2018-07-07 City in Oregon seeking relief from opt out fees for low-income residents

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1)    One city in Oregon is asking for opt-out fees to be reduced or eliminated for those who cannot afford to pay. And the fees are even higher than BC Hydro’s with an initial fee of $137 and a monthly fee of $35. We are now #2 and I’ve never heard of any talk about giving those who have limited means a break.

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Talent asks Pacific Power to lower opt-out fees for low-income residents
“”We want to see an avenue for people who have serious concerns about this to be able to not have a meter and not be basically penalized,” said Sandra Spelliscy, Talent’s Interim City Manager.

On behalf of the city, Spelliscy wrote letters to both Pacific Power and the Oregon Public Utilities Commission, which oversees the power company.

“Thirty-eight percent of Talent residents are severely rent-burdened, meaning that over 50 percent of their income goes towards housing costs,” wrote Spelliscy in the letters. “Although the policy on its face seems to provide an avenue for customers not wanting to participate in the smart meter program, it is clear in fact, this option is only available to rentpayers of substantial means.”

“We are urging both Pacific Power and the OPUC to remove this excess financial burden from opt-out customers, particularly those of limited financial means, and we encourage you to do so at the earliest possible opportunity,” the letters closed.”


2)    In response to a statement I made in last night’s update about Health Canada’s James McNamee having done research while he worked at HC that was funded by Motorola, a member sent me this YouTube:

Dr. Jerry Phillips speaks about Motorola’s meddling/influencing in science.


3)    I realize that the subject of Telus’s partnership with the Chinese company Huawei is really off topic, but I believe many of us are concerned about the security of our infrastructure as well as the radiation that the 5G transmitters emit into our homes.  I believe we need to demand that this partnership end and that these transmitters, which were made by Huawei, be removed now.  To that end, below in Letters is a stream of emails to and from Telus’s Board of Directors.

Security Concerns re Huawei Products (5G, Smartphones, Telus, Universities Research)


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Living Lab in Vancouver, BC – http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/telus-achieves-blazing-fast-results-with-next-generation-of-wireless-technology-tsx-t-2163677.htm

From: Sharon Noble
Sent: July 6, 2018 10:58 PM
To: carey.frey@telus.com
Cc: board@telus.com; rfife@globeandmail.com
Subject: TELUS Partnership with Huawei

Dear Ms. Frey,

Thank you for your response to my inquiry.

Your assurances that you are working with the Canadian government agencies to ensure that the products meet security and quality standards give me little comfort.  Are you aware that the government’s security strategy has been evaluated as being weak, inadequate to protect itself, as well as private corporations?  I would suggest you read this article referencing a recent report by the Communications Security Establishment.


“That June 16 report also warned that nation-states showed the “highest sophistication” in attempting to undermine democratic processes worldwide, again without naming any players.”Against Canada, nation-states are constantly deploying cyber capabilities to try to gain access to Government of Canada networks and the communications of federal government officials,” the document said, without providing statistics on the level of threat. “They are the most capable adversaries.”…

“The evaluation document was highly critical of Canada’s cybersecurity strategy, citing poor information sharing, weak or non-existent record-keeping, and an approach that led to “confusion and frustration” among departments, agencies and private-sector stakeholders.”

Ottawa’s response to international warnings about the grave risk presented by dealings with Huawei is silence.


What is truly worrisome is that 5G technology will allow access to data from our homes, businesses, schools and government. The goal is to interconnect all internet devices, including our electrical grid. Ultimately, China could have access to all of our vital infrastructure – thanks to Telus’s use of Huawei’s transmitters and other equipment.

I would ask that you reconsider your belief that your measures are sufficient to protect our security. Banks, credit card companies, governments and even the Pentagon in Washington, DC have been attacked multiple times and some of these attacks have succeeded. This should give you reason to question your confidence in Telus’s cybersecurity program.  A reasonable solution would be to end your contract with Huawei and remove all of their equipment, including the transmitters, from your infrastructure.  In fact, nothing else is reasonable.

Sharon Noble

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From: Carey Frey [mailto:Carey.Frey@telus.com]
Sent: July 6, 2018 2:54 PM
To: Sharon Noble
Cc: Board <Board@telus.com>
Subject: TELUS Partnership with Huawei

Dear Ms. Noble,

Thank you for your email of June 24, 2018, to the TELUS Board of Directors.

At TELUS, the privacy and security of our customers’ information is our top priority, which is why we design and manage our network to meet the highest global security standards. We work co-operatively with Canadian government agencies to ensure that all of our technology and equipment, no matter where or by whom they are manufactured, meet the necessary security and quality standards. Like all of Canada’s major telecommunications providers, we will continue to follow direction from the federal government and regulators regarding the evolution of our network.

TELUS has a robust cybersecurity program that extends across our entire network. All equipment deployed within our network – including Huawei equipment – is rigorously reviewed and tested, ensuring that appropriate controls and monitoring are in place to actively protect our customers’ privacy and security.

Once again, thank you for your correspondence.

Carey Frey
VP TELUS Security & Chief Security Officer

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From: Sharon Noble
Sent: June 24, 2018
To: board@telus.com
Subject: Telus’s partnership with Huawei

Dear Sirs and Madams,

Are you aware that Telus has partnered with a company that has been accused of committing cyber-espionage, hacking and invading major infrastructures? That company is Huawei.



Telus sells and promotes Huawei’s smart products,

https://tinyurl.com/y8jyq6k3  Telus promotion


but, more importantly, Huawei is working directly and intimately on the new 5G technology, having built the very transmitters that are being installed in microcells throughout British Columbia. An engineer told me that the small cell model TELUS uses is the Huawei 3902 E.

TELUS and Huawei Continue to Lead the Way in Canada’s Journey to 5G with Innovative Small-cell Deployment

Huawei and TELUS, Canada’s fastest growing national telecommunications company, today announced that they have successfully deployed an innovative small-cell solution to deliver lightning-fast speeds exceeding 1 Gbps in both indoor and outdoor networks in the downtown-Vancouver “5G Living Lab.”


What do you plan to do, given the warnings from the various international agencies and your ultimate responsibility for Telus? The integrity of our infrastructure, as well as the privacy of your customers’ personal data, is at risk.

I would appreciate receiving a prompt response.

Sharon Noble
Victoria, BC


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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