2018-09-03 A review of work by Russian and Ukrainian researchers, on EMF, including milliwaves

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I happened upon a very interesting document which includes summaries of many Russian and Ukrainian studies on RF, including milliwaves, going back for years. It is long, 33 pages, but there are many valuable results reported. Parts are very technical and can be skipped over, but usually following such a section is a clear wording of the results. Here are just a few samples of this.

There certainly is evidence that, contrary to what many have said, there has been quite a lot of research on milliwaves in the frequencies that are planned for microcells and 5G technology. When Health Canada, our Provincial Health Officer, and the Cancer Societies say there is no evidence of biological effects, please send them this.

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Influence of High-frequency Electromagnetic Radiation at Non-thermal Intensities on the Human Body – http://magdahavas.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/RFR-Russian-Ukrainian-1.pdf
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Influence of High-frequency Electromagnetic Radiation at Non-thermal Intensities on the Human Body
(A review of work by Russian and Ukrainian researchers)

Page 1
Currently we still do not know the specific receptor in humans for perception of extremely high frequency electromagnetic radiation (EHF EMR).  Nevertheless, the presence of sensory reactions has been established during local peripheral exposure of humans to EHF EMR [Andreev, Beliy and Sit’ko, 1985]. At this moment in time, the following can be considered established:


1)  Humans are capable of differentiating reliably between exposure to EHF EMR and a sham exposure;
  2)  Electromagnetic sensitivity in humans is determined by the biotropic characteristics of the EHF EMR: frequency, power, time and place of exposure;


Page 2
Since living organisms have evolved under conditions of low natural background EHF EMR, they lack a ready-made mechanism of evolutionary adaptation to heightened levels of radiation resulting from technogenic factors.


In the 1950s in the USSR, there was development in a new scientific direction — mastery of the millimeter (EHF) portion of the spectrum of coherent electromagnetic oscillations [O.V. Betskiy, 1997].

Page 3
From the beginning of the 1960s in the USSR, a wide range of research was conducted on the health of people  who had contact with EMF on the job. The results of clinical research showed that prolonged contact with EMF in the SHF [Super High Frequencies 3-30GHz] band can lead to development of diseases, the clinical profile of which is determined above all by changes in the functional condition of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. It was proposed to define it as a specific illness — radiowave sickness. This illness can have three syndromes according to the acuteness of the disease:
  • asthenic syndrome;
  • astheno-vegetative syndrome;
• hypothalamic syndrome


Page 6
Experiments conducted by [Rudenko, Kolbun and Tolkach (1989, Kiev)] showed high sensitivity of bacteria to millimeter wave radiation at extremely low power levels. It was established that under the influence of EMR in the millimeter band the adhesive activity of microorganisms decreases significantly, regardless of their species.


Page 7
On the basis of a large volume of research done in the USSR from the 60s to 1990,…reached the following conclusions about the biological effects of millimeter waves (BEF MMW):


1)  They do not depend on the intensity of EMR, starting from the threshold to noticeable heating of tissue.

2) There exist narrow “resonance” bands of EMR frequencies in which BEF are observed.

3) The relative width of these frequency bands is 0.01-1%.

4)  Resonance frequencies stable for the object are found during a definite phase of development.

5)  Irreversible BEF occur only during prolonged or cyclical exposure.

6)  During amplitude or frequency modulation of MMW, bioeffects are maintained or strengthened as the power of reached the following conclusions about the biological effects of millimeter waves (BEF MMW):

7)  The body “remembers” the effect of EMR for a relatively long time.

8)  In some cases, EMR influences sensitivity to other factors (chemicals, ionizing radiation, etc.), and the effects may persist through time.

9) Local irradiation of the body at different frequencies may exert similar BEF.

10) Positive effects of MMW occur within the limits of possible normal functioning of the body.

Table 1 (p.8) – A Few Biological Effects – http://magdahavas.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/RFR-Russian-Ukrainian-1.pdf
Page 11
One of the bioeffects observed when EMR is applied to biologically active points is change in the character of the EEG of the brain. Experimental data show that at certain frequencies, EHF EMR induces activation or depression of a-rhythms in the EEG.


Page 16 
Standards and Normalization of HF EMR
In the USSR, wide research into electromagnetic fields was begun in the 1960s. Much clinical material accumulated on undesirable effects of magnetic and electromagnetic fields, and it was proposed to introduce a new nosological illness,”radiowave sickness” or “chronic injury from microwaves.” Thenceforth work by scholars in  Russia established that, firstly, the human nervous system, especially higher nervous activity, is sensitive to EMF, and, secondly, that EMF possesses a so-called informational action in its effects on humans at intensities below the threshold values of thermal effects. The results of this work were used in the development of normative documents in Russia. As a result, the norms established in Russia were very strict and differed from those in America and Europe by a few orders of magnitude….


[To convert mW/cm2 to uW/cm2, multiply the mW figure by 1000.

The new, reduced Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 figures (2015) are much closer to the USA’s than Russia’s (which has been in place for many years).

30-300 kHz,  0.3-3 MHz, and  3-30 MHz  are not readily available in power density terms.

30-300 MHz             129 uW/cm2

300-6000+MHz        129-1000uW/cm2]

Page 17
As was noted in A Brief Ecological Encyclopedia [Person in Electromagnetic Fields], issued by the Center for Electromagnetic Safety, Institute of Biophysics, the systems most sensitive to EMF are the central nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal and reproductive systems. Groups requiring closer attention are children, pregnant women, people with illnesses of the central nervous, hormonal or cardiovascular systems or with weakened immunity or allergies. They should carefully observe rules of electromagnetic safety in their lifestyles and protect themselves from the influence of EMF.


It is considered that under Russian Sanitary Norms such values of EMF have been adopted as maximum permissible levels for irradiation of the population that in everyday irradiation under conditions characteristic of the given source do not induce illness or divergence from health detectable by modern research methods during the period of irradiation or for periods of time after its cessation in the population, regardless of sex or age….

According to the results of [Miroshnikova], the millimeter and centimeter ranges of radiation have the biggest effect on initiation and development of blood disorders, and the mm range, on diseases of the circulatory system. The risk of developing diseases of the central nervous system increases under exposure to decimeter waves. Data on development of psychic disturbances [Orlova et al.] under EMR exposure show effects ranging from asthenia and changes in mood to nonsensical ideas and aural and visual hallucinations, and disturbances in behavior all the way to attempts at suicide. A connection was noted between EMF exposure and the development of malignant tumors: the likelihood of cancer was three times greater under SHF exposure [Yu.G. Grigoriev]. It can be proposed that the current increase in electromagnetic pollution of the environment exceeds human adaptational capacities.

Table 3 (p.22) – http://magdahavas.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/RFR-Russian-Ukrainian-1.pdf



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