2018-07-06 Health Canada is hiding research from Canadians

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1)    Ellie Marks, who is working to shed light on and educate people about brain tumors after her husband was diagnosed with a glioblastoma, sent an email about a young man who just died. Her email is below. She sent it widely, including to some experts, and is wondering if working with equipment (I suspect Wi-Fi, headphones, ear buds, etc.) could have contributed to his death. He suffered from widespread melanoma. I’ve asked her if she knows the primary site. Many studies have shown that exposure to EMF/EMR not only causes many health problems, including cancer, but also exacerbates other conditions. If she receives information from experts, I will share with you.

Olle Johansson studied the relationship between EMR and melanomas. Here is just one report:


[Alan Marks, Jimmy Gonzalez, Paul Prischman, Rich Farver – https://wearetheevidence.org/brain-tumours/

Alan Marks – http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2011/05/20/human-factor-after-the-tumor-raising-the-cell-phone-issue/

(video 02:32) CNN: Are cell phones safe to use? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V4etPBip1E]

2)    The public needs to know how Health Canada is deceiving them about the health risks associated with microwave radiation. Here is a prime example that I happened upon today. It is a study done by one of the head people in the radiation research area of HC, James McNamee.  I believe, due to the timing, that it was in response to the 10 year, $25 million NTP study which was called one of the best studies on the subject, a “game changer”, showing “clear evidence” that microwave radiation causes cancer (by peer review panel).  The announcement of the NTP results was initially made in May 2016, after months of hints.

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McNamee, et al., published a study where mice were exposed for 4 hours over 5 days and concluded no evidence of harm, claiming it was the most comprehensive study of its type ever done. Years ago, McNamee acknowledged to me that his research was funded by Motorola.

Analysis of gene expression in mouse brain regions after exposure to 1.9 GHz radiofrequency fields.


The current study provides the most comprehensive analysis of potential gene expression changes in the rodent brain in response to RF field exposure conducted to date. Within the exposure conditions and limitations of this study, no convincing evidence of consistent changes in gene expression was found in response to 1.9 GHz RF field exposure.


& https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4898144/

– https://ehtrust.org/science/facts-national-toxicology-program-cellphone-rat-cancer-study/

I tried to find any reference to the NTP or the Ramazzini study on Health Canada’s site – no luck. It is shameful that this vital information, which provides justification for implementation of stricter guidelines and the Precautionary Principle, is hidden from the public.


Furthermore, HC says it conducts studies on an ongoing basis as well as reviewing all current science. Look at the list of studies they’ve done. The vast majority were done many years ago, and there are people involved in those studies who have had long relationships with the industry.  It appears that HC is far from doing or studying serious research to ensure our safety.


3)    In Kentucky, the utility company, which withdrew its 2016 application for a smeter program due largely to customers’ concerns re privacy, now faces questions about its financial projections. Customers also ask why replace meters that are still working fine and still have many years of useful life.  Good question that BC Hydro never considered.

LG&E Louisville Gas & Electric Smart Meters – Kentucky
– http://wfpl.org/critics-say-lges-proposed-smart-meters-are-intrusive-and-unnecessary/

Critics Say LG&E’s Proposed Smart Meters Are Intrusive And Unnecessary

“Tom Fitzgerald with The Kentucky Resources Council said customers have already paid for the meters on their homes — and those meters still have some shelf life.

“Right now, you have a generation of meters that are out here that still have useful life,” he said. “You’re proposing to replace them with a new generation of meters that are potentially much more intrusive on privacy.”

The current generation of meters last as long as 36 years, while new smart meters will last 20 years or less — meaning ratepayers will be on the hook for replacements sooner…

LG&E says adding smart meters on customers’ homes would net $483 million in benefits, the majority of which will come from savings on operations and maintenance.

But the Attorney’s General Office disagrees with those estimates saying LG&E has overstated the benefits of smart meters and understated the costs.

“I believe these benefit projections to be inflated by hundreds of millions of dollars,” said Paul Alvarez, a utility consultant who testified on behalf of the Attorney General’s Office before the Public Service Commission.”



Ellen (Ellie) Marks – California Brain Tumor Association
– http://www.calibta.org/

As many of you know, I keep a list of notable persons who have or have died from primary brain tumors. Many are/were in broadcasting.

This wonderful young man – a very special friend of our daughter Mandy, died last night.

She met him in 2008 when she worked at Comcast SportsNet Bay Area and then they both were transferred to New York at the same time. He worked for ESPN the past 3 years, but Mandy and his partner (they married in the hospital last week) of over 10 years remained close friends.

Mandy was at dinner with them last February and he was not feeling well. Later that night he was rushed to the hospital – he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and went to Johns Hopkins. Turns out it was not a primary brain tumor – but stage 4 melanoma that had spread throughout his body.

Matt was only 37. I am sending this because of my concern that the equipment he worked with could have contributed to his death. I would like to hear some opinions from experts.

We cannot bring Matt back but perhaps we can help save others.

Thank you for all that you do.

Ellie Marks
California Brain Tumor Association




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The greatest patriotism is to tell your country when it is behaving dishonourably, foolishly, viciously.”
~ Julian Barnes


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