2018-07-24 Russians hacked 100’s of US power companies/electrical grid.

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1)    Kate Kheel and other friends in Massachusetts are asking for our help – ASAP.  I just got this and will ask you to please take a couple of minutes to send emails if you get this tonight The email addresses are in the link, as are suggested talking points.

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– https://www.activistpost.com/2018/03/trump-no-love-5g-cell-towers-everywhere-dr-oz.html


2)    From the director of the great new movie Generation Zapped (view the Official Trailer).

From: Sabine El Gemayel <sabine@generationzapped.com>

Date: July 21 2018

Please consider signing the petition. It’s the letter. I would appreciate you spreading the word. 


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3)    The agencies responsible for setting the guidelines for RF/EMF exposures, like ICNIRP and WHO, are filled with people who are affiliated with the industry. As a consequence, the evidence that microwave radiation and wireless devices are dangerous is being ignored, hidden or denied. Public health officials, like Health Canada, the BC Centre for Disease Control and our provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, because they do not have the expertise or are unwilling to take a stand, hide behind WHO.  This report, written by several major experts, is a plea for precautionary measures to be taken. The evidence is overwhelming and our children and grandchildren will suffer if nothing is done now.


International Perspective on Health Effects of Low Intensity Non-Ionizing Radiation

“There are other significant human health hazards of concern. There is strong animal and human evidence that exposure to RF-EMFs as well as ELF-EMFs reduces fertility in both males (reviewed by McGill and Agarwal, 2014) and females (Roshangar et al., 2014) … There is evidence that isolated human sperm exposed to RF-EMFs are damaged by generation of reactive oxygen species (Agarwal et al., 2009).”

“Exposure to RF-EMFs has been reported to increase neuropsychiatric and behavioural disorders (Johansson et al., 2010; Divan et al., 2012), trigger cardiac rhythm alteration and peripheral arterial pressure instability (Havas, 2013; Saili et al., 2015), induce changes in immune system function (Lyle et al., 1983; Grigoriev et al., 2010; Sannino et al., 2011, 2014) and alter salivary (Augner et al., 2010) and thyroid (Koyu et al., 2005; Mortavazi et al., 2009; Pawlak et al., 2014) function.”

“Children, and especially fetuses, are more vulnerable than adults for most environmental exposures (Sly and Carpenter, 2012) ….

Divan et al. (2008) reported that prenatal and to a lesser degree postnatal exposure to cell phones is associated with emotional and hyperactivity problems in 7-year old children. This finding was confirmed in a second replicative study involving different participants (Divan et al., 2012). Birks et al. (2017) used data from studies in five cohorts from five different countries (83,884 children) and concluded that maternal mobile phone use during pregnancy increased the risk that the child will show hyperactivity and inattention problems. A meta-analysis involving 125,198 children (mean age 14.5 years) reported statistically significant associations between access to and use of portable screen-based media devices (e.g. mobile phones and tablets) and inadequate sleep quality and quantity and excessive daytime sleepiness (Carter et al., 2016)….”…

It is urgent that national and international bodies, particularly the WHO, take this significant public health hazard seriously and make appropriate recommendations for protective measures to reduce exposures. This is especially urgently needed for children and adolescents. It is also important that all parts of society, especially the medical community, educators, and the general public, become informed about the hazards associated with exposure to EMFs and of the steps that can be easily taken to reduce exposure and risk of associated disease.”


4)    The USA security agencies reported that Russian government hackers have been able to get access to the US power grid through hundreds of utility companies. As former CIA director James Woolsey predicted years ago, the next major attack could shut the grid down. This could affect the USA and Canada, for months or longer. Many would die.


DHS: Russian hackers got into control rooms of US utilities

Russian hackers were able to penetrate the control rooms of hundreds of U.S. utilities last year as part of a campaign against power company vendors that could be ongoing, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

Officials with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told the Journal that hackers working for a state-sponsored group known as Dragonfly or Energetic Bear were able to get inside the networks of U.S. utilities to the point that they could have disrupted power service and caused blackouts.

“They got to the point where they could have thrown switches” said Jonathan Homer, chief of industrial control system analysis for DHS.

The department did not disclose which companies were victimized by the hacks but indicated there were hundreds affected by the breach.




Walter Rilkoff, BC Human Rights Tribunal <walter.Rilkoff@gov.bc.ca>

From: Finlay MacPherson  (name given with permission)
Sent: July 23, 2018
To: walter.Rilkoff@gov.bc.ca
Subject: Fwd: Re: No proof B.C. boy’s migraines caused by Wi-Fi, tribunal rules

Dear Mr. Rilkoff,

Your recent decision is shameful considering the many sufferers of EHS.

If your tribunal had actually understood the scientific evidence presented by the Complainant, instead of dismissing it as hearsay, you may have learned how the latest research confirms the damaging effects of non-thermal radiation and the biological effects which include EHS.  Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, essentially written by the wireless industry, only considers reducing heating effects.

Perhaps you should resign in order for a more knowledgeable individual to consider future decisions.

Finlay MacPherson

= = =

Bethany Lindsay <bethany.lindsay@cbc.ca>
Subject: Re: No proof B.C. boy’s migraines caused by Wi-Fi, tribunal rules
Date: 18 Jul 2018
From: Finlay MacPherson
To: bethany.lindsay@cbc.ca


Dear Bethany,

Contrary to your article, there IS  SCIENTIFIC  EVIDENCE linking Wi-Fi to EHS.  In 1971, Dr. Rory Glazer of US Naval Research studied the effects of human exposure to RFR/EMF and confirmed such exposure resulted in a multitude of negative health effects. Thousands of other published peer reviewed scientific studies have also shown such evidence.  The wireless industry, much like the tobacco industry, would have you believe otherwise even though approximately 30 percent of their own research has shown how harmful their “safe” products really are.  Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 does absolutely nothing to protect one from the well proven and damaging non-thermal biological effects of non-ionising radiation (Wi-Fi and similar).  Much of the more recent research, ignored by Health Canada, indicates current exposure guidelines are 7.2 million times higher than “safe” exposures should be.  All insurance underwriters, knowing the true risk, refuse providing any type of EMF liability coverage to the wireless industry and their wireless products.  I could go on, but it is articles such as yours that impede the dissemination of factual knowledge regarding the proven exposure dangers of current wireless technology to all biological life continuing on this planet.  We are all living in an ever increasing and unhealthy bombardment of pulsed microwaves yet, much like the boiling frog, many are unable to realize the danger until too late.  Here is one link you might find  of interest:



Finlay MacPherson



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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