2018-09-19 Dr. Kostoff on Automotive Radar

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Dr. Ron Kostoff has written a long email about the RF and EMF in newer cars. To increase the dangers, many cars now have radar for “safety” reasons.  Below Dr. Kostoff’s emails is a response from Dr. Metsis, PhD, an Engineer who is concerned about people who are sensitive not being able to drive. He sent the attached diagrams [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/RF-in-Cars-A-public-health-threat-EMF-presentation-by-Dr.-Theodore-Metsis-2017.pdf] that show the various types of emitters drivers and passengers are being exposed to, warning that 5G will increase the RF. Soon, the increased levels of radiation will threaten human health.

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Dr. Kostoff’s and Dr. Metsis’s emails can be found at:


or   https://tinyurl.com/automotiveradar

Ronald N. Kostoff – http://www.gtmconference.org/pages/globalgood.html

Dr. Kostoff has shared a long report entitled “Modified Health Effects of Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation Combined with Other Agents Reported in the Biomedical Literature”.  He refers to it in his email and it is at this link:


or   https://tinyurl.com/RonKostoff

An excerpt:


Non-ionizing radiation has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, and is expanding rapidly.  One of the least appreciated sources/environments is the cabin of modern-day vehicles.  There are myriad non-ionizing radiation sources originating within the cabin and entering the cabin, and probably the least recognized is automotive radar.  The following discussion addresses only a few aspects of this potentially toxic stimulus.


I’m in the process of looking for a replacement car.  One of the criteria is minimum exposure to RFR and ELF-EMF.  I’ve made some measurements in the cabin of candidate vehicles at power frequencies and cell phone/WiFi RFR frequencies.  Given the commonality of Bluetooth and other RFR sources even in base low-tech models, I have found that RFR readings in the cabin are non-negligible.  Additionally, some ELF measurements I’ve made in one hybrid showed magnetic fields can be high near the driver’s head and even lower body.  I’ve read about other hybrid ELF measurements where highest readings occur at other seating positions, and, over the past decade, have read about non-hybrid (gasoline-only) vehicles where high ELF readings have been recorded.


However, there is another wireless radiation problem that seems to be relatively overlooked.  Many new cars routinely include a suite of ‘safety’ sensors even in the lowest-tech base model.  Many of these sensing devices emit radar.  I don’t know how much of the radar radiation feeds back into the cabin from the sensors installed today.  Hopefully none, but that may depend on the beam spread characteristics.

However, the outward radar beams travel for substantial distances, and can impinge on other cars and pedestrians.  While the metal surrounding the target car should be able to block the impinging radar, the glass will be transparent to many radar frequencies.  I don’t know about penetration/absorption in non-metal composite car structures.

The radar radiation adverse effects problem could be serious.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything on the Web (other than hand-waving) that shows quantitatively how much radar radiation flux could be impinging on car passengers/drivers and pedestrians. Additionally, I haven’t found portable meters that could measure the magnitude of the radar signals at the automotive radar frequencies (~24 GHz and ~77 GHz).  I’m both surprised and appalled at the lack of quantitative information about this potentially serious problem. If anyone can direct me to quantitative studies of automotive radar, and meters that would operate at these frequencies, I would be most appreciative.”



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


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