2018-07-13 ICNIRP asking for public comments on its draft of review of guidelines

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1)    Berkeley, California: Industry is claiming that customers should not be given, at the time of sale, any information about the possible risks associated with cell phones being held close to the body. Even showing posters with the same wording that is, by law, in manuals is considered in violation of free speech.  Telecoms obviously consider free speech to mean no speech if it might raise concerns about their dangerous products.

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Wireless Industry Using First Amendment as a Cudgel in Its Battle Against Safety Warnings

“Few people know that there are federal safety limits for exposure to the weak radiation emitted by cellphones and other wireless devices. There often is language about this embedded right in our phones, but finding it requires knowing where to look, wading through sometimes five or more steps and then making sense of the technical jargon.

Concerned about the lack of public awareness, Berkeley, California passed a law  in 2015 calling for cellphone stores to post warning signs. The signs caution that if you carry a phone in a pocket or tucked into a bra when the device is on, “you may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure’’ to radiofrequency radiation…

But eager to squelch unfavorable information, the wireless industry–led by the big trade group CTIA–has waged a high-powered legal battle to take down the signs. In court filings, CTIA has called the advisory “inflammatory” and has argued that the Berkeley law violates cellphone store owners’ First Amendment rights by compelling them to disclose misleading information.”


2)    ICNIRP is allowing the public to provide comments on its draft guidelines re. exposure to EMF. ICNIRP sets guidelines that are the basis for the WHO’s guidelines which are the basis for Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 which is the basis for decisions made by our Provincial Health Officers. We have smeters on our homes, microcells outside our homes, Wi-Fi in schools and hotspots everywhere because of this flow of responsibility.

Please read the guidelines and submit your comments by Oct. 9, 2018.  Be aware that ICNIRP is loaded with military and industry people, so it is highly likely that their draft will recommend maintaining the status quo.

ICNIRP – Public Consultation on EMF Guidelines by October 09, 2018
– https://www.icnirp.org/en/activities/public-consultation/consultation-1.html

Public Consultation

The draft of the ICNIRP Guidelines on Limiting Exposure to Time-Varying Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz) is now ready for public consultation. The draft is comprised of the main guidelines document, and two appendices.

As part of the development of the guidelines, ICNIRP has regularly given draft guidelines presentations to encourage critique and discussion from the many experts who are not members of ICNIRP. From this interaction we believe that the draft guidelines have developed substantially, and in particular into a logical, rigorous and transparent means of providing safety for both general public exposures and workers exposed to radiofrequency fields as part of their occupational duties.

Now we expect through this Public Consultation to receive the detail required for further robust critique of this public health document. 


Guidelines:  https://www.icnirp.org/cms/upload/consultation_upload/ICNIRP_RF_Guidelines_PCD_2018_07_11.pdf

3)    From Arthur Firstenberg, re. 5G.


An interview with me on “5G From Space” aired yesterday on the Living Well Show on KRZA radio (Alamosa, Colorado). You can listen to it on PRX, here:


&   (audio 28:30) Arthur Firstenberg – 5G From Space by PRX Radio – July 11, 2018: https://beta.prx.org/stories/248832?play=true



4)    According to one of the technical people in our group,there is no affordable RF meter that will be capable of measuring signals and fields once the milliwaves go live. Not only will the range of frequencies be beyond the current meters’ range but the multiple signals that will be emitted will make the situation too complex for them. ISED (formerly Industry Canada) has not been monitoring the cell towers for years – saying that they don’t have the resources. There is no way they will be able to monitor the hundreds of thousands of microcells. Instead, they depend on the telecoms monitoring themselves. When there have been independent measurements taken of the current cell towers, many have been found to exceed Safety Code 6 limits, and Industry Canada has done nothing except, perhaps, to ask the telecom to reduce the emissions.  When the 5G technology goes live, we will be left without any means of determining the level of emissions to which we are exposed.  And, according to one supplier, no company is working on making affordable RF meters that would work in the 5G world.


