2018-07-15 An excellent presentation to a Board of Health — could be useful.

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1)    Soon, everything we say will be picked up by microphones built into every device. Of course, the companies say they won’t hear what you say… If the mics are connected to the internet, then I’d prefer to have to push a button or turn a knob and have my privacy.

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All Ears: Always-On Listening Devices Could Soon Be Everywhere

Tiny microphones are moving us toward a world where all gadgets can respond to a voice command


“The roadmaps of tech giants and startups alike show how sound is poised to become the first ubiquitous connection between users and the artificial-intelligence hive mind the internet is becoming.

Driving this change are massive volumes of components, originally designed for smartphones and other mobile devices, that have dropped in price and grown in functionality over the past decade…

At first, self-contained processing in gadgets will be limited to simple commands and wake words, like telling a device to turn on or setting a timer. In time, these commands will become more complex.

One justification for adding voice control to everything we use is that it could ultimately be an easier and more elegant interface than the morass of buttons and menus we face today. Just think how hard it is to work a friend’s microwave, convection oven or thermostat, and imagine instead just telling it what you’d like it to do.”

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2)    Is the Fitbit monitoring the health problems it’s causing??


Woman Claims Fitbit Alerted Her to Medical Issues. Decades of Research Confirms WiFi From The Fitbit Could Have Caused Her Medical Issues.

“Many publications have already reported about Fitbit wearers experiencing a variety of health issues including Activist PostDaily Mail UK, and Natural Blaze.  Regardless, they continue to be manufactured, marketed, and lauded – even for saving  lives.  They are even being made and marketed for kids.

It was reported earlier this week that an Ohio woman claimed that she started experiencing unusual symptoms about a month after she started wearing a Fitbit.”


Fitbit has shocked people, causing harm and burn marks. Why is this still on the market?  Heart problems they can blame on something else, but not these burns.


Shocking Fitbit Complaints: People Are Literally Being Shocked While Wearing Them. Perhaps the WiFi in Fitbits is Being Affected by Other Sources of WiFi and Electrosmog…

“The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)  has already received many complaints about Fitbits and they seem to be turning a blind eye to it.  This is not surprising.  The FCC has been allowing The Tech Industry (aka Big Wireless) to do whatever they want for the last 20+ years with digital, electronic, and WiFi operating devices and infrastructure.”


3)    Cece Doucette has shared a presentation that she gave before to a Board of Health in Massachusetts. It is excellent and presents in very clear terms the problems being confronted at local levels. She is familiar with the Board members, having presented to them before, which makes it easier. But it is becoming apparent that it is up to us to take this to our local School Boards, Health Boards, parent-teacher meetings, and public presentations. The public has no other way of learning about what is going on in front of their eyes.

With gratitude to WACA-TV, below please find a recent update presentation I gave to the Board of Health in Ashland, Massachusetts.

It will take time for public policy to catch up with the science now showing clear biological harm from today‘s wireless technology. 

Since mainstream media has a conflict of interest with industry advertising revenue, our local town and school leaders have not heard of the risks. 

This is not a wait-and-see issue, however. The industry is pushing fast to put toxic 5G infrastructure in our neighborhoods — cell antennas every 2 to 12 houses — and our municipal leaders simply do not know of the health risks. 

All they hear is the industry will give them revenue if they let them put up more cell antennas for faster speeds. And what town wouldn’t appreciate an easy revenue stream?

But not at the expense of our health and that of our children. 

I hope you will share the following video to help educate your own schools, town managers, boards of health, librarians, selectmen, senators and state representative. Most simply have no idea wireless is toxic:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TA_rB3qC4M&feature=youtu.be   (24 minutes)

There are links in the video description online that will allow them to investigate further.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Cece Doucette
Technology Safety Educator
Ashland, MA 

Understanding EMFs


Wireless Education


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”
~ Ben Franklin

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