2018-06-15 We have lost a wonderful friend.

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1)    We have lost a wonderful friend. Dr. Blank gave much to all of us – his knowledge, his time, his dedication.  He will be sorely missed.

Dr. Martin Blank, 1933-2018, A Man Who Emanated “Goodness”

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From his son, Ari R Blank:

Dear friend:

I wish to share with you the sad news that my father, Dr. Martin Blank, has passed away at the age of 85. He did so peacefully, in his sleep, this past Wednesday, June 13.

Dr. Martin Blank
1933 – 2018

Please see the following link for the obituary written and approved by his family:


The family requests that, in lieu of flowers, donations shall be made to the Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, for which Dr. Blank was an advisor. Donations may be made via PayPal.

1) Visit  https://emsafetyalliance.org/

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Memorial proceedings are TBD.

Ari R Blank

Here are 2 of his many papers:

Electromagnetic fields stress living cells.
Blank M1Goodman R.
Author information

Electromagnetic fields (EMF), in both ELF (extremely low frequency) and radio frequency (RF) ranges, activate the cellular stress response, a protective mechanism that induces the expression of stress response genes, e.g., HSP70, and increased levels of stress proteins, e.g., hsp70. The 20 different stress protein families are evolutionarily conserved and act as ‘chaperones’ in the cell when they ‘help’ repair and refold damaged proteins and transport them across cell membranes. Induction of the stress response involves activation of DNA, and despite the large difference in energy between ELF and RF, the same cellular pathways respond in both frequency ranges. Specific DNA sequences on the promoter of the HSP70 stress gene are responsive to EMF, and studies with model biochemical systems suggest that EMF could interact directly with electrons in DNA. While low energy EMF interacts with DNA to induce the stress response, increasing EMF energy in the RF range can lead to breaks in DNA strands. It is clear that in order to protect living cells, EMF safety limits must be changed from the current thermal standard, based on energy, to one based on biological responses that occur long before the threshold for thermal changes.


Protein and DNA reactions stimulated by electromagnetic fields.
Blank M1.
Author information

The stimulation of protein and DNA by electromagnetic fields (EMF) has been problematic because the fields do not appear to have sufficient energy to directly affect such large molecules. Studies with electric and magnetic fields in the extremely low-frequency range have shown that weak fields can cause charge movement. It has also been known for some time that redistribution of charges in large molecules can trigger conformational changes that are driven by large hydration energies. This review considers examples of direct effects of electric and magnetic fields on charge transfer, and structural changes driven by such changes. Conformational changes that arise from alterations in charge distribution play a key role in membrane transport proteins, including ion channels, and probably account for DNA stimulation to initiate protein synthesis. It appears likely that weak EMF can control and amplify biological processes through their effects on charge distribution.


2)    A letter from the US Department of Education acknowledging sensitivity to EMFs and states that accommodations at work must be made to protect against the health issues:



Job Accommodation Network recognizes EHS.

General Accommodation Considerations

  • Relocate workplace away from areas where symptoms are triggered. This may include limiting certain types of devices in the vicinity of the employee’s workstation.
  • Provide wired telephones and network connections.
  • Provide building-wide and/or workspace shielding of equipment and devices”

3)    When writing to public health officials, school principals, MLAs, MPs, politicians etc. we often have to search for supporting letters from experts. A compilation of more than 100 letters from doctors and scientists regarding EHS and microwave radiation has been put together. This is a great resource and I would recommend you set this aside in a file for future use.



If the links at the end of the letter don’t work, copy them and do a search.


From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: June 14, 2018
To:premier@gov.bc.ca‘; ‘Andrew.Wilkinson@gov.bc.ca
Subject: Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC’s PHO re. hazardous EMR

Please note the attached letter, a hard copy of which was sent to Dr. Bonnie Henry today via Registered Mail.

Thank you.

J.G. Flynn, Captain (Retired)

= = =

2018                                                Released to the Public

Dr. Bonnie Henry
Provincial Health Officer
P.O. Box 9648
Victoria BC V8W 9P4

Dear Dr. Henry,

Media Silence
Keeps Canada’s Medical Community
Ignorant of the Hazards of

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)


As British Columbia’s PHO, you – like all people – should be shocked and outraged to learn that the US Centre for Disease Control’s latest survey found that, in the USA, the incidence of autism in 2016 was an absolutely frightening 1 in 36 US children – and 1 in 28 boys! [1] Sixty years ago, the incidence of autism in children was thought to be more like 1 in 10,000! Authorities also say that, today, almost every 2nd person will contract cancer in their lifetime! Sixty years ago, one seldom knew – or even heard of – someone who had cancer! Alzheimer’s too was unheard of. So was hearing of someone committing suicide … or suffering from depression! Schools didn’t need ‘special needs’ teachers. What has changed so drastically in our world to cause this?  Man-made technology that emits EMR!

A prudent, caring and responsible PHO errs on the side of caution, insofar as the public’s health and safety are concerned. But today presents unique challenges which no PHO could possibly have imagined 60 years ago – when technology began to take over our lives. Today, every person in British Columbia – including you, Dr. Henry – regardless of where they live, is chronically exposed – without either their knowledge or consent – to invisible, silent, odorless and tasteless radiation (EMR) which is emitted by ever-more cell phones, cordless phones, cell phone towers, overhead power transmission and distribution lines, substations, ‘smart’ meters, household electricity, household appliances, AM and FM radio and TV towers, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth, baby monitors, tablet and laptop computers, GPS, satellites, radars, power tools, machinery, electric vehicles, collision avoidance systems, driverless cars, etc. Scientists call the resultant, invisible blanket of unimaginably dense EMR that now encircles the globe “electrosmog”! [2]

Governments and health officials everywhere must realize that it is only those who manufacture, utilize, sell or otherwise profit from the sale or use of these technologies who claim that EMR is ‘SAFE’ and harmless to humans – as was the case with asbestos, tobacco, Thalidomide, etc.! Non-industry scientists know that EMR, especially when ‘pulsed,’ is hazardous to all living things – not just humans! Moreover, they say that EMR – at any level – CAUSES cancers and most of today’s ever-increasing disease epidemics!

In addition to the literally thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies that have been done over the past 50+ years by eminent scientists around the world, including both BioInitiative Reports [3], the International EMF Scientists Appeal to the United Nations (which, as of March 2018, was signed by 237 scientists from 41 nations) [4], and the Scientists and Doctors warning of potential serious health effects of 5G technology (signed by more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries) [5] – all of which agreed that non thermal EMR was harmful to humans and all living things, and that new biological Exposure Limits were needed to protect the public – two, new major studies have provided yet further clear, conclusive evidence that non thermal EMR does CAUSE cancer – gliomas of the brain and schwannomas of the heart! The first study, conducted by the US National Toxicology Program (NTP), a division of the National Institutes of Health, was a US $25-million, 10-year+ study on cell phone radiation. [6]

The second study, conducted by the renowned Italian Ramazzini Institute, was the world’s largest-ever done on animals and cell tower radiation. Scientists found it ‘striking’ that “both experimental studies found the same type of rare tumors, which also have pertinence to the human clinical picture”! [7]

Dr. Henry, please note that public health experts from the states of California, Connecticut and Maryland, as well as those in France, Israel, and Belgium, all call on government and the private sector to educate the public, promote safer technology, and require and expedite industry to make fundamental changes in hardware and software to reduce exposures to radio / microwave frequency radiation throughout indoor and outdoor environments! [8] [9] [10]

Dr. Henry, it is essential that you realize that Canada’s entire medical community (i.e., CMA and its provincial chapters, medical schools, PHOs, centres for disease control, hospital medical directors, physicians and all other healthcare workers) have deliberately been kept ignorant of the hazards of EMR – as have all Canadians – thanks to mainstream news media’s sinful silence these past 50-60 years! Otherwise, today’s unimaginable situation could not possibly have happened (this applies equally to all major Western countries)!

In British Columbia’s case (which is the same in every jurisdiction in Canada), this ‘crime against humanity’ is caused by Health Canada’s (HC) Radiation Protection Bureau, who produce the globally-reviled ‘Safety Code 6’ which, HC wants the world to believe, protects Canadians against electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure. It does not! (Note: In this context, the terms EMR and EMF are interchangeable.)

For the health and safety of all British Columbians, it is imperative that you, BC’s PHO, scrutinize the 2011, 10-year, $100-million/year (potentially a $1-Billion) contract the government of BC signed with Telus. Not surprisingly, with no health authority in B.C. with the requisite EMR expertise to oppose them, Telus installed wireless technology wherever they wanted – each and every item or product of which produces hazardous non thermal EMR (which the World Health Organization or “WHO” classified a Class 2B ‘Possible’ carcinogen in 2011). This is why British Columbia’s cancer clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc. today are all awash in wireless devices, e.g. Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cordless phones, Bluetooth headsets, wireless computers, keyboards, etc. – the radiation from which non-industry EMF scientists know CAUSES cancer and most, if not all, of today’s disease epidemics!  

Todays’ unthinkably evil situation [in which Health Canada’s Radiation Protection Bureau, instead of protecting the health and safety of Canadians, is an integral member of the corrupt cabal of ‘radiation protection agencies,’ i.e. the WHO, ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection), IEEE/ICES (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers / International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety)] constitutes: 1) an unprecedented crime against humanity; 2) an absolute violation of every person’s human rights; and, 3) a gross violation of the Nuremberg Code! This unbelievable, frightening corruption screams out for the RCMP to be directed to conduct an immediate, thorough national / international criminal investigation of the entire EMR / EMF community, to identify and apprehend those cruel, heartless individuals responsible for and/or complicit in this most heinous of all crimes!  [11]

In closing, Dr. Henry, before telecoms can roll out their unproven and universally-feared 5G (Fifth Generation) technology – which will flood every home in every community throughout BC with inescapable CANCER-causing EMR – as BC’s PHO, it is incumbent upon you to strongly recommend to the Government of BC that it immediately invoke the ‘Precautionary Principle’ in order to protect the public’s health and safety. This – finally – would put the onus on electric power utilities and wireless and telecom companies to prove (by independent, qualified experts – having no ties to industry) that their technologies are indeed SAFE to be used on, by and/or around people of all ages, of all sizes, and of all levels of wellness on a 24/7/365 basis in perpetuity! Today’s unhealthy and dangerous media concentration requires a second investigation.

J.G. Flynn, Captain (retired)


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Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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