2018-12-01 & 02 – Electromagnetic pulse warning from US military


A long-time Coalition supporter and the person responsible for transferring enhanced updates to the Coalition website, among many other things, is retiring from the role, after many years.  Linda has been a wonderful friend, workmate, organizer, researcher – a key person who has helped me so much.  Because there is no one (yet) to take up the work of putting the updates on the website, I will be attempting to do it in a very simplified version. Patience please because I am not the detailed, organized person Linda is. Thank you so much, Linda.

 1)  In St. Albert, Alberta, people have had their water turned off for refusing a “stupid” water meter.  The city is being sued – so the practice has been suspended for now. An essential service cut because people want to protect their health and their right to choose.

City suspends water shut-offs

Some residents against smart meter installation

“Residents who do not want a smart water meter installed in their home are safe from having their water supply cut off – for now.

 Cory Sinclair, spokesperson for the City of St. Albert said through an email the city is stopping its practice of shutting off water services to residents who refuse to have a new smart water meter installed, until the outcome of a court case that is set for a hearing next year.

 “We will not be taking steps to enforce installation of smart water meters at the premises of residents who do not currently have smart meters and choose not to book a time for an install,” Sinclair stated.”


2)  A major report warns that an electromagnetic pulse attack could destroy the essential grids that run a country, causing chaos.  The experts have been warning that precautionary steps must be taken to prevent such an attack

Military Warns EMP Attack Could Wipe Out America, Democracy, World Order


3)  A good, very-easy-to-watch youtube that covers the whole range of topics re. EMR from the Russian zapping of the US Moscow embassy, to low sperm count, to shielding your entire home. Please share with those you care about who need to be educated.

Wireless Warfare Exposed. Includes ways to protect your family.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9bdU_uw2Dc 1hr 15 min.

4 )  “There are videos available of the Public Forum we held in Tucson, Arizona on November 17 entitled 5th Generation Wireless: Technological Revolution or Pandora’s Box.

Each video features one of the speaker presentations, including Dr. Martin Pall, Dr. Tim Schoechle and Eric Windheim

We cosponsored this event with the Pima County 5G Awareness Coalition.  I hope that these videos are useful in helping to getting the word out about our common concerns.

Best wishes,

Elizabeth  Kelley

Executive Director

Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Inc.



From: Janis Hoffmann  (name given with permission)
Sent: December 2, 2018 1:29 PM
To: tim.singer@canada.ca; Ginette.PetitpasTaylor@parl.gc.ca
Cc: Bill.Casey@parl.gc.ca; Marilyn.Gladu@parl.gc.ca; Davies, Don <Don.Davies@parl.gc.ca>; Ramez.Ayoub@parl.gc.ca; Doug.Eyolfson@parl.gc.ca; Raj.Grewal@parl.gc.ca; Lobb, Ben <Ben.Lobb@parl.gc.ca>; Ron.Mckinnon@parl.gc.ca; John.Oliver@parl.gc.ca; Sonia.Sidhu@parl.gc.ca; Len.Webber@parl.gc.ca; Trudeau, Justin <justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca>
Subject: The Greatest Health Scandal of our time will be the use of Wi-Fi devices in schools!

Dear Mr. Tim Singer,

The Honourable Ginette Pettitpas Taylor, Minister of Health, has been unable to provide parents with ONE peer reviewed study stating the safety of Wi-Fi safety in our schools and has instead relied on Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 exposure “guidelines.”

But on February 20, 2013, James McNamee, scientist for Health Canada, admitted in the Superior Court of Quebec, that the Safety Code 6 guideline for microwave radiation emitting from wireless technology is based ONLY on thermal effects, heating of the skin. This means Canada does not have any regulations in place to protect the public from long-term exposure to the biological effects of the “non-thermal” levels of microwave radiation. http://www.magdahavas.com/health-canada-admits-safety-code-6-guideline-for-microwave-radiation-is-based-only-on-thermal-effects/

Your statement suggesting Health Canada scientists continually monitor the scientific research on human health effects of RF energy is misleading the public.

There are over 26,000 peer reviewed scientific studies on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation https://www.emf-portal.org/en and yet Health Canada’s summary of studies consist of 19 studies ranging from 1983 before the World Health Organization declare RF as a 2B carcinogen in 2011, to 2012, then jumping to 2016.


Health Canada has announced their support for a 2016 study by James McNamee, et al., done in 2012, where mice were exposed for 4 hours over 5 days and concluded no evidence of harm, claiming it was the most comprehensive study of its type ever done. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27028625

This seems like a blatant attempt to maintain that their research supersedes that of the National Toxicology Program and Ramazzini studies, and holds more credibility with Health Canada.  How does this even compare to a child attending school where mandatory exposure is 6 hours, 5 days a week, for a full year? No one has any idea what the levels of microwave radiation per classroom is when 25 children are downloading on cell phones, laptops and other wireless devices under industrial strength Wi-Fi transmitters.  And let us not forget to include the wireless audio systems operating on another frequency and wireless white boards with overhead projectors that have been installed in every classroom.

