2018-12-15 Potentially a dangerous precedent has been set with smeters and Hydro

1)   A member shared a letter from the Fed. Minister of Infrastructure congratulating one community for participating in the “smart city” program. It  seems the feds are asking each participant to help design propaganda to encourage others to join, and with which to “sell” the concept to the public, by making their proposed projects “replicable and scalable” for communities of all sizes.  How clever to get others to get the ideas, develop the plan and then hand off to the feds to use.   Comments from the member from this community, with recommendation to get involved and find out what is going on at your council about any plan to become a “EMR everywhere” city.

“Noticed in my municipality’s agenda package for the next meeting a letter from the feds telling them they are a finalist in the smart cities challenge (attached)Isn’t Smart city code for more EMR everywhere?

I assume a number of other municipalities received a similar letter and everyone should check their council’s next meeting agenda.

Can’t find what the local Smart Cities Challenge submission (does not appear to be part of the publicly available information) was  but knowing the mayor’s ‘EMR is good for you philosophy’ we can be certain it will  be emr focused.

If you can do what you can to challenge your municipality receiving any funds to create a emr enhanced Smart city money.” 

The “challenge” goal and challenge statement.

“This Challenge will empower communities across the country to address local issues their residents face through new partnerships, using a smart cities approach.

A smart cities approach means achieving meaningful outcomes for residents through the use of data and connected technology. This approach can be adopted by any community, big or small.’ 


Info on the “challenge” is available and it appears that the deadline for the final proposal is in March 2019.


2)   If smeters are so great, why is the truth being hidden about the problems?  There is a consistent effort, in every jurisdiction, in every country, to silence any voice that questions the need or identifies reasons for concern. This from Oregon. 

Smart meter coverage is one sided 

“I have been very dismayed at the one sided coverage of Pacific Power’s roll out of smart meters in Coos County. The articles in the World have been very pro smart meters giving very little voice to the many of us who strongly oppose being forced to have these invasive computers attached to our homes…

Hearing from the power companies about how safe these meters are is like listening to doctors in the 1950s saying cigarette smoking is good for you, asbestos is safe, and thalidomide is good for morning sickness.”


 3)  An excellent article about smeters, the frequencies they use, the zigbee chip which is the second transmitter in each ITRON – which Hydro could force us to activate given the precedent that  has been set. What if Hydro gets approval by fabricating some benefits, reduction in usage, etc. and the govt says all zigbee chips must be activated on all homes?  Since Hydro was allowed to threaten us, lie to us, bully us, and cut off power if we refused to have a smeter on our home, why couldn’t they do the same thing if we refuse to allow them to activate the zigbee chip?  This transmitter would gather highly valuable data from all “smart” appliances and electronics which would be transmitted via the other transmitter to Hydro or any other company that wants it.  Not only would our privacy be non-existent, but the radiation level of our homes would make them uninhabitable for many, and highly dangerous for many more.

Biological Impacts of Smart Meters

 “While the use of cordless phones, cell phones, baby monitors and other wireless devices is voluntary and intermittent, the presence and proximity of smart meters to living beings is not.  Moreover, the radio frequency radiation of SMs is of higher intensity than that of other wireless devices.  Most consumer electronics are not only FCC Part 15 type-accepted, all of them must be UL approved… 

Telemetry associated with the Smart Grid & Smart Meters is not under your control nor does it transmit only occasionally.  Smart meters ongoingly transmit in short bursts 24/7.  Depending on one’s position in the neighborhood mesh network the meter(s) around you may be relaying the readings of dozens of families for blocks around, making your exposure much greater than if your home or workplace were at the outer perimeter of your neighborhood data collection area.  Smart Meter data in Worcester is sent to National Grid over WiMax repeaters.  These use frequencies similar to WiFi but are much stronger being intended for point-to-point links of much greater distance than WiFi.”




Sharon Noble

“We’ve arranged a society based on science and technology in which nobody understands *anything* about science and technology.

And this combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or later is going to blow up in our faces.”     Carl Sagan, 1996


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