– https://www.ourcommons.ca/Parliamentarians/en/members/Navdeep-Bains(25471)

From: Gilfillan, Fiona (IC) <fiona.gilfillan@canada.ca>
To: JK
Date: Jul 12, 2018

Subject: Response to letter regarding concerns about radio frequency exposure


I am writing in response to your email of June 20, 2018, addressed to The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, regarding your concerns about the safety of radio frequency exposure and 5G frequencies. Minister Bains has asked me to reply to you.

To help ensure the protection of the general public, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) has adopted Health Canada’s guidelines for safe exposure to radio frequency energy, commonly known as Safety Code 6 (SC6). The SC6 limits, which were updated in 2015, include a 50 times safety margin and cover the frequency range that will be used by 5G technology.

While ISED requires wireless devices and equipment on the market to comply with SC6 at all times, the responsibility for developing Safety Code 6 falls solely under the purview of Health Canada [CCRPB-PCRPCC@hc-sc.gc.ca]. As such, questions regarding research relating to the development of SC6 should be directed to that Department.  More information can be found on their website here.

To protect Canadians, these limits are set well below the threshold for potential adverse health effects. Our approval processes, conditions of authorization, and certification standards ensure that all radiocommunication equipment and devices are installed and operated in a manner that complies with Safety Code 6, including those for 5G technology. We also conduct regular audits to ensure wireless devices on the market are compliant.

Wireless communication is critical to Canada’s economy and its ability to compete in a global market. Through our spectrum management program we strive to ensure the radio spectrum is used in the safest way possible and the greatest benefit to Canadians.

Please accept my best wishes.

Fiona Gilfillan
Assistant Deputy Minister
Spectrum and Telecommunications Sector

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To: Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development <Navdeep.Bains@parl.gc.ca>
Date: June 20, 2018

Dear Hon. Navdeep Bains, MP

My request is that this email is read.

It’s an unpopular truth that wireless is making people sick. 

I understand that there will be an auction of 5G frequencies in the near future and I have serious concerns about the consequences of uninformed implementation of same.

The public health consequences of ignoring this issue will be enormous

I was made sick from overexposure six years ago and have been researching this issue ever since I determined that Wireless was the cause of my daily headaches, brain fog, and nausea by the afternoons at work.

The following link is testimony by a very knowledgeable Attorney speaking to legislators in Michigan against implementing 5G (anticipated to earn 4 to 11 Trillion dollars for the industry per year).  In this video she explains the hazards of wireless, the history and the legal and regulatory “handcuffs” imposed by the telecom industry on any health related lawsuits.

Canada has been following the US on this issue yet some other countries have completely banned wireless in elementary schools due to the growing science showing harm at levels previously thought safe.

My understanding is that there has been a coverup of the hazards by the Industry in the same way that the Tobacco industry obstructed the truth of harm from smoking by funding research that created doubt about the “weight of evidence”.  It’s called “War Gaming the Science”.
(see interview at https://www.democracynow.org/2018/4/5/how_big_wireless_war_gamed_the)

My request is that you consider watching this attorney’s testimony.  The link is at the bottom of this message.

I have been writing to politicians and the media for six years yet received almost no response.  CBC Marketplace is the only mainstream TV media I believe to dare to cover this issue with their “The Secret Inside your Cell Phone” program with Wendy Mesley of March 2017.   I believe this shows the power of the telecom industry to muzzle the media on this issue.   Here’s the CBC program.

Regrettably Health Canada is what’s been called a “Captured Agency” i.e. influenced by Industry and as a result, Canada’s Microwave Radiation Safe exposure level (SC6) is 30 years old and obsolete.

Detailed up-to-date science and collected resources are available at the Environmental Health Trust website.

and the Canadians for Safe Technology website.

Please consider watching this testimony of attorney Dafna Tachover speaking to the State of Michigan House Energy Policy regulators re: 5G  (5-29-18).

Thank you for your attention.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Cell phones will probably increase many neurological diseases and brain tumors over the next 10 to 20 years.”
~ Dr. Neil Cherry – Professor of Environmental Health Lincoln University, New Zealand


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