You have failed to mention the 10-year Ramaazzini Study that supported the findings of the US NTP study. Ronald Melnick PhD, formerly the Senior NIH toxicologist who led the design of the NTP study on cell phone radiation now a Senior Science Advisor to Environmental Health Trust (EHT) stated, “All of the exposures used in the Ramazzini study were below the US FCC limits. These are permissible exposures according the FCC.  In other words, a person can legally be exposed to this level of radiation. Yet cancers occurred in these animals at these legally permitted levels. The Ramazzini findings are consistent with the NTP study demonstrating these effects are a reproducible finding.”

The US National Toxicology Program Expert Panel concluded that there is “Clear Evidence of Carcinogenic Activity” and the association of cancer in the heart and brain and cell phone radiation.  This is serious health and safety matter that will cause permanent damage to thousands of children in all our public schools. Currently it is mandatory that all children will be exposed RF Microwave Radiation  with no way to shield themselves from this full body radiation, much like the rats used in these studies.

A Canadian cancer specialist who testified before the Parliamentary Committee says Philpott’s failure to acknowledge the Committee’s findings is dangerous.  “We are already seeing increases in Glioblastoma, the most aggressive form of brain cancer,” said Dr. Anthony Miller, a cancer epidemiologist with the University of Toronto, who has been an advisor to the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

“This type brain cancer has been directly connected to cell phone use,” he said, referring to the findings of a $25 million US government study released in June.


It is disgraceful that this vital information, which provides justification for implementation of some guidelines and the Precautionary Principle, is hidden from the public.  When did our government decide that the profits from the wireless industry superseded the health and well being of our next generation?

Governments have allowed this technology to pervade our lives saying it did not have proof it could harm us. We now have evidence from the latest Canadian Interphone study data that found a statistically significant doubling of risk for glioma among cell phone users with only 558 lifetime hours of use.  How long will it take a teenager to amass 558 hours of cell phone use? – Dr. Devra Davis, President and founder of Environmental Health Trust



By refusing to implement the Precautionary Principal and ignoring the growing body of “clear evidence” of cancer, the mandatory exposure in our schools may ultimately be responsible for the greatest health scandal of our time.


Janis Hoffmann


———- Forwarded message ———
From: Singer, Tim (HC/SC) <tim.singer@canada.ca>
Date: Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 5:46 AM
Subject: Re: the use of Wi-Fi devices in schools
To: parentsforsafeschools@gmail.com <parentsforsafeschools@gmail.com>

Dear Ms. Hoffman,

Thank you for your recent email of October 29, 2018, addressed to the Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Health, concerning the use of Wi-Fi devices in schools. The Minister’s office has asked me to provide a detailed response on her behalf.

As mentioned in earlier correspondence, Health Canada develops radiofrequency (RF) exposure guidelines, commonly referred to as Safety Code 6, which is applied by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada in their regulatory standards for radiofrequency devices. Safety Code 6 takes into account all peer-reviewed scientific studies, including recent studies carried out worldwide, and employs a weight-of-evidence approach when evaluating possible health risks from exposure to RF energy.

The exposure limits in Safety Code 6 are set well below the lowest exposure level (threshold) at which any scientifically-established, adverse health effects occur and take into account the total exposure from all sources of RF energy. Health Canada scientists have concluded, on the basis of current scientific data, that the recommended human exposure levels in Safety Code 6 continue to be protective of the health of Canadians.

Health Canada scientists continually monitor the scientific research on human health effects of RF energy. Please be assured that the Department is aware of the work of the United States National Toxicology (NTP) program. We have reviewed the final reports of the Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation studies conducted by NTP which were released on November 1, 2018. In these studies, NTP researchers looked at the effects of exposing rats and mice to extremely high levels of radiofrequency radiation throughout their entire body and lasting for most of their lifetime. The exposure levels in these studies ranged from 1.5 to 10 watts per kilogram of body weight.  These levels are 18 to 125 times higher than the whole body human exposure limit recommended in Safety Code 6. Such exposures are not representative of human exposures from cell phone use.

As advised in previous communications, decisions regarding the implementation of Wi-Fi in schools (provincially regulated) do not fall within Health Canada’s mandate. Consequently, we continue to encourage you to engage your local school board and provincial authority with respect to these concerns.

Health Canada scientists will continue to review the scientific literature related to possible health effects of RF exposures.  If new scientific evidence were to demonstrate that exposure to RF energy below levels found in Safety Code 6 is a concern, the Department would take appropriate action to help protect the health and safety of Canadians.

Again, thank you for writing and I hope that my comments are helpful.

Tim Singer
Director General, Environmental and Radiation Health Sciences Directorate
Health Canada / Government of Canada
tim.singer@canada.ca /
Directeur général, Direction des sciences de la santé environnementale et de la radioprotection
Santé Canada / Gouvernement du Canada



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