2018-07-21 – Free audio of presentation by Dr. Klinghardt, available until Monday AM

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1)    There is a free viewing weekend of the Candida Summit, July 21-22. Sorry I didn’t know in time for you to have both days. Several people have highly recommended Dr. Klinghardt’s presentation in which he speaks about 5G, among other things. Dr. K. says that in the last 10 years, the incidence of women dying from neurological diseases, like Alzheimer’s, has increased more than 600%, following the increase in EMF in our environment.  He fears for the health and lives of future generations.

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Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD
– http://www.sophiahi.com/meet-the-team/dietrich-klinghardt-md-phd/


2)    In the UK, the medical and scientific community is attacking air pollution which is causing many health problems and causing premature death. But, at the same time, it is ignoring the threats from EMF – because it cannot be seen, smelled or felt (by most people).  The solutions to making homes, schools and workplaces safer are simple but few know about them – in the UK or in North America.


From Dieselgate to Phonegate: We need to wake up to another pollution crisis

As the level of emissions from diesel engines in the UK’s cities and its impact on public health has become clear, the media have recently given serious and widespread coverage to the issue of air pollution. Every Breath We Take, the report published in February 2017 by the Royal College of Physicians and Paediatrics, detailed an alarming array of adverse health effects which lead to up to 40,000 shortened lives in the UK each year. Foetuses, babies and children are particularly vulnerable to diesel fumes and particulates, which can impair lung, heart and neurological development….

Research by other scientific teams suggests that RFR may allow toxins to penetrate the brain by altering the permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB). The authors of one such study note that an “intact BBB is necessary for the protection of potentially harmful substances circulating in the blood. In the normal brain the passage of compounds over the BBB is highly restricted”.

A single 2-hour exposure to mobile-phone radiation can result in increased leakage of the mammalian BBB, while the level of RFR needed to affect the BBB has been shown to be as low as 0.001W/kg, 2,000 times lower than the EU SAR level of 2W/kg. Scientists say BBB leakage points towards neuronal damage and neuro-degeneration…

In the meantime, as a society, we need to promote the use of existing safe, wired alternatives: ethernet cables to connect to the internet, corded landline phones, fibre-optics.   

Anyone concerned about the environment and public health ought to get on board and help bring about a step change in public awareness and government policies. Reducing RF pollution requires responsible, collective action because exposing ourselves, our children and our biosphere to growing levels of RF pollution is not a sustainable practice.   

Annelie Fitzgerald PhD is an academic by training and has spent almost a decade following the research on the health and environmental impacts of wireless radiation and is a campaigner raising awareness of the health and environmental impacts of RF pollution.”


3)      Many excellent letters are being written to the author of the CBC article re the HRT decision. Some are below.  I asked Ms. Lindsay to publish the lawyer’s press release but, so far, I have seen nothing. It appears as if she needs more pressure to publish the facts about EHS and the science that the HRT has ignored.

Press Release – Wi-Fi in Schools – A Human Rights Issue, A Children’s Health Issue by Ros Salvador – July 18, 2018

4)    An excellent series of short YouTubes filled with info. about cell phones, Phonegate, etc.  Please share with friends and family members who are heavy cell phone users.

Are there cell phone health risks?

https://youtu.be/UZJ393hYpvQ   Pt. 1  (5 minutes)

https://youtu.be/PTFIcAHoeu8    Pt. 2  (3:24 minutes)

https://youtu.be/tz69rcgYTCM    Pt. 3  (5:14 minutes)


Bethany Lindsay <bethany.lindsay@cbc.ca>

From: X
Sent: July 20, 2018
To: bethany.lindsay@cbc.ca
Subject: incomplete article

Dear Ms Lindsay,

It was very disappointing to read your article


that had no information about the (literally) thousands of studies that have been done that DON’T support Canada’s Safety Code 6.  Before you write another article, please research beyond Health Canada’s Safety Code 6.  Your article indicates that you don’t know about the limitations to RF exposure in other developed countries.

Do you realize that fire halls in California are exempted from having cell towers on their buildings?  Do you realize that the cell phone industry is trying to keep a cell phone store in Berkeley, California, from putting in print a sign that is contained in warnings inside the phones being bought.  (It looks to me like the industry hopes users won’t look for safety warnings when using their products.)

Do you remember when Health Canada claimed tobacco was safe?  (That may have been before you were born, but yes, they did!)  The powerful tobacco industry paid scientists to prove the safety of their product.  Now, the wireless industry is behind the funding of “research” that proves its safety.  Please check the work of independent scientists and the jurisdictions that have higher standards than North America.

I know that tobacco smoke is most unpleasant, so the public was happy to eventually limit public use of tobacco.  I also know that the convenience of the wireless technology is very attractive.  Nevertheless, there is no reason why schools can’t have the same convenience by using wired technology.  (By the way, I’ve read that using wired technology uses less energy and is not susceptible to hacking as is the wireless technology.)





Diane Girard, CBC Ethics Commissioner <commissioner@cbc.ca>

From: XX
Sent: July 20, 2018
To: bethany.lindsay@cbc.ca
Cc: commissioner@cbc.ca

Subject: Human Rights Tribunal article

Dear Ms Lindsay,

I’m sorry to discover that you have not done your research before commenting on the case; you had a real opportunity to enlighten and inform the public about the true dangers of wi-fi and the inadequacies of Safety Code 6 and Health Canada (a misnomer if ever there was one!)  Granted, I have been researching this and other aspects of EMF for about a decade now and have lost one former colleague and friend due to EMF; but as a reporter/journalist, it behooves you to delve for the facts, not just regurgitate what has been purported to be a fact (a method Health Canada uses). To say there is no scientific evidence linking EMF to the boy’s symptoms shows an appalling lack of knowledge on your part, as you blindly accept the words of a judge who found the evidence ‘too technical’ to understand.

Despite the “power of doubt” that the telecom industry has been endorsing, the truth is gradually emerging (without much help from the press, excepting Newsweek’s recent article on the NTP study) and wi-fi is being removed from schools in some countries (Israel in March, 2014; France in March, 2013. France is also banning cell phones in schools as of September 2018.)

I hope by now you have seen the error of your ways and you will publish a retraction of the mis-statements you have made based upon inadequate information.  It’s not too late to retrieve your career and do some real reporting that will inform and enlighten those in the public who are kept unaware of the true hazards of EMF. For those, like the family of the school boy who is suffering symptoms of EHS, the very least you can do is to issue an apology for the backlash of information you have unleashed upon them.




BC Human Rights Tribunal Decision – EHS : ES from Wi-Fi in Schools – Accommodation?
– http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/no-proof-b-c-boy-s-migraines-caused-by-wi-fi-tribunal-rules-1.4749336

From: XXX
Date: July 21, 2018
To: bethany.lindsay@cbc.ca
Cc: commissioner@CBC.ca

Subject: No proof B.C. boy’s migraines caused by Wi-Fi, tribunal rules

Dear Ms. Lindsay,

Your report about the health effects of Wi-Fi on some people is disappointing to those who suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EMHS) [EHS or ES], mainly because the boy’s family was not given a voice.  This does not reflect well on the CBC’s non-partial journalism abilities.

However; hesitation to acknowledge or even understand the condition is understandable.  Most of my professional life I was what one would call “normal”.  My administrative coordinator position required extensive use of technology.  In 2010 I was exposed to toxic fumes during office renovations, without ventilation.  Following this, my whole health declined severely as I lost my ability to detox efficiently.  Along with many other symptoms I developed sensitivity to Wi-Fi.  But I do remember what my life used to be like, and the mindset with which I viewed the world.  I wouldn’t have believed it either.

I am confident you can locate the relevant research which will point to the overlap of EMHS symptoms with other neurological “wonders” of modern society, like Central Sensitization, Fibromyalgia and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.   I am equally confident the future will bring answers, and we will all look back on today’s technology with some regret.

Please keep an open mind when reporting on these kind of stories.  Just because there is no measurable proof yet, it doesn’t mean people aren’t indeed suffering.  It just means we have not developed adequate technology.

My heart goes out to the young boy and his family.  His life is severely restricted, and his future limited.  His family is desperately trying to help him cope.  As a mother, I would do the same, especially since I can relate to the symptoms and their debilitating effects.

Please give them a voice.

Thank you!



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“When you’re talking about complex issues of technology and regulation, it’s often lost on the public just how badly they’re being screwed.”
~ San Jose Mayor Liccardo 


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