technical paper

• “The paper says is that permanent tissue damage from heating may occur even after short exposures to 5G millimeter wave pulse trains (where repetitive pulses can cause rapid, localized heating).

It says there is an urgent need for new thermal safety standards to address the kind of health risks possible with this new technology.”



From: Linda Armstrong  (name given with permission)

I would like to share with you my response to  Andrew Weaver, our BC Green Party Leader’s comment via your concern about environmental pollution caused by RF and the health of future generations exposed to this “smog”.

“1)  Today I received an email from Andrew Weaver,  BC Green Party Leader, who is asking for help fight climate change – for the sake of future generations. I support this entirely, but I also am concerned about environmental pollution caused by RF and the health of future generations exposed to this “smog”.  This, too, is a “global catastrophe” that they will face.

Weaver, when asked by his constituents to help fight smeters because of the RF emitted, stated with certainty that there is no evidence of harm and said that “as a scientist” (a climatologist) he KNEW that non-ionizing radiation was just fine, no reason to worry.  This certainty about something that is outside the realm of his experience and education indicates a closed mind.  Now is the time, IMHO, to ask if his concern for future generations is limited to climate change.”

= = =

Dear Andrew,

As leader of the Green Party, I see you as in a deeply responsible position of representing the most credible authentic resent research published re: Electromagnetic Radiation/Fields and effects on both our global environment and the totality of its inhabitants.  Your statement made, in the letter included below, directed as a response to Sharon Noble’s concern – “that there is no evidence of harm; that “as a scientist” (a climatologist) you KNOW that non-ionizing radiation is just fine, no reason to worry”- is So FAR from the truth it is shocking.

Please understand these microwave frequencies being used presently  and continuously world wide- are now classified as a “Carcinogen” by the World Health Organization. Please please please understand the dire implications of this continuous unrelenting exposure- on our children’s minds and bodies and in FACT to every organism alive on this planet today.  This is not my opinion…please hear ALL the voices stated in the Emergency Appeal that has been signed by organizations and citizens around the globe.  This is the BIGGEST DEAL we are facing today and YES it IS affecting our CLIMATE.. TOXIC electromagnetic Pollution.

Thank you for your attention to this message…please do not drop the Ball, now that it has been thrown your way…we are depending on the “ Green Party” and your voice to make a difference.

Most Sincerely

Linda Armstrong

An Emergency Appeal to the World’s Governments by Scientists, Doctors and Environmental Organizations


Well informed Interview with founder Michael Blanshan



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”   Ben Franklin

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