2018-12-07 – New study shows potential harm from milliwave exposure

1)  Below in Letters is an email from Dr. Ron Kostoff in which he refers to a new study, just published, that confirms the potential harm from thermal effects of 5G on the surface of the body. (I did not append the emails to which he referred. They are in the Oct. 19, 2018 update).

[2) & Letters – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2018-10-19-milliwave-technology-5g-must-be-stopped/]

As experts have warned, the milliwave frequencies that will be used by 5G devices are believed to be too short to penetrate as deeply as the longer waves used by 2G, 3G and 4G (G=generation), but the few studies that have been done show that the skin and eyes are especially vulnerable. The entire report does not seem to be available for free yet, but here is the abstract which warns, as hundreds of experts conclude, that current exposure guidelines are inadequate.

Systematic Derivation of Safety Limits for Time-Varying 5G Radiofrequency Exposure Based on Analytical Models and Thermal Dose

“The results also show that the peak-to-average ratio of 1,000 tolerated by the International Council on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection guidelines may lead to permanent tissue damage after even short exposures, highlighting the importance of revisiting existing exposure guidelines.”


2)  At least, finally, after many months and many warnings about Huawei, the government is reviewing” the issue.  Meanwhile Telus continues to install microcells with Huawei’s transmitters and to allow Huawei access to our infrastructure.

Huawei is ‘growing astronomically’ despite allegations it spies for China 

“Some Canadian security experts have warned Canada about doing business with Huawei, one of the world’s biggest telecommunications firms. Ward Elcock, a former CSIS director and deputy minister of national defence, told  As It Happens host Carol Off in March that he believes the company is “essentially under the control of the Chinese government.”

“It is hard for me to believe that a company such as Huawei would not do the bidding of the Chinese government and would not build traps, back doors into its technology on behalf of the Chinese government,” he said…

On Wednesday, British phone carrier BT said it was removing Huawei equipment from the core of its existing 3G and 4G mobile phone networks and would not use their equipment for its planned 5G mobile network.

Canada, so far, has resisted those concerns expressed by the U.S. and security officials. But the government has said it is conducting a national-security review to determine whether Canada should join other Five Eyes partners in banning Huawei from some projects, the Globe and Mail reported.  Five Eyes refers to an intelligence sharing arrangement between Canada, the U.S., U.K., Australia and New Zealand.

Huawei’s equipment is used in telecommunications infrastructure run by the country’s major cellphone carriers. The company has struck up partnerships with Canadian universities. BCE and Telus are partnering with Huawei to help roll out their 5G networks.”


3)  Below is an EHS “tip” sheet from the City of Peterborough, Ontario with suggestions on how to make meeting rooms safer for those who are sensitive. No doubt this was done with the help of Dr. Magda Havas who lives there.  Other cities should be so willing to accommodate those who cannot be, or do not wish to be, exposed to microwave radiation.



For those who missed the 13 minute YouTube to which Ron refers, here is the link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHhUch5GgtY

From: Kostoff, Ronald N
Sent: Friday, December 7, 2018 12:27 PM
To: Kostoff, Ronald N
Subject: Re: The Insect Inspector Report … a must see video!!!!!!

From: Ron Kostoff

To: BCC Distribution/CC Distribution

Subject: Thermal Effects of Pulsed RFR on Biological Systems

On 18 October 2018, I distributed the appended email(s).  They addressed thermal effects of RFR on biological systems.  The emails were in response to a video I had received on disappearance of insects, especially in the vicinity of cell towers.

The basis of my comments was a study I had published in 1983 on thermal stresses in fusion reactor ‘blankets’ resulting from pulsed fusion systems [1].  Among other effects, these ‘blankets’ convert the energy of the neutrons resulting from the fusion reactions into heat, which is then used as a heat cycle boiler for power generation purposes.  While the specific subject matter of my fusion study was far different from thermal effects on insects, nevertheless, there was much similarity in the basic thermal phenomena.

For the pulsed systems discussed, there are three time scales of interest: the width of the energy pulse, the time between pulses, and the time constant of the material impacted by the energy.  For the fusion system, while the time constant of the material was relatively fixed, the time scales of the pulse width and time between pulses could vary all over the map.  Normalized quantities of interest for the myriad fusion concepts examined varied over twelve orders of magnitude!  The same three time scales of interest are applicable to RFR interactions with biological systems.

This morning, I was made aware of a December 2018 publication in Health Physics [2] describing potential thermal impacts on skin resulting from 5G RFR.  I would recommend anyone interested in the details of this problem examine the article.

The focus of Ref [2] is on temperature increases resulting from the short RFR pulses, and the possibility for potential damage.  However, I didn’t see thermal stresses from these ultra-short pulses addressed.

My belief is that both temperature increases and thermal stresses might be important in causing damage.  In engineering systems, chronic stress fluctuations eventually cause thermal fatigue, resulting in premature system failure.  I would expect something conceptually similar in biological systems.  In such a case, temperature fluctuations might not have to be too high in order to result in serious system breakdown/damage. 

Thus, even pre-5G RFR, with deeper body penetration and larger volume for energy deposition relative to 5G RFR, might be adequate to result in serious damage.  If we add in the demonstrated adverse effects of athermal RFR on biological systems, we have a potential synergy of thermal and athermal effects from the RFR far greater than the effects of each component in isolation.  Further addition of the myriad toxic stimuli to which we are exposed in daily life will exacerbate the adverse health effects of these toxic combinations [3].



[1] Kostoff RN.  Neutron Multiplier Thermal Stresses in Pure Fusion and Fusion-Fission Reactor Blankets.  Res Mechanica.  9.  1-34.  1983.

[2] Neufeld E, Kuster N.  Systematic Derivation of Safety Limits for Time-Varying 5G Radiofrequency Exposure Based on Analytical Models and Thermal Dose.   HEALTH PHYSICS.  115:6.  705-711.  2018.

[3] Kostoff RN. Effects of Toxic Stimuli Combinations on Determination of Exposure Limits. Georgia Institute of Technology. 2018. PDF. http://hdl.handle.net/1853/59719


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