2018-07-17 BC Human Rights Tribunal’s shameful decision

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As scientists have predicted, with the increase of EMR in our environment through the ever-increasing use of wireless devices at home, schools, work, even in parks, more and more people have become sensitive. The symptoms vary and many people are not aware that it is exposure to microwave radiation that is the cause. It is only by eliminating every other health problem and by, eventually, realizing that symptoms disappear when the cause disappears that the connection is made.

Sensitive people are forced to give up shopping in malls or large stores with Wi-Fi; they cannot go to rec centres, libraries, dentists, doctors — all places that are inundated with microwave radiation. Many people cannot go to work unless they are able to shield themselves from the EMR. We all know that access to the internet is faster, more efficient, more secure and even cheaper via hard wired connections, especially fiber optic cable. But due to pressure from industry and people who have been led to believe that Wi-Fi is better or the only way to connect, even places like schools, where fiber optic cable was being used, now have strong Wi-Fi modems.

Many students are becoming ill at school, suffering everything from tachycardia and other cardiac problems, to migraines, nosebleeds, sleep disorders, behavioral problems. But the schools refuse to give up their Wi-Fi. In fact, they refuse to even tell the parents that many scientists are warning that children are especially vulnerable to microwave radiation and should not be exposed, certainly not hour after hour each school day.

One student, when very young, began to experience many of the symptoms associated with microwave radiation exposure, especially severe migraines. After many doctors, including neurologists, could find nothing wrong, the mother and grandmother decided to remove him from the Wi-Fi and, not surprisingly, the migraines ended.


You can read the history in the attachment “Argument without names”:

When schools and school boards refused or were unable to accommodate this child, he had to be homeschooled. This is unfair, and the mother and grandmother, as a last resort, applied to the BC Human Rights Tribunal for help, to make the school hard wire some areas so this child could attend school, as is his right.

After many long months, the decision was published on Friday and it is shameful.

I was told that it is the opinion of one man who obviously is untrained and uneducated in the subject. There are so many bewildering statements in this decision – for example, at point 67, the author and the “decider” said that 54 documents had been submitted which were of a “technical” nature which he could not understand. Therefore, they were disregarded, treated as if they were “hearsay”.  These 54 documents are reports and studies by some of most respected researchers on the topic.

See attachment “Index”:

Appendix 1:

or   https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Appendix-1-FINAL-AMENDED-J-and-L-obo-T-v.-School-District-No.-63-and-others-2018-BCHRT-162-Reasons-for-Decision-by-Walter-Rilkoff-BC-Human-Rights-Tribunal-File-15542-July-13-2018.pdf

BC Human Rights Tribunal Decision – EHS : ES from Wi-Fi in Schools – Accommodation?
– http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/no-proof-b-c-boy-s-migraines-caused-by-wi-fi-tribunal-rules-1.4749336

And today, CBC published an article about the decision, making it sound as if the school was the victim, the mother and grandmother cruel, and the child imagining symptoms. I hope that many of you, after reading the information, will consider writing to the CBC about this shockingly one-sided article.  <bethany.lindsay@cbc.ca>

There was no attempt to provide the mother’s and grandmother’s side, only a blatant attempt, out of ignorance, to shame them.


There needs to be a public outcry about this decision and, just as bad, the horribly biased, incompetent article by Ms. Lindsay. I, for one, will be copying some of the parts from the decision in my letters but I can’t from a pdf file. Tomorrow night, I will provide the decision in a Word document which will allow cutting and pasting.

This decision cannot remain unchallenged. It will serve as a precedent that will make any complaint by those suffering EHS far more difficult.  I don’t know what the next step is – but as soon as I find out, I will let you know. We need to support this family because their battle is our battle.


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


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