2018-12-04 – Attorney General ignores ITRON’s illegal use of smeters

1)   People in Iowa are benefitting from the experience of those of us who have fought smeters for many years.The utility companies continue their “stealth” installations and failure to provide accurate and honest info to their customers or the Public Utility Commissions.

Smart meters not so ‘smart’

“I learned from testimony at an Iowa Utilities Board hearing that smart meters will pulse EMR (electromagnetic radiation) into our homes up to 11,000 transmits per week, not 42 per week as stated on the Alliant website. Other sources of EMR include microwave ovens, cellphones and Wi-Fi, which we can use at our discretion. Not so with smart meters.”


2) Below, in Letters, is the response to my follow up to the AG’s office first non-response to my complaint about ITRON’s illegal intentions.  The AG’s office continues to ignore the major point of my complaint and, instead, addresses something I did not include – use of my personal data. Neither am I asking for personal legal advice.  This is both most irregular and infuriating. Why won’t the AG look into the actions that I and many of you have brought to his attention?  I am still considering my next step but, in the meantime, I thought you deserve to know that the AG, just as the rest of this government, is refusing to act on our behalf.

3)  Lloyd Burrell is organizing another “summit” in which he will discuss various topics with 34 people, many of whom are experts in fields relevant to our concerns.  You can register for free at the link below.

Are Cell Phones, Wifi, and Other Common Electronic Devices Poisoning Your Environment, Harming Your children, and Causing a Long List of Serious Diseases Including Cancer? 




From: AG LSB CSD Mail AG:EX [mailto:AGLSBCSDMail@gov.bc.ca]
Sent: November 28, 2018 4:21 PM
To: ‘dsnoble@shaw.ca’ <dsnoble@shaw.ca>
Cc: Minister, EMPR EMPR:EX <EMPR.Minister@gov.bc.ca>
Subject: Your email of November 12, 2018

Ms. Sharon Noble

Email:  dsnoble@shaw.ca

Dear Ms. Noble:

Your email of November 12, 2018, received by Assistant Deputy Attorney General Mr. James N. Harvey, has been referred to me for response on his behalf.

I note your ongoing concerns regarding issues related to the smart meter program.   The Personal Information Protection Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act apply to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in British Columbia.  As I informed you in my emails of April 13 and May 6, 2016, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner – which is independent of government – monitors and enforces these Acts.   If you have concerns in relation to the potential use of your personal information, you may direct your concerns to that office.

As Mr. Harvey explained in his November 5, 2018 email, the role of the Attorney General does not extend to providing legal advice to members of the public.

Thank you for your correspondence, but we will not be replying to future correspondence on this matter from you.


Kathryn Chapman

Barrister and Solicitor on behalf of

James N. Harvey,  Assistant Deputy Attorney General

pc:  The Honourable Michelle Mungall


From: X
Sent: November 28, 2018 12:38 PM
To: AG.Minister@gov.bc.ca
Subject: Illegal Use of Smart Meters

Mr. Attorney General

Is it your job to protect British Columbians from illegal activities perpetrated against us?

If not, what is your job?

If so, why have you not taken action to protect British Columbians from collection of private information on British Columbians without our consent for the purposes of data gathering for corporate profit?  I am referring to the publicly stated intentions of Itron and the BC Hydro smart meter program.

Is it not your job to be certain that the activities of BC Hydro do not violate the rights and the privacy of British Columbians?

I look forward to your response.  If it is a form letter with no substance or meaningful answer to my questions, the NDP will never get my vote again.  This is a very serious issue which must be addressed immediately.



Sharon Noble

Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


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