2018-06-25 Suicide clusters related to EMR??

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1)    Regarding communication with MPs and MLAs, one member was able to meet with her MP, who wrote to the Minister of Health on her behalf. No response from the Minister has been received yet. Mr. MacGregor is an NDP member — is he the exception that proves the rule?  Please see “Letters” and the link to his attached letter.

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2)    Many schools and universities around the world have seen increasing numbers of students committing suicide and some experts, such as Barrie Trower, have warned that increasing levels of microwave radiation cause depression, anxiety and suicide, especially in young people.

Barrie Trower

Student suicide clusters and its missing link

“In 2009 the UK’s ex-Ministry of Defence physicist and renowned microwave weapons expert Barrie Trower said of the Bridgend suicides(5)

“I think I can link them all together and I think it’s a viable reason to look into. We know the suicide rates are rising. The increase in suicides does match the speed of low level microwaves. It’s happening in every country in the world, not just Bridgend.”

In 2008 he wrote a report on the effects of TETRA(7) for the UK Police Federation and he said at the time “waves from the new police radio system could create “anxiety leading to suicide”. His report highlighted the symptoms of electrosensitivity which included depression, lack of concentration, personality changes and suicidal tendencies. He also said young people were particularly susceptible as their immune system was not wholly developed. Mr Trower went on to add, “It’s the young who get it first,” he said. “The younger you are, your skull is thinner than an adult’s so the waves can go through and your immune system is not fully developed. The suicide rate is leaping up all over the place and it happens to cluster in areas.””


3)    Further to BC Hydro’s Customer Crisis Fund, the financial estimates for setting up the process and annual costs can be found on pages 28-29.


And here are some comments to consider.  BC Hydro is very generous with OUR money – and it is a tax.


4)    Barrie Trower, EMR expert, believes it is criminal to expose children to Wi-Fi. Exposure could cause DNA damage that damages future generations.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BToqEvCAdPo   (14 minutes)


Subject: From the office of MP Alistair MacGregor
Date: 12 Jun 2018
From: Alistair.MacGregor.C1A@parl.gc.ca
To:   Janis Hoffmann   (name given with permission)

Hi Janis,

I am following up with you regarding your meeting with MP Alistair MacGregor on April 11th.

Attached is Alistair’s letter to the Minister of Health regarding concerns about G5 network wireless radiation.

We will be sure to share the Minister’s reply with you when we receive it.

All the best,

Jennifer Hermary, Community Outreach Coordinator

Office of Alistair MacGregor, MP







Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